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Found 48 results

  1. I have three damaged 20 inch chrome clad wheels. It is much less expensive to buy new aftermarket wheels. I plan to buy wheels/tires this spring and then put winter tires on the original wheels next fall. How have you handled the TPS system if you have aftermarket wheels on your car. I can find TPS monitors everywhere but it is not clear what it takes to fit on aftermarket wheels with the Ford system. I would like to buy the wheels and TPS items and then take them to the tire store. Save much money that way.
  2. kevinj27

    Nankang Sp-5 Tires

    I have a 2013 Edge Sport and I am in need of new tires. Long story short, I bought the Edge 6 months ago and the dealer said multiple times the tires had at least 50% tread left and there was nothing to worry about. On my last car I bought from a dealership, I had to buy new tires within 6 months so I made sure they rechecked these tires. I should have paid closer attention. I went back to the dealership a week later complaining of noise and they said the tires are worn and cupped and that they recommend I replace them. They would not do anything for me and said they weren't going to stick any more money into this car and since it is used, they weren't required to do anything. I logged a complaint to the Better Business Bureau but that was a joke and nothing was ever done about it. Now 6 months later, there is a tear in the front tire from wear and I need new tires immediately. I get the a 27% discount (out of 30%) on Progressive Snapshot so it wasn't because of my driving. Does anyone have the Nankang Sp-5 tires and their experience? I am just looking for a budget all-season tire in 265/40/22. I don't really want to drop another $1,000 on this car right now with a baby due in 2 days! Or let me know another tire that I should look into. Thanks,
  3. Was going to use these as a winter set, but just bought tires for my rims currently on. These tires have less than 100 miles on them and include TPMS sensors, no road or curb rash. Also they have Lincoln logo center caps and not the Ford ones. Asking 1400 as the tires are around $200 each TMPS sensors are over $50 each and I'm sure Ford wants over $300 per wheel.
  4. autom8r

    New Shoes!

    Needed new tires because the ol' Gooyear Eagles were getting so noisy. Everyone knew I was in my car when I made phone calls. Now the cabin is quiet and everyone thinks I'm in my office! I have a softspot for BBS wheels from my BMW days. And yes, these are knockoffs. I'm not tracking the Edge!
  5. HELP...I have a Black 2013 Edge Limited w/ 20" chrome clad wheels...love the car, hate the wheels (they look fake, which they are). I would like to step up to the 22" wheel / tires and I understand this will be a more firm ride and I am OK with that, my question is...do I have to stick to Ford OEM wheels? They are quite pricey for what they are and I don't like them enough to pay $400 or $500 per wheel. This said I do not know anyone which an Edge and aftermarket wheels / tires. I am OK with the stock Scorpions, although I only get about 30k out of them. Advice / Opinions / Experience very much appreciated. Daniel
  6. This is my first post and my first modification to my 2010 SEL. I'm sharing pictures of my new 22" TSW Donington wheels. Not sure if I'll change anything esle but I like my new wheels.
  7. Josueh411

    2007-2010 wheels!

    I got a set of four wheels 17s with tpms sensor and 2 good 75% threads tires for sale i dont really know the real value just shoot me an offer!
  8. Chris13

    20" Rims and Tires

    Set of 20" Chrome Clad Rims and Pirelli Scorpion 102H Tires off my 2013 Edge for sale Purchased a set of 5 spoke rims for winter and have decided to just keep those on all year Rims are in mint condition and only18,000 Km's on the tires Includes TPMS sensors $2,900 Edmonton Alberta
  9. af_maineiac


    Alright.......here's the deal. I've been toying with the idea of selling my OEM 22" wheels and going with a set of 20" TSW Nurburgring wheels with 295/40/20 tires on my 2013 Edge Sport. Forum member IXIVI has the exact same setup I'm looking at: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/13309-20-nurburgring-2954020-falkens-2012-sport/ So my question is, would you make the switch to the TSWs or stick with the OEM 22" wheels? If I could sell mine for $2K, it would virtually be a wash price-wise. Since my Pirellis have roughly 7K miles on them, and the wheels are like new, I can't imagine having too much trouble selling them if I went that route. The TSW Nurburgring is pictured below, and I've attached a few pics of my OEM 22" wheels. Thanks for your input!
  10. I've got four (4) 22" chrome wheels from my 2011 Ford Edge Sport for sale along with four (4) tires and four (4) TPMS sensors. The tires have at least 80-85% tread life remaining. A couple of the wheels have some curb rash, seen in the pictures, but they're rock solid and have no structural defects. I replaced them with a winter setup and I prefer the wheels I replaced these with, otherwise I'd keep these as they're still very nice. Once polished in the summer, these things are gorgeous. PACKAGE-ONLY DEAL! I will not part these out. (4) - 22" Chrome Sport Wheels (OEM) (4) - Kumho Ecsta STX KL-12 265/40R22 106V Tires (4) - OEM Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors -- I have a scan tool that will reset the warning light on the dash when replacing wheels. I'll toss that in as well. ASKING $1500 PM or text 847-530-789(five) I can deliver within a 200 mile radius.
  11. edge_man31

    Looking for 2013 20" black wheels

    Im looking for black 20" wheels seen on 2013-14's, i would buy or i have the 18" chrome 10 spokes off of a 2011 that i would trade if possible.
  12. Doug Hathaway

    jaden brodie edge

    From the album: Dougs Edge

    Got some new kicks for the Edge. The stock plastic-cads just weren't cutting it. These are 20inch by Drag. I think they look great. What do you think?
  13. Hi everyone, I just purchased a 2013 Edge Limited with the 20" rim option last week in Morristown, NJ. I really preferred the 18" chrome rims like I had on the 2008 Edge Limited that I traded in for the 2013. Unfortunately, with the option package I wanted (AWD, fully loaded) were only being produced with 20" rims options so it was not possible for me to get everything I wanted less the 20" rims. The option on the Limited is $895 to upgrade from 18" to 20", on the SEL the cost was $1200 vs. $800. I am interested to see if anyone who recently purchased an Edge with 18" chrome rims (eg. SEL, Limited) who would like to upgrade to the 20" rims, the tires and rims on my car are brand new with less than 200 miles on them. I would be willing to swap for no cost, it should be a very low cost to change (maybe cost for TPMS sensor recalibration) and mounting fee. I would be willing to meet anywhere in the NJ/NYC/Eastern PA/Etc. region to do the swap at a Ford dealership. I am located in Morris County, NJ. Thanks for anyone's consideration!
  14. Scratched my brand new Ford Edge limited rim today, looking to buy one in good condition from someone who has any spare ones, original part is way too expensive... figure i'd try this out before ebay. Ford part # BT4Z1007D Picture here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FORD-EDGE-OEM-CHROME-CLAD-ALLOY-WHEEL-RIM-2011-2013-20x8-3847-/321151190262?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Wheels&hash=item4ac61a44f6&vxp=mtr Hope for some answers, thanks!
  15. Decided to go with a different look for my new Edge. These wheels has about 1,500 miles on it, no curb rash and in very nice shape. Comes from a 2013 Ford Edge with the Appearance Package. 4 RIMs and lug nuts included... No TPMS. $1,150 shipped to the continental US... $1,000 if you pick them up... Goes without saying, compared to how much these are from the dealer, a great deal I figure... Alternative to the more standard chrome wheels... Paypal only or, if you live in the Bay Area, come pick them up and save! My eBay username is gccambridge in case you want to check my feedback score (happy to carry out deal via ebay for both party protection)... Thanks!
  16. Looking for TWO 22" OEM wheels (Mags), used, but in very good condition. I already have the sensors, so only require the wheels. Thanks.
  17. So right after I bought my 2012 Edge Limited last year, I replaced the wheels with some aftermarket Lorenzo's from TireRack. Add the tires, TPMS, shipping, it all came out to just over $2000. On top of that, I had to pay the dealer a couple hundred bucks to 'reset' the vehicles computers to handle a bigger wheel size. For reference, these are the wheels I purchased (Machined with black inlays): TireRack Link I was originally going to keep the stock wheels to use in the winter, but after I realized that having a bigger wheel than stock would require dealer services every time I swapped them out, I just opted to sell off the originals and make sure I kept my car nice and clean through the Michigan winter. Big Mistake!!! Not even a year later, and after one winter, the back two wheels are basically ruined. They pitted and corroded. I thought I could 'polish' it out, but as soon as I tried, the clear coat peeled off to reveal the shiny metal underneath. What a waste! So now I am looking at my options. I am sending a message to both Lorenzo and TireRack, but I'm not holding my breathe, Lorenzo specifically says they don't warrant against "Adverse Weather". I could tear them off and powder coat them, I guess? Don't really know how they would take to that? I'm considering replacing them with something else (another $2000 bucks (gulp!). But what would I replace them with? Obviously the machined finish didn't fair so well, would painted wheels do better? I was considering these: TireRack Link #2 I suppose I could keep the crappy Lorenzo's (I'm sorry, but the clear coat job was obviously a joke, I won't ever buy from them again), and use them as the new "Winter Wheel". If new ones are the same size, I won't require dealer service to swap them out. Last note: I take extremely good care of my vehicle. I wash it nearly every week, especially in the winter. Also, my town and immediate area doesn't use salt anymore on the roads (though they still use if for sidewalks). I'm not sure what else I could have done really to prevent this, I think I just got a crappy product. What do you guys think? Thanks for your help...
  18. 07-10 TPMS sensors I bought them on ebay and then traded the 07 Edge in for 2013 so they dont work on this system. my loss your gain I paid 90.00 for them and they are still in the box i ordered them in. Looking for $70.00 shipped to the lower 48. email me for more info...
  19. For SALE: $ 625.00 Total! I have an overstock sale of: 4 NEW Set of 245/60r18 Michelin Latitude Touring HP Tires 245/60/18 BRAND New!! Retails for 199.00++ shipping EACH! These tires fit many FORD EDGE WHEELS! READY TO INSTALL! (see reviews below) michelinman.com/tire-selector/size/PMetric/245/60/18/OE/BNW/latitude-tour-hp/tire-details Please verify model fit before you contact me. (see ebay link below) Ebay Auction # 110986381117 http://www.ebay.com/itm/110986381117?it ... m=&vxp=mtr I accept paypal****100%%++ feedback***Please email or call with any questions or if you need any pictures. (312)909-9310
  20. For SALE: $ 625.00 Total! I have an overstock sale of: 4 NEW Set of 245/60r18 Michelin Latitude Touring HP Tires 245/60/18 BRAND New!! Retails for 199.00++ shipping EACH! These tires fit many FORD EDGE WHEELS! READY TO INSTALL! (see reviews below) michelinman.com/tire-selector/size/PMetric/245/60/18/OE/BNW/latitude-tour-hp/tire-details Please verify model fit before you contact me. (see ebay link below) Ebay Auction # 110986381117 http://www.ebay.com/itm/110986381117?item=110986381117&viewitem=&vxp=mtr I accept paypal****100%%++ feedback***Please email or call with any questions or if you need any pictures. (312)909-9310
  21. 2009 Sport

    2012 22" Edge Sport Wheels

    I have a set of 2012 Edge Sport wheels for sale. tires have about 200 miles on them, no rash or curb bites at all. i had aftermarket wheels on my Edge, but traded for the new OEM style.....just in time for winter! I had them on my truck for less than a week and decided to swap to my winter wheels. Could use the money, so Im selling my new rims they are complete with center caps, lugs, tires and TPMS email for pics ftc@live.ca Im south of Toronto Ontario
  22. Want to buy OEM Ford Edge 20" wheels and tires, preferably with less than 5k miles on them. 20" Ford Taurus SHO wheels would work too, those look nice as well. I'm hoping someone will be willing to unload these for a reasonable price, as the cost of replacing the OEM tires on our 18" wheels is already quite high; I figured I'd see if I could score some bigger wheels for just a few hundred bucks more. Thanks!
  23. New owner of white 2011 Edge Sport... and after the first few days, I am loving my new ride. I have already removed all badges except the sport badge... which I painted matte black with Plasti Dip. Wow... amazing stuff. I am considering changing the color of the stock 22" wheels... either wrapping with matte black vinyl or spraying with Plasti Dip... And, re coloring the front grill to match... including the chrome strip that runs along the bottom edge of the hood. Wondering if anybody has done something similar? And if so, do you have any photos? I am happy with the shape and look of the stock wheels... and think that they might look sweet in matte. another idea... keep the gloss black areas of the wheels, and only matte the chrome... thanks to all of you who document and share your work... it is a big help and much appreciated. and if you're interested... here is a photo of my new ride and my newly plasti dipped Sport Badge. thanks again.