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Found 10 results

  1. Can someone provide more details on a "13N01" Field Service Action? Preferably a PDF copy?
  2. My Ford Exteneded (5 years) warranty is coming to an end this Novemeber 2023. I bought this from Ford in 2018. Does Ford Offer an extended protection beyond the 5 year policy. I only have about 65,000 on the car and would like to keep it another 3+ years. If Ford doesn't offer one who do you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hello, My 2018 Ford Edge required the purge valve replaced. The dealer is saying this is not part of the emissions control system. Has anyone had the purge valve replaced by the emissions warranty? Should I complain to Ford?
  4. Our 2015 Ford Edge recently started a rattle noise when we start the engine. The noise goes away when we start driving and comes back again when we stop in a signal or take turns. We thought something not right. So, we took it to the dealership the next day. What dealership told us they think it's a broken flexplate and they gave me an estimate of 6,000$-8,000$ to fix that issue. The dealer asked Ford if they will cover the repair and Ford said they will only cover 1,450$. The edge has 66,000 miles on it, which is just over 6K miles from there 60,000 miles warranty. I have friends who work at Ford. After talking to them and reading a few other forum articles regarding this issue what I found out it is a very common issue for Ford, which is almost always a manufacturing fault. Ford even recalled certain run time Edge for that exact same issue. I asked my dealer why Ford is not covering all which is basically their manufacturing fault and they asked me to call Ford customer care directly. I just called them and they are basically blabbering the same thing saying we support what dealership recommends. If dealership thinks Ford will cover then Ford will otherwise just keep the receipt in case Ford decided to cover that in future. This is insane!!!!!!!!!!! FORD DOESN'T WANT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR OWN FAULT". They expect their customer to spend 5,000$ on a repair just after 4 years. Obviously a crack never happens suddenly. If probably started way before 60K miles. It's only large enough now to create a noise. A flexplate crack means there's something else wrong and ford should take responsibility for that. They can't expect their customer to pay expensive repairs on a new car. Should I take my car to a different dealership or a different repair shop to check? I can't afford 5,000$ repair.
  5. Hey...with all the technology and expensive future repairs (if necessary), I am considering the purchase of an extended service contract for my 2016 Edge Titanium. Has anyone purchased one and did you purchase it directly from Ford, your dealer or from an online dealer? And have you had any problems using it? Thanks, Dave
  6. Purchased my used 2015 Edge Titanium in May and read about the Leak Recall shortly after so I took it into my local Ford Dealership since it's still under warranty. When I picked up my car at the end of the day they said that the Recall 15B21 for the leak was performed at another dealer. I certainly hope they were not lying, but is there any way to check for sure? I would like to see it documented somewhere. We've had a lot of rain the past week and a half, for the past couple of days I have lifted my rubber mat protection on the driver side and felt the carpet mat and it feels slightly damp. Not terribly damp, but still should not have that much moisture at all. There's no way my feet could go through my rubber protective mat and soak the carpet that much. I even lifted the carpet out and it has a slight mildew smell. Again, they claimed the repair was made. I plan to take it back in, but wanted opinions on here. It certainly looks like the carpet under my steering wheel has been moved around... it does not seem secure. I fear this car had significant water damage before I purchased. The metal steering shaft near the floorboard has a rusty color, which makes me immediately think of water damage, is anybody else's look like that? Appreciate any feedback or advice.
  7. In years past I always bought my Honda Extended warranty (official Honda) from a dealership that had aggressive pricing. Do you guys and gals know of a good place to get a REAL ford extended warranty? I have seen some site but its hard to know if they are legit and selling real FORD plans. The dealer I was at over the weekend pitched me 2500 for the Ford ESP for 6 years 100K miles. Seems really high. D
  8. OK, so the quick story goes like this. My Edge was in before the 60,000 KMs for the door ajar. They had me believe they changed the switches at that time, but only "cleaned" things as per Fords direction, protocol to follow. That's fine Solved the problem for a month or so. Just long enough to have me clear the 60,000. In this time Advance Trac Service begins illuminating occasionally. Apparently there is a TSB on this, checking on this site. So I bring it in, I have purchased warranty up to 200,000 KMs, the top that FORD offers through dealership before the 60 expired. So, andyhow, I bring the vehicle in, the new switch for drivers door is installed and it's fixed and they tell me they replaced the switch in the gear selector console. That warning is gone now too. Charged me $113 including tax for this. BUT, if they didn't repair the door ajar correctly/completely before the warranty expired. AND there is a TSB on the Trac Service warning, then why should I pay for the deductible. Any Ford Reps on here have an answer? I paid but I'm VERY skeptical of things and this vehicle now. I play by their warranty requirements to a T. The dealership changes my oil, filter etc every service interval. Cabin filter, air filter too. I'd rather be doing things myself to tell you the truth... and I can too. Probably MUCH more "attentive" to details than their rushed systems and mechanics at the quick lube. But anyhow... hope some Rep rings in here.
  9. Next month I will hit 2 years with my Edge. Looking at my mileage, I have crossed the 25k mile mark. It has got me thinking about my warranty. I didn't remember what option I took back when I ordered my Edge. I assume it was the 3 year/30k mile warranty. I wanted to know if it was available to extend my warranty so I don't have to worry about fixing anything after the warranty ends. So I went to my dealer and asked if I could extend it. They said that I should have only had the opportunity to do that between 1-2 weeks after purchase. After that would have been too late. So naturally my mind starts racing. I asked him if he could check to see if I could extend it now or not. He took me back to his office and looked up my account and saw that I already had opt'd for the 7y/75k mile extended warranty. I was so stoked I dropped that into my purchase. I immediately said, out loud, "I am so cool!". I had totally forgot I purchased that but my past-self made sure to take care of me My question to you guys/gals is, What warranty option did you guys get? Maybe drop the price you paid, if you want, for it. Turns out I paid $1,205 for 4y/~40k more miles of Peace-of-Mind.
  10. Just bought a 13' Edge recently and have been shopping the market for Ford Premium Care. I find it odd that there are vast price differences for the same warranty plan. The thing of it is, from what I understand, you do not have to purchase your Premium Care at the dealer. Rather, this is something you can also purchase online, and often times for much cheaper. One would think Ford would standardize the prices for a company warranty recognized by Ford regardless of location... Anyone have similar experiences?