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I can’t believe how  unused friendly this forum is.  Seems like it’ll be a great place for Ford Edge enthusiast could share what they’ve learned about the edge and how to help others.  But it seems it’s more of a big commercial advertisement to me.  I can normally navigate around the sites very simply, but this form is ridiculous. You go to an attachment choose select a video from your library and your pictures too big.  You read about a topic you go to reply and you gotta go down to five or six advertisements before you get to where you’re typing in the middle of when you’re typing another ad pops up.  I would love to be very active in this forum, but it needs to be user-friendly to a guy who is working off his iPhone.  My interest is the Ford edge. I want to trick it out. Do you need little things? Do it share what I’ve learned with others not spend hours trying to figure out how to post it and upload a photo.