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  1. I set the torque to 15 lb ft then started turning the plug back to the oil pan. Because the torque wrench didn't click, I kept turning it until I turned the head of the oil drain plug. How to get the broken plug out? Will the extracting tool work?

  2. After I signed the contract, the sales man told me the car alarm system is not included but I do saw it has it during the test drive. He said that system was not part of the deal and if I want it he can sold it to me for $250 and I said NO then he disabled it. After I brought the car back, I checked the wires and I found the system is still in my car and the control unit is in the parking brake area. The part number of the control unit is 769100 0502. Does anyone know who made it and how to enable it?

  3. I've got a 2010 sport, which has no trailer tow package available for it. I've crawled under it and it does have a factory transmission cooler. I would be surprised if all the edges didn't come with them. Look into it on your model before you purchase something that's already there.

    You are right, bender! I checked fordparts.com and found out that it seems 2010 edge with or w/o towing package have the same trans cooler. The edge with towing package does have a larger radiator. Maybe the trans cooler on my edge is good enough for towing.

  4. I bought the following transmission cooler and will install it on my 2010 Edge.


    The manual from the trans cooler suggest me install the add on cooler on the returning hose. There should be two hose connecting the radiatoer and the transmission. Which one is the returning hose? Also, after I install the cooler, what brand and how much transmission fluid should I put into the transmission?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  5. Thank you PSUFetch!


    I plan tow a u-haul trailer which will be about 2,500 lbs and with an automatic hydraulic surge brake.


    Do you think the following trans cooler can handle the load:




    I also tried to take the grille off my 2010 Edge to look at my radiator but failed to do so. Any ideas?


    Thanks again!

  6. So I bought the Curt Class III hitch for my non-towing package edge. We're moving from Toronto to Vancouver and my plan was to sell all the furniture but tow a Uhaul trailer with all our small stuff (TV, computer, Clothing, Dishes etc). The trailer is 900lb's but I've been told by a few peope that without the towing package, my tranny and brakes will not be able to handle the hills/mountain's on the trans Canada, not to mention the 3000KM trip. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Ford of course says 2000lb's without the package, but I assume that's for a short and flat trip. If I were to have a net weight of apprx 1300-1500lbs, do you think I'd be ok on this trip or is it asking to much of my Edge? The last thing I want to do is cause $2000 in damage to the vechile to save a few bucks on transportation.





    On my old Cadillac sedan, I installed a tranny cooler and a class II hitch and I towed a 2 ton trailer from Chicago all the way to California. I think you would be able to do the same if you install a tranny cooler as edge is heavier than Cadillac.