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Found 3 results

  1. Hello folks: I need to pick your brains and/or experience with the following, please: Lately, I'd say after the last 3-4 fill-ups, I feel very strong smell of gasoline outside the car; nothing inside, no gas smell inside with the windows up and the climate on or off. The second last fill-up I even took the car out of the garage thinking of a hazard for explosion (I have the heating furnace room right underneath the garage floor). Of course after it happened first time I've been extremely careful when I fill up, making sure there is none spill whatsoever. The thing is that I can't see a single drop of gasoline running down anywhere visible, and no gas spot on the garage floor either. I'm very puzzled, ...and very worried (I'm a smoker, unfortunately; ...but not in the garage anymore). Ah, the strong smell is not only inside the garage, I can feel the same strong smell outside if I stand close to the car, around the rear or the car (not so much smell around the front). I opened the lid of the capless fuel entry (or whatever is called; I can't remember the proper name now but you know what I mean), and I can't feel enough gas smell coming directly from there, if any. Has anyone smelled something similar before? Any hints of a potential problem somewhere? Where should I look, check for signs of trouble? It's not in my mind, it's real, it's now happening repeatedly (at every fill up) but never ever before, outside or inside the car. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  2. Fullhouz

    Serious gas tank leak

    I've had my 07 AWD Edge for six months without any problems. Last week I noticed a gas smell. Today the tank is leaking from the top of the tank after a fill up. I don't believe it is a case of overfilling the tank. The stealership reportedly fixed the same problem before I bought it in December. They said they replaced the tank but I don't believe it - I think they either replaced a gasket or tried to seal the leak. If you have any experience with a similar problem, or replacing any gaskets on the tank or replacing the whole tank, your help would be greatly appreciated. Should I go to Ford, back to the dealership, NHTSA or all the above? Thanks in advance, Fullhouz
  3. My 2011 Edge is experiencing a problem that the dealer hasn't yet been able to diagnose. Several times in recent weeks, including 3 times in one day this past Monday, the following occurs: 1. Driving normally, anywhere from a few miles an hour to 45-50 MPH (it hasn't happened at highway speeds yet), I'll hear/feel a THUMP from the pedal area, the wrench light will come on, and 2. Immediately, the gas pedal becomes completely non-functional. It moves freely, very loose, and no longer controls throttle. Useless. 3. I turn on the emergency blinkers, and slow down/pull to the side of the road. However, when we get down to 5-6 MPH or so, the brake pedal locks about 98% - freezes in place, essentially, and I have to practically stand on it to get the car to come to a complete stop. 4. I'll turn of the engine, wait a minute, then start it up again. It struggles for a few moments to start up, but when it does the wrench light is gone and everything is working again. It •feels• like there's a bit of a drag on the car when it's coasting, but I'll grant that that may be me being oversensitive to the car's performance after one of these events. This has happened a total of 5 times in the past 3 weeks or so. It's disturbing, obviously, as is the fact that the dealer says they can't do much if they can't recreate the problem - which is a craps shoot, given that a week can go by between incidents. Help? Thanks, J.