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  1. Appreciate everyone’s comments and energies 👍🏻   

    My odb tester actually has a tpms function. So I noticed a com error and it says tpms sensor not working.  Thought that was pretty neat.  

    im going to replace the front left and see what happens.   

    Again, thanks a lot !!! Will let you guys know what happens. 

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  2. Ok.  Read over the pdf diagnostics.   
    decided to go thru the relearn setup and use the Autel tester to trigger each tire. 

    the tire that wasn’t responding, is now. Then I go around the car triggering each tpms…. But when I get to the rear left tire, the tester triggers and reads the data, but the car doesn’t pick that up.  
    When I went thru is begore manually triggering by letting air out, the left front wasn’t being read.  

    so … the car doesn’t finish the relearn procedure 


    ideas :)?? 

  3. Hi

        Trying to keep my Ford Edge 2015 2.0 sel awd up :)  Currently the dash is telling me it can’t find the left front tpms …. Had my repair guy rotate tires and asked to have the tpms checked out. Got the car back, left front still showing no response.  Kinda pissed they didn’t tell me.  Apparently the changed the tpms in the tire , rotated and called it a day.  So, got a tpms tester.  It’s reading all tires.  But apparently the car isn’t reading the left front.  
         So is it a receiver issue?  My repair manuals aren’t going into detail on this.  Thanks!