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  1. I have a 2018 Ford Edge proximity-type remote purchased with the used vehicle here in Florida.  Last week, I jumped in our community swimming pool for about ten minutes; then into the hot tub - and realized that I had my keys and remote in the pocket of my swimsuit.  Immediately, I placed the remote in the sunlight at the pool's edge and within a few minutes opened the remote back to check it out.  There were a few tiny drops of moisture on the inside of the backing panel but, when I removed the battery, the circuit board beneath was dry!  I dried up the panel back with my towel and blew air into the remote before reassembling/closing.  Just a few minutes later, I trooped back out to the vehicle and it worked fine.  Now, a week later, no problems have occurred.  I call that remote a well-designed piece of electronics!

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