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Found 62 results

  1. kc300c


    From the album: DAYTIME BrightLites - "We make your stock lights BrightLites"

    © Copyright © 2012 DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

  2. kc300c


    From the album: DAYTIME BrightLites - "We make your stock lights BrightLites"

    © Copyright © 2012 DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

  3. DAYTIME BrightLites - Specialty Automotive Lighting Our LED Puddle Lights are now even brighter and whiter. We have upgraded to a 25% brighter LED light source that also has a truer white color. The design of these new LEDs also provides a wider beam spread casting light a greater distance from the vehicle. We stand-by our products. LED Puddle Lights come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is basically a "try it free" program. If you are not happy with your new lights, we will pay for you to send them back and refund the original order including the shipping fee. So you will not be out any money at all, just a little bit of time. We also provide a full replacement warranty which lasts as long as you own your vehicle. DAYTIME BrightLites is the only manufacturing company that produces these LED Puddle Lights. We have built and sold over 300 sets to date and not a single customer has returned them for a refund because they were not completely satisfied. Here is our pricing: - LED Puddle Lights (part#: PUD-PAK): $78.00 per set (includes a free pair of LED license plate replacement bulbs) - Shipping: U.S: $9.00, International: $24.00. Above pricing is based on using our Light Core Return Program. A $56.00 deposit will be added to your initial order total. After you remove your old puddle lights and send them back to us we will fully refund the $56.00 deposit. We accept PayPal payments. To place an order, email info@daytimebrightlights.com with your first and last name, shipping address, phone number and PayPal email address. You will then receive a PayPal invoice to use to make your payment. See all of our LED lighting products for the Ford Edge at www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com. These include our unique one-of-a-kind Vertical LED Running Lights for 2011-2013 Edges, custom interior LED lighting and LED replacement bulbs. With many thanks, Dan Smith DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC
  4. PrinzII

    Vanity Mirror LEDs

    From the album: PrinzII's '08 Edge SE, '11 Limited, and '18 SEL

    Passenger side vanity mirror LED.

    © PGL III - 2012

  5. smora


    From the album: 2011 Edge Switchbacks

    VLEDS 6k Type 1 switchbacks with DDM 35W 5000k HID's
  6. smora


    From the album: 2011 Edge Switchbacks

  7. Hi all, I've been looking for the rear light up emblem for a while... I've come across a few, like this one http://www.etrailer.com/Novelty/Reese/86094.html but that fits the F150 models... Does anyone know where I can find this for the Edge?
  8. I changed my mind on some bulbs so I have spares to sell. I have one pair of 3157 amber turn signal bulbs here in my picture A pair of these bulbs are sold for $49.98 and are SUPER bright. They are eye catching to say the least and look spectacular behind the clear lenses in the front. For the pair, I'll take the first $25 plus shipping that is offered. The second set is a pair of 3157 44 chip white LED lights for a set of your brake lights and can be seen in my picture These lights sell for $16.99 each but I will take the first $18 plus shipping for the pair. They are much much brighter than the incandescent red brake bulbs. I would venture to guess that they are 3 times brighter and with all the LEDs facing in so many directions they reflect off the light housing reflectors very well. I still have a pair of these as one set of my brake lights but I changed the upper pair to the same lights but with a flashing technology that does a three quick flash mode when I hit the brakes. Otherwise they are the same. All my lights in and out are LEDs and I can vouch for the quality of all three sets of lights above. I also have a set of 921 reverse lights that are 5 watt cree bulbs and are light flashlights running out of the back. Below is a pic of what they look like on at night. Here is a link to the store where I bought the lights so nobody thinks I'm just making up the prices I paid for the bulbs. http://superluminati...m/3157_3156.htm and http://superlumination.com/906.htm for the reverse lights I can be reached here on the forum thru a message or at cdpratt69@gmail.com
  9. <advertising deleted>
  10. Ebay auctions have ended for the LED puddle lights and DRL lights. If you need info or wish to place an order just contact me. Thanks
  11. From the album: DAYTIME BrightLites - "We make your stock lights BrightLites"

    Link to my install: http://www.fordedgef...t-bulbs-install

    © Copyright © 2012 DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC. All Rights Reserved.