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  1. Hi, I have a 2016 Edge Sport and I am considering putting a trailer hitch on it. I would be using it to trail my utility trailer (trailing my ATV) and my snowmobile trailer (trailing my two snowmobiles). On my 2007 Edge that I currently use for trailing, there is a button to turn off Overdrive that I turn off when using the trailers. Is there a way to turn off Overdrive on my 2016 Edge Sport? I can't seem to locate the way to do this? I have always been under the impression that it is best to turn Overdrive off when towing so that the transmission isn't stressed. Thank you for any help that you give me.
  2. Thank you......yes, I do have paddle shifters and Sport mode to use. I appreciate the help!

    Inside tire Wear Problem

    Hi, My 2007 Ford Edge AWD has the same tire wear pattern on all four tires on the inside. The tires are "chopped"......if you run your hand around the inside of the tire it feels like "stairs steps" around the inside top of the tires. I had an alignment done and I was hoping that would take care of it, but I was wondering if anyone knows if the alignment specs for the 2007 Ford Edge has changed since this seem to be a uniform wear issue ..................I was wondering if anyone knew if they came out with any Engineering updates on the alignments? Thanks.

    Replacing Door Panel

    Hello, I am trying to replace the door panel on my Ford Edge but we are having a challenge in removing the door panel...................the fasteners just spin around and we were unable to reach the back-side of the fasnters to keep them from spinning around to grip them so that we could unfasten them. It looked like they were originally pressed in but the pressing wasn't a tight fit so that the fasteners don't stay tight so that the nuts can come off. Does anyone have any helful hints as to how to be able to get these fasteners off so that we can put our new door on our Edge??......................we had an accident and the outside of our door was damaged and we are trying to take the door interior from our damaged door and put it on the new door. Thank you for any help that anyone can give us. Thank you.
  5. Hello, My 2007 Edge AWD has 58,000 miles on it. I just put new tires on a 5,000 or so miles ago and I have had it aligned three times and rotated tires twice since the new tires were put on............but I am getting cupping on the inside tread of all the tires. I have had people tell me my struts may be bad. Has anyone seen this happen with their Edge and what solved the problem? After spending $800 plus on new tires, I don't want them wearing in such a way so they wear out prematurely. If it is in fact bad struts, does anyone know of a strut spring assemble that is available for the Edge? I would like to replace the spring and struts as a unit instead of just the strut.............but I can't seem to locate any. The struts seem OK when doing the "bounce test" on each corner of the vehicle and they are not leaking, but I am at a loss as to what is causing the cupping wear pattern on all four tires. Thanks for any help that you can give me.

    Inside tire Wear Problem

    I realize that it won't reverse the wear, but the correct alignment will allow the tires to wear as intended and eventually the wear problem on the tires will be corrected when the tire wears past the problem area on the tires.........................that is why I am looking to see if there was a change to the alignment specifications on the 2007 Ford Edge. Thanks

    Tire Road Noise

    Hi, I have about 24,000 miles on my 2007 Edge tires that have been rotated on schedule. The tires are P245/60R 18 Continental Cross Contact LX. I have noticed that the road noise from the tires seem to get louder with age. Is this because of the type tire or is it because the Edge is an AWD? What would the best solution to reduce road noise be? Thank for any help or guidance that you can give me.

    Tire Recommendation

    Hi, I currently have P245/60R 18 Continental Cross Contact LX tires on my 2007 Edge AWD (which I do not like since they are extremely noisy .....to the point that other people comment on the road noise). Since the tires are about worn out, I want to replace them with a set of tires that will give me a safe and QUIET ride. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you very much.

    Warranty Issues

    Hi, I am relatively new to this forum. I was wondering why there isn't a place for the 2007 Edge? Since I couldn't find where 2007 Edges are discussed, I will ask my question here. My Edge is just about ready to be off warranty. Are there any things that I could check out on my 2007 Edge that may need to be taken care of before the warranty expires. I appreciate any guidance that you can give me. Thank you. :yup: