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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all: My 2016 Edge SEL w/Sync 3 won't list Sirius XM on the main screen entertainment sources. Originally, it didn't allow me to access Sirius XM at all. The service center was able to "activate" the option, but now I can only select it from the steering wheel controls. Once I select it I can control it on my main touchscreen display, but still I can't select Sirius from the entertainment sources displayed on the touchscreen. The service center can't figure out how to fix this. Any ideas? Thanks and happy Edging!!!
  2. Hey Canadian Edge owners, do you have Sirius Travel Link on your MFT? Mine does not have it However, dealer's shuttle Explorer has it! Going to ask my dealership to enabe this feature...
  3. Does anybody have experience with it? Is it worth $6 a month? Can it be activated while still on 6 mth promotion subscription?
  4. We have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with My Ford Touch (No NAV). We have an active "in good standing" subscription to Sirius Radio. Today on the way to work the Sirius was working fine as it has been since we activated it. On the way home from work later in the afternoon the radio displays "Channel Unsubscribed please call....ESN: #########". We can see all of the presets, we can see what is playing on which ever channel we choose but we are not getting any audio (Sirius only, all other sources work fine). If we choose a different source then come back to Sirius we get that dialogue box again and you can hit "Cancel" or "Call"(if there is a phone paired) I also have a subscription under the same account in my 2011 Ford Focus SES and that is working fine. Sirius tried to send a signal but was unsuccessful. They stated that they are only responsible for sending a signal and not the factory radio itself (understandable). Has anyone ran across this issue? What is the fix outside of going to the dealership and spending tons of money to get this fixed?
  5. I just bought a 2013 Edge and the radio is listed as an AM/FM/ Satellite-prep. Can anyone tell me what that means and what I need to do to get Sirius radio?
  6. Hey folks; I just bought a 2014 Edge SEL which has Sync with MyFord and Sirius radio. Does anyone know if my Sirius radio is compatible with the Sirius A La Carte subscription? I don't have to worry about it for 6 months, but I hope it is.
  7. I'm having trouble getting my Sirius satellite radio to work on my used 2008 Edge I bought 2 years ago. The dealer said the car was equipped with all the equipment but just needed to be re-activated for the Sirius to work (the car even has the small sticker on the window indicating this). Until now I never used Sirius, but I recently decided to get the service. As I was trying to activate the service, I couldn't get the Radio ID per the instructions from Ford and Sirius (i.e., hold AUX and Preset 1), but Sirius was able to find the radio via the VIN # and activate the radio. However, I cannot get the radio to tune/switch into the satellite mode. The instructions/guides all say to press AUX repeatedly to tune from AUX, SAT1, SAT2, SAT3. I can only get it into AUX mode - not any of the SAT tuners. Any ideas as to what might be wrong?
  8. Bought a 2013 Edge and according to a Ford TV commercial I should have received a two year free trial. When I received my subscription letter from Sirius Radio it showed only a 6 month free trial. I then called Sirius and they know nothing about the two years advertised by Ford. Called my Ford dealer and they said to call them back after the six months if it has not been extended to the two years. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this situation?
  9. Hello All, So I had my Edge for less than a week and I have already experienced one MFT lockup. Pulling over and shutting off the car fixed that, hopefully reoccurances will be less versus more. I'm in IT so I understand software will lockup so we'll see. Anyway a separate problem that I"ve read others having is long "Loading..." screen when you browse Sirius channels and select Browse all Sources as opposed to viewing them by categories. I was just exploring the MFT and tried that, and that screen became stuck there for 3 days. Even after turning the car off and on over that time, of course. I could use the MFT fine, Sirius direct tune, presets, etc. but when I went back to Browse Sirius channels that same loading screen would come up. So I decided to start pushing buttons until I could stop that from happening, below is what seemed to force a reset of the browsing to categories vs. all sources, although I can't 100% say that for sure as the problem could have just resolved itself on it's own while I was playing around. Go to Sirius Options Set Category for Seek/Scan select a random category and then go back to the one you want. Then when you go back to Sirius...Browse...it should be back to by category. Maybe if someone else has this problem they can try those steps and see if they help. I'm too much of a wuss to try and lock mine up again.
  10. Hi guys! I'm a new memeber team "ford edge". I got a 2011 Ford Edge SE. I noticed i have the Siruis Satallite Options and what seems to be a cell phone option. I do not have a manaul. I will google it soon i figure i get some advice from you guys on how to use/activite these options. Thanks, Larry NYC
  11. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and was needing some help. I was driving down the road the other day while listening to a game and I saw two helmets with the sports scores on the bottom of each helmet and each helmet had the team's logo/mascot. I LOVED that but here's my problem, I don't know how to get back to that screen and NO I do NOT have Navigation so that means I do NOT have Sirius Travel Link. But I saw that screen somehow! I want it back for any future games. Any help would be awesome please. The vehicle is a 2012 Ford Edge Limited with MyFord Touch without the Navigation. Thanks again!