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  1. I highly agree, only what is available at the time of purchase. The $2,000. + the extra $1,000. is now the locked in rebate until Jan. 10, 2010. The extra $750 ended for all on the first of November. I spent 20 yrs with ford in f&i, leasing and GSM as well as gm.


    I just picked up a new 2010 Edge Se. I was charged $400.00 under factory invoice, but there was also a dealer fee of $499.00......... Net price was $100.00 over. Dealers use this prep for additional PROFIT. Because of the normal pre printed contract already shows a fee included, my car was sold to me "under invoice". You cant expect to pay less than $100.00 profit, in fact if you can really get out the door for this price you have done very well.


    For those that are considering purchasing a new vehicle, and don't have the stuff to get you there go to overstock.com. Yes, they use a service that can get you all of the deals. If your price is not marked as a great price, open your search area for additional dealers.


    Good Luck,





    :rockon: I too am a retired blue oval guy. Although, my exit was only due to the major downturn in the business :banghead::banghead:


    I was the New Car Manager, and Used Car Manager for a Top 50 Ford Store, 3 Time President's Award Winner, with the store only being 7yrs old.


    Sometimes I may sound negative, but I am only trying to help others on here from being misled.

  2. i'm sure the S4 drove great. if you get a chance "floor" the EDGE, it REALLY wakes it up ;) love the AWD. i don't get to drive our EDGE all that much, couple/few times a month (it's the wifes) but everytime i get to, it's like the first time i drove it. very nice vehicle.


    Ehhhh, it has decent power, but coming from the V8 S4 he is probably not going to be impressed. Yes the Edge has some pep for its size, but it is still a heavy CUV with a V6.

  3. Hey Guys


    ok i talked with my Sales Rep and he has processed a bunch of these deals and got the rebates. he told me that if you have taken delivery of the car yet he is confident that he can get the rebate posted. if you want give him a email and see what he can do. the only stipulations he mentioned were you had to be a costco member before Aug or July (sorry forgot which he said) and you need to have put the order in before Nov 2.


    his name is Dominic Lazzaro and his email is dlazzaro@barrieford.com


    let me know if that helps anyone




    Your sales Rep can't get anything processed that is not available.


    The process is very simple: When your car arrives, you will get the incentive that is available at that time. The dealer reporting the sale to Ford has to lock in the Rebate program number with program headquarters that is on the VINCENT form for the vin/zip code/type of purchase.

  4. I hate to burst your bubble, but something isn't right. D plan is below dealer cost even taking the holdback into account. The only way the dealer makes money on A/Z/D plan purchases is because Ford subsidizes them. Without the Ford subsidy the dealer would be losing money for no reason. If they're giving you D plan price then they're making it up somewhere else on rebates, trade-in, doc fees or other fees.


    You need to check that paperwork carefully. I suggest getting a "drive-out" price including all taxes, fees, etc. and compare it to an actual X plan price just to be safe.


    Not saying it can't happen but in this case the odds are pretty slim.


    I agree, something does not seem right.


    They could be ordering this for him, and then when the car arrives require a pin # to honor that price.? Does not seem like a dealer would openly order a car to lose money on the transaction.

  5. I have just come off of a Corvette forum and joined the Edge forum as we have a new edge. I have got to say I have never seen such a big bunch of babies in my life. I got two helpful posts out of two pages and the rest was arguing. You guys need to grow up and use your brains for something useful. I hope this isn't normal for this forum as I certainly won't be participating if it is.

    Thanks to those two that did help and later to the rest.




    Out of curiosity, why would you want running boards on the Edge? If you didn't like the 20" clad wheels, why did you buy it with them?

  6. I have 12 more months to go. I hope these nice lease incentives will be around next year at this time :)


    You should get a quote now. Besides this program, there is also RCL Lease Cash of an additional $1250 for returning lease customers. If I was a Lease to Lease customer, I would have had $4750 in Rebate on my current lease. That is a very large Rebate amount for a current/new model. Keep in mind rebates are regional and vary, but this was my case in FL.


    Dealers are being very agressive on the discout side, plus all of the incentives make it very attractive.

  7. Ford Motor Credit Manager said there are now special lease deals for 39 months on Focus SE, Fusion SE. Escape XLT, Edge and Flex.


    If you are shopping one of these vehicles, and they have quoted you a vehicle price, ask your dealership to figure out what a 39 month lease would run based on the price quoted. It might be far less than you would expect. The down payment they will ask for is negotiable - ie, if they would give you $1,000 off MSRP on a purchase, ask for the same $1,000 off the down payment on the lease. :shades:



    They have been running 39mo lease programs on these vehicles for months now (I priced all summer), and the new program is the 27mo. Suprised that your Ford Exec's did not mention this to you. :reading: :shades: Compare the two programs if anyone is considering. The new 27mo program beat the previous 39mo quote by $30/mo that I had received in August.


    I would think that everyone knows that down payments negotiable


    I lease for 36-39 months only. Mainly because of fords 36,000 bumper to bumper warranty. Wish they would increase it like the other companies have.


    Even if they did, FMCC is not a big fan of anything longer than 39mo's.

  8. Leasing works for many people. It does have the advantage of a fixed depreciation estimate that's not subject to market changes. All things being equal (which never happens) there should be no difference between leasing for 36 months or buying and then trading in after 36 months. Any extra cost for the purchase option should be reflected in the vehicle equity. In the past mfrs would subsidize leases more than purchases because they knew they'd be back for another vehicle in 2-3 years, but that backfired when used car values dropped like a rock last year.


    If you're not going to pay off the vehicle and keep it for a year or two at least, then leasing might be the better option. Although you have more options when purchasing as far as getting rid of the vehicle early.


    The key is to treat a lease as another form of financing and do the comparison based on your situation and don't look at just the monthly payments.



    Agreed, and don't lease for any term longer than 36mo.

  9. It's not the fact that it's a lease - a lease is just another way of financing. Whether you lease or buy and sell after 2-3 years you're still paying depreciation and it's the depreciation during the first 2-3 years that's the killer. If you want a new car every 2-3 years and you don't mind paying for it then leasing is for you. But it will always be cheaper in the long run to buy a vehicle and keep it for 5-6 years or longer.



    True in what you say, but 80% of the people out there trade before paying off. I really don't see the benefit of paying a vehicle for 5-6yrs with payments totalling $34-36K to have a vehicle worth $10k, no warranty, and now way behind in technology.


    Most people do not desire a lease because they have been burned in one prior. Many dealers love to slam someone in a 48-60mo lease because it meets their desired payments, and I think that is what most are referring to as a waste of money (and I agree).


    But when I can drive something for less than it would cost monthly to own, not worry about being negative in 2 yrs, and have plenty of options in 2yrs, then I would say that leasing works for me.


    I have seen too many people angry at being negative making almost 36 payments at 0%, because the current model has very hefty rebates, or a change in body has depreciated the model further.

  10. Leasing is waste of money...after the term you have nothing and you have to spent more to keep going or get something new again. Bad idea.



    Really, because the purchase payment would have been 50-80/mo higher and most likely would not be able to get out of it in 2yrs. Thanks for the input, but I was a manager for Ford for years and I am a firm believer in the short term lease.


    Using your theory of nothing to show for it..... The 27mo residual is 50%, and I don't think you would have anything to show for it if you were buying after 24-36mo. I like something new every 2-3 yrs and this is the best way to protect myself.