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  1. thank you so much! I'm afraid my cable is just faulty.. I have repaired it 3 times over the past 8 years, but I think it is just 'el rotto' 


    I did the shocks and struts this weekend and am definitely thinking I'll take it to my favorite garage to have them do it. In scouting it, it looks like a giant PITA. 


    when there is no youtube, you know it can't be fun!


    Thanks again


  2. Have you replaced your battery cable assembly? How difficult was it? We've had 3 edges and loved them. Our 2010 which we got back from one of our kids has a repair to the battery assembly and the assembly has always had a short of some kind... significant wiggling 'fixes' it but, I bought a new assembly (not cheap) and am going to install it. Have any of you got tips or look out fors for doing this project? I'm installing new shocks/struts and doing the brakes and replacing a 5 year old battery too. 


    Thanks for any response!