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  1. Hello,


    First time poster so I would like to thank you for allowing me to do so.


    I am at a complete lost with this axle Oct replacement I am doing on my Ford Edge 2011 3.5 (Passenger replacement) and if someone knowledgeable cant point me to the right direction or part number or suggestion any solution that will be really appreciated. 


    I removed the damage right (passenger) axel without any problem. One of the seal that the axel slides into (snap ring)? (sorry I don't recall the name of this) is damaged so I ended up removing it  (see image - seal). I have searched many part numbers and purchased the following part numbers 7T4Z1177D and even 7T4Z1177C and they are  not the correct ones. 


    Is the seal that I need part of the Intermediate Shaft? If so do I need to replace the entire shaft? I am looking for the seal that inserts inside. 

    I am stuck at this point and don't know what to do it. I was able to remove the seal with some pillars so figured I would of just get a new one. Im I wrong here?


    Additional Photos:

    Inset seal - Pictures of where I removed the seal from

    New Axle - Replacement Axel where they old seal would of slide into 


    Thank you very much



    Update - I was able to read the part number off the old seal: NOK XE0269E, now just need to locate one or similar. Any idea? 


    Thank you 








    Insert Seal.jpg

    New Axel.jpg