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Found 51 results

  1. I recently bought a 2007 ford edge with the 3.5L. It had a tail light out but I didn't think anything of it. Went to change the bulb and realized it was still good. checked the fuses and all were good. Come to find out the center wire for the brake light and turn signal was not getting power. the running lights work but the turn signals and brake light for the left rear corner does not. The dash indicator for the turn signal lights up and flashes fast when turning left. The front blinkers both work on both sides. I checked continuity from the light socket to the cabin fuse box and it runs true all the way. I gave the wire 12 volts and the light illuminates then. Are the cabin fuse boxes known to go out every once in a while? Not sure what else it would be. I also have continuity between the blinker switch left into the cabin fuse box as well.
  2. Went to take my Ford Edge Sel 2012 in because I got the black screen of death. Before I did this of course I read the forum to see if I could fix the issue at home. Pulled fuse 29 and also tried taking off the battery and putting it back on but the issue didn't fix it. So the next step was to take it in to the service department. I got there at 7:15am. The service guy name Eric greeted me and ask what the issue was, I quickly explained the black screen of death and showed him my recall paper with my VIN number. I asked him if it would be covered under this and he stated it most likely would but in the case that it didn't he would give me a call to let me know how much it would be to fix. So the courtesy driver took me home. While driving me and another family home he got a phone call which he went to answer. He took off his sit belt and at the same time pulled on the clip that was holding his phone while swerving into different lanes. Then talked for a minute and got off. By this time we were on the loop and he goes to put it back and starts to swerve again going 60. Finally I get home and I wait until 4pm and call for a update. I get the answering machine so I leave a message and hang up. I let an hour ago by and I still have not received a phone call back. So then I asked to speak to someone in the service department because I had not heard back from Eric. The lady then informs me that they are still working on my car and will hopefully be ready by 6 PM. She then asked me if she can call me back at 5:30 and I say yes. She then calls me back at 5:30 and told me my car should be ready and I should head that way . I get there and I ask if there's anything I need to pay for and the pregnant lady replies no that it was all covered by the warranty. Then she gets on the phone and asks for the keys and no one can find them. She then tells me that they're going to get my car out to the front and if I'd like to wait outside it will be there in just a moment. So me and my husband wait outside for about five minutes when finally another lady comes with the piece of paper and informs me that there was a mix up and they never worked on my car. She goes on to say that they thought I was picking up a different Ford Edge. So then she starts to tell me that the recall had expired back in 2011 and it would be $883.80 plus tax to get the black screen of death fixed. I then ask how that is possible when I just got the car 2 years ago. She said it starts from the time the car was first bought brand new and not used. I then asked why they didn't call me earlier and info me regarding this issue and she stated that Eric was sick and went home early so no one got to his cases until I called at 4. Can someone please explain to me how this could happen? How can no one pick up the orders from a person that goes home sick. How can a recall still sit on the website if it's expired. How can Ford not cover this issue when its a known issue. Why do I get penalized because I bought a used car. How are you okay with letting your courtesy driver talk on his cellphone while driving without a hands free device, also why is that car so dirty? This truly needs to be addressed.
  3. sorry if this was posted somewhere else. anyway there is a rattle when starting off slow. its coming from the rear passenger wheel area. As the car starts out the clunking gets faster and it doesn't stay consistent with the spin of the tires just a gradual rattle. After 40-45 MPH it stops as if centrifugal force causes it to stop. It rattles and clunks when going over bumps and railroad tracks. It's a metallic rattle. I've looked underneath the car and to me it looked fine. The car steers fine and does not vibrate at all. It doesn't rattle in reverse or braking unless you hit a bump. Any help is useful thank you.
  4. We bought a new 2017, ordered with the specs we wanted. We waited for over a month and took delivery yesterday. I'm just posting some of my notes after spending the morning going over the manual and exploring the options. I figure this might help others who are looking. Options; 302A 3.5 v-6 - I did not want turbos on this, I preferred the standard, simple, well tested 20" wheels (lots of debate, glad I went with the 20's Drivers Package - adaptive cruise/collision warning/adaptive steering/power adjust steering wheel/ Cargo Accessory Package - cargo area cover / cargo mat / rear bumper protector / Cold weather package - heated steering wheel / all weather floor mats (may move to CO) Tow Hitch package - with "sway control" but not yet confirmed if 2017 has larger radiator which is what I was after. On our old model, the tow package did come with a different radiator and maybe fans, but from what I have read the new model has nothing different other than the "sway control". http://www.fordescape.org/forum/engine-technical-discussion/11714-class-ii-tow-package-question.html My raw notes from this morning's exploration; We have 6 months Sirius. Includes access via app on phone, and on PC. Channel lineup; https://www.siriusxm.com/channellineup/ Looks like warranty includes Ford road service (card in manual) The ignition lockout deal; seems to be related to controlling CA DUI and non-paying buyers disguised as a security system. I’m glad we did not get it. Controls Music It will run phone apps like Spotify or music apps if you plug in phone via USB, it will display the phone app on the display. Parking Active Park Assist Will park parallel both park and unpark (in and out) and perpendicular (park / IN only). Side Sensing System detects objects within 24” Cameras Backup camera as expected Front camera works with rear Front has wide angle and standard views, accessible through the audio unit. Have to be in D or N to view cameras, if not backing up. Front camera only works at speeds under 6 MPH Designed mainly for pedestrian crossing views and safety. Cruise Control Set speed does not erase with a cancel or brake tap. Hit “resume” to resume. (old car, brake tap erased) Adaptive Cruise Control 4 adjustable gap settings; displayed on icon Maintains gap to vehicle in your lane in front of you 1,2,3,4 gap settings are in yards, 31, 43, 55, 67 respectively. It will NOT do a panic stop, but will slow if needed and apply brakes. Driver Alert (monitors how alert you are) Lane Keeping System Steering wheel stalk control Will do “alert” (shake wheel) and an “aid” (turns wheel) one or both, with three levels of intensity on “alert” Cross Traffic Alert - detects if cars or people are going by when you want to back out. Always on. Collision Warning System In a word, it will not automatically stop to prevent a rear end accident. It will warn you via loud audible alarm and flashing lights. It will pre-charge the brake system so that even a touch on the brakes will do a full panic mode brake lockup. Adaptive Steering Normal or Sport mode. Needs to “relearn” if battery disconnected or power loss. Spare tire Probably not, probably a sealant kit + compressor (cig lighter in rear of car) need to check. Break in Seems to be no mention of engine break in but interestingly, the tires have a 1,000 mile break in period. Basically try to drive slow and nice. Steering wheel is adjustable on side of column Autowipers = when on intermittent, only run if moisture is present. 110 v outlet in center console Lock doors without fob by touching top of latch Wipers are heated and turn on when rear window heat is on. Maybe it heats the fluid, IDK. Blind Spot Indicator - flashes spot on mirror if someone in blind spot. If you turn on the blinker, increases alarm and audio alarm. Hands free tailgate; kick like a soccer kick under center of bumper. No sideways. Do not grab the liftgate, this will activate the obstruction detection feature. Gas tank = 18.5 gallon MyKey; saves your settings in the key you use.
  5. 13EdgeLimited

    New Member From WI

    Hey all, My fiance and I just picked up a 2013 Ford Edge Limited! It will be her main vehicle and we both really like it. The touchscreen and all the options is pretty impressive. Any suggestions for subtle mods? Thinking about doing a dark metallic gray front grille and wheels. As well as window tint. Looking forward to spending some time on the forum! Thanks! Oh and here's my car!
  6. t0lkman

    Ford Edge 2016

    Hello there, I'm interested in buying Ford Edge 2016, and I have couple of questions. 1) Does this car have good noise isolation? From 1 to 10 how do you find it noisy compared to your previous vehicles? 2) What trim do you think worth its money? Currently, I'm leaning more towards "SEL" 3) What tires do you suggest? 18,19 or 20". I find 19" not very popular and see their prices usually highest. Thanks!
  7. I bought my very first brand new car ever in 1999. It was a Ford Focus ZTS, and I just sold it this April and bought a used 2012 Ford Edge. I swore to myself that I would not buy Ford again, but this car suits my lifestyle and I just LOVE driving it. I camp inside of it and it makes me feel safe being so high up in it. My Focus was so low, that if I ever crashed, I would be smashed up. I am very much looking forward to sharing hacks on this car, since the Ford dealerships charge $500 to do anything. Right now I am looking for hacks on the backup camera. I know it works because every once in a while when I put it in reverse, I can see the images behind me on the screen. But then it says it is broken and to contact the dealership. I took it in to have a looked at, and they charge me $200 just to tell me it would cost $500 to fix. There is no way it costs that much to switch a sensor or change something around. I am also looking for the Nav system to work. When I bought the car used it had a 2010 SD card in it, which didn't even register for my car. Not sure how that happened, but I'd like to make my driving safer by not looking at my phone for every direction. Also, how to change the part on the hood where water squirts out on drivers side? It is clogged and dont know how to fix it. Any thoughts?
  8. I have noticed numerous 2007 ford edge owners with the same issue I had recently, leaking transfer case PTU unit. I also noticed this same issue is happening with Lincoln's and Mazda's of same model type. I believe Mazda has offered owners some sort of compensation/recall/extended warranty for this manufactured defect. My question is what is Ford going to do about this very expensive repair that owners have to pay for that is a manufacturer defect? I did have it replaced for a pretty penny and now I hear a clanking noise when I turn that was not there before the repair. Does anyone know of any class actions on this?
  9. I have a 2015 Ford Edge Sport and every time I go through a car wash it leaks water in my drivers side starting at the headliner and goes all the way down and soaks the carpet. What is the deal with this? I have it at the dealership and they are replacing the windshield......the water is leaking in higher than that?? Any insight on this?
  10. kawi137

    front bumper repair

    Hi Guys, I recently was in a minor fender bender and cracked my lower bumper, does any one know of anyway I can repair this if at all possible without dropping $500 on a new one? The crack is on the lower right corner thanks!
  11. HotLights

    Protect Dip Emblem Review

    Hey everyone, as a first post I'd like to share my experience (so far) with Protect Dip spray on rubber paint. This paint is pretty much the same as Plasti Dip and can be found at Canadian Tire or http://www.protectdip.com/. I picked up the best masking tape I could find, just in case it didn't work out. Here are the nice before pics: It was about +8C (46.4F) the day I did it. (Which I should of waited because the next was was +20C ) But the wife's hair dryer worked just fine. I started masking the area: First Coat: Second Coat: Third Coat: I did four coats all together but daylight was running out and I am a very impatient man. I used the hair dryer to warm and speed up the curing process. I used a toothpick to notch around the edges and simply peeled away the excess. Here is the finished product: Of course if I had taken my time and had a warm enclosed area I could of done a way better job. The whole time it took me to do both sides was about 45 to 60 minutes. I did mask a good area off but still managed to have a bit of over spray. Not to worry though because it comes off very easily with a microfiber rag. Here is the other side which I want to redo: So far the Protect Dip is holding up, only thing I've noticed is it attracts dust very easily. Much like any flat black material. I will update as time goes on! The snow is about to fly up here in Alberta and I will see how the product holds up. My next dipping task will be the chrome trim piece above the headlights and grille. Stay tuned!
  12. Hey guys I got my 12 SEL a couple months ago and the previous owner has an aftermarket remote installed from what I know. Its not the slick key fob with the push button ignition. When I click the lock button 3 times. the car turns on fully. But now when I click 3 times it turns all the way on TILL the ON part, but doesn't actually fire up and start running. It's driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Hey Guys, Let me preface this by saying i'm sure this question gets asked a thousand times by idiots like me but I tried searching the forum for the right answer and couldn't find anything of use. Additionally I check the door jamb which directed me to the owners handbook which told me to speak to Ford... Not that helpful. I'm getting a Low Tire Pressure warning on the car this morning and I was just wondering what you would reccommend as the best PSI. Note that i'm in the Middle East so driving is purely on hot dusty roads and luckily for me petrol is cheap, so fuel economy is not a concern. Also as i'm driving the sport I just want to be sure that the PSI is correct and safe for the Low pro. I'm guessing around 35psi? would that suffice? Thanks!
  14. Hi Guys! I am new here, and i need you help, i just bought a 2010 edge limited and it doesnt come with a navigation system, attached is a picture of what is my edge have right now, if i buy a navigation system, how hard would it be to install? and will everything works? thanks.
  15. I am brand new here so if there is already a thread on this topic please let me know. I just purchased (actually leased) my new Edge on 9/29/15. I was searching for rubber floor mats online this morning and came across an article about Edges leaking water on ones built prior to 4/28. According to window sticker, mine was built 8/28. So didn't think anything of it. Was taking floor mats out of vehicle today and noticed the rear passenger one was sopping wet. And underneath, the carpet was soaked.No other sections were wet, just the rear passenger. We just had a big soaking (6 inches +) here in the northeast. Has anyone else had an issue with their Edges built after 4/28.
  16. Just joined this forum by recommendation. Recently bought a 2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD "white rock" and fully loaded. So far I love it drives great, runs great, looks great.. happy new ford owner!
  17. Andrew Davis

    Transmission SUCKS

    Has anybody tried using anything like the SCT Tuner, etc. to change the transmission shift points to make it drive a little better? I like my Edge, like not love, but the transmission is terrible. Slow slushy shifts, clunks now and then, driving slow in traffic is a nightmare the way it bucks from 1st to second sometimes. I know I'm not the only one who has had these issues. Mine has been present since the day I bought it. Very tempted to get rid of this vehicle and get something more fun to drive if I can't fix this transmission.
  18. I am looking to purchase a used 2013 Ford Edge in the next few weeks and I like to have a good thumping sound system. I currently have a 2009 Ford Escape with the audiophile sound system with the subwoofer and dedicated power amp in the rear. The system isn't awesome but it was much better than the stock system. My question is whether I should hold out for the Limited to get the 12 speaker Sony System with subwoofer or if the stock 6 speaker system is good? I think after having a subwoofer in the back, going to car without one may be rough...however I don't want to have to pay another 1-2K for a limited if I could get an SEL? How much would it cost to upgrade the SEL stock system with an aftermarket system that would work with Sync System?
  19. We have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with My Ford Touch (No NAV). We have an active "in good standing" subscription to Sirius Radio. Today on the way to work the Sirius was working fine as it has been since we activated it. On the way home from work later in the afternoon the radio displays "Channel Unsubscribed please call....ESN: #########". We can see all of the presets, we can see what is playing on which ever channel we choose but we are not getting any audio (Sirius only, all other sources work fine). If we choose a different source then come back to Sirius we get that dialogue box again and you can hit "Cancel" or "Call"(if there is a phone paired) I also have a subscription under the same account in my 2011 Ford Focus SES and that is working fine. Sirius tried to send a signal but was unsuccessful. They stated that they are only responsible for sending a signal and not the factory radio itself (understandable). Has anyone ran across this issue? What is the fix outside of going to the dealership and spending tons of money to get this fixed?
  20. Hay everyone.. ❤ I really hate the black or gray interior specially for edge sport.. So i decided to change the leather seats and doors but let's see what is your opinions first! Here Some pictures for red interior of land rover evoque.. It's awesome i will do like it
  21. Darrell GoHard Williams

    2008 Ford Edge Limited

    From the album: 2008 Ford

    LED white turn signal bulbs
  22. Hey, I have a 2007 Ford Edge and I wanted to install HIDs, are there any problems i will encounter? Flickering/flashing? Will I get a Light for check engine or something? is there anything else i need to buy? I'm playing on buying 6000k or 8000k.
  23. A few days ago I started my car and a new light lit up on my control panel with a wrench, I looked and it was my awd , I restarted my car and it went away, since then I tried to connect my phone to my sync with Bluetooth to play music and talk on the phone and it won't connect anymore it doesn't even show my old devices on my device list, I tried scanning for my iPhone and it doesn't now show up. I tried to then go to the media tab to the tab bellow juke and it won't even enter, it just goes to the FM radio , I thought maybe if I plug it in by USB or aux cord it might work and still nothing. Has anyone had this issue or something like it and possibly know what the problem could be?
  24. androck238

    Chrome Door Handles

    I just ordered a set of Chrome Door Handles (9T4Z-7822404-AA) for my 2010 Ford Edge SEL. Installation was a breeze, however, the front and rear door on the passenger side did not have the T20 Torx handle re-inforcement screw. Instead the front passenger door had a crosstip screw, and the rear passenger door had a 1/4" hex head screw. Well needless to say, neither one would tighten down enough to fully secure the bezel. So both bezels on the right side can be pulled out if you were to pull on them. I am curious if anybody knows what the factory re-enforcement screw size/pitch/length is? I'm hoping I can just run to the hardware store to pick up a couple SS screwes to use and not have to order two from Ford (not terribly expensive, but something like 1.25 a screw). I'm just hoping whoever the knucklehead was that put those in didn't strip the threads in the door, which in that case I guess I could probably drill and tap for a larger screw. Thanks in advance!
  25. Hey guys! So, I wanted to quickly introduce myself. I'm Rob, aka Braeson (@braeson) or iBraeson (@ibraeson). I'm from Alberta, Canada and I own a 2012 Ford Edge SEL with 2.0L EcoBoost. Not only do I have a new Edge, I'm also BRAND NEW to the Ford name. Some background. In December of last year, I drove a 2006 Buick Allure CX. The tranny gave way as I accelerated at a green light. Just toast, gone. I was down to a couple options. Either pay the $4000+ to repair, or go buy new. I went with the second option. My wife and I settled on the Ford Edge, in Tuxedo Black. (Admittedly, neither of us were big on Ford, up until recently.) The EcoBoost and the research and write-ups I've read on it was the real deciding factor. And, WOW!. Are we ever happy with this decision! I picked it up nearly a month later on January 4th, 2012. The harder decisions I have to make now, are the mods and addons. (LOL!) Here's some of my "planned" projects: - KMC Rockstar wheels - HID conversion kit [if anyone has some advise here, that'd be great as I can't find decent HIR2 (9012) kits. Even a retrofit solution] (Ideally, I'd like to find blacked out hardware with HID projectors and LED halos) - Superchip (Only a maybe right now) - Cold-air intake (Again, suggestions would be amazing, guys) - Matte finish the chrome grill That's all I have so far. For now... Looking at the future of Ford and where they're leading to industry, I can't see us driving anything but now. Look forward to chatting with you all soon. R.