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Found 26 results

  1. Does anyone know how to reset the oil life on a 2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus? I'm wondering if it even has an oil life monitor? I checked the message center and there is nothing regarding oil life? Checked the owners manual, and no mention of resetting oil life? šŸ¤”
  2. Well, my wife totaled her '08 Edge a couple weeks ago and we didn't replace it with another Edge of this generation, so I have two Drive Bright LED tail lights for sale. They have been absolutely wonderful for us and I just wanted to see someone else get some use out of them. I'm also sending the backup LED bulbs I bought with them. $150 shipped for the set. Same as the below: http://drivebright.com/home/shop/ford-edge-led-tail-light-set-lh-rh-complete-replacement-tail-light-assembly/
  3. rkierstead8

    2007 Edge slipping

    First of all, I want to say thank you for the wealth of information that is on this forum. I've been reading through some topics and I plan to continue doing so until I find a resolution. The reason for this post is to get some advice specific to my problem, so here goes. We've had our edge for about a year now and It has been leaking from the PTU for some time. (not sure how long). It is bad enough that we have a small puddle in the spot where we park in our garage. When I saw the spot I did some preliminary research and knew about some of the PTU issues with these cars, but now I think I'm at a cross roads where I HAVE to do something. We've had issues with a loud clunking noise when going into reverse and at time while accelerating onto the interstate. Yesterday her car wouldn't crank because the battery terminal was loose. I'm sure that is purely coincidental, but after I came and tightened it up for her and got her headed home, the transmission started to slip. This is especially bad around 20-25MPH and is fairly consistent. I've read about some sensor issues that may cause issues, but I'm lost on where to start. I know financially I can't spend thousands on a fix for this thing especially if I can't pin point the problem. That's where I'm hoping this community will help point me in the right direction. If the PTU is bad could it be causing the trans to slip? Are there known internal issues with the transmission that might cause something like this? Please help!
  4. Hello - there is limited 2007 lincoln mkx hoods available in salvage and new is ridiculously expensive. There are a LOT of 2007-2010 Edge hoods - the body I hear is the same - if thats true can I use an edge hood for my mkx? Thanks!!!
  5. I recently bought a 2007 ford edge with the 3.5L. It had a tail light out but I didn't think anything of it. Went to change the bulb and realized it was still good. checked the fuses and all were good. Come to find out the center wire for the brake light and turn signal was not getting power. the running lights work but the turn signals and brake light for the left rear corner does not. The dash indicator for the turn signal lights up and flashes fast when turning left. The front blinkers both work on both sides. I checked continuity from the light socket to the cabin fuse box and it runs true all the way. I gave the wire 12 volts and the light illuminates then. Are the cabin fuse boxes known to go out every once in a while? Not sure what else it would be. I also have continuity between the blinker switch left into the cabin fuse box as well.
  6. Hey all, I have a 2007 SEL Plus, and the weatherstripping between the front and rear glass on the vista roof is coming apart. :-( I have looked in my Chilton manual, searched YouTube, Google, and various other resources without any luck... SO...., my question to you... what is the method used to replace this piece? I haven't had any leaks yet, and hopefully it won't before I can replace it. Oh, yeah, what is the part number or name of the part so I can get the correct one? Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome!!! Gary W.
  7. JBates949


    From the album: B8S949 Ford Edge SEL PLUS

  8. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to get the rear seat (split 60/40, not heated) out of my 2007 Ford Edge SEL. I'm trying to vacuum up the dog hair! I'm also thinking of replacing the whole carpet (there is some heavy wear and water damage up front). The front seats are easy. The rear look like it's about 6 or 7 nuts on studs welded to the floor, but they are obscured and difficult to reach. How does the back seat come out? Does the seat cushion come up and out to provide access to the nuts/studs? Does anyone have a tech doc on it? Thanks! Dave O.
  9. I have noticed numerous 2007 ford edge owners with the same issue I had recently, leaking transfer case PTU unit. I also noticed this same issue is happening with Lincoln's and Mazda's of same model type. I believe Mazda has offered owners some sort of compensation/recall/extended warranty for this manufactured defect. My question is what is Ford going to do about this very expensive repair that owners have to pay for that is a manufacturer defect? I did have it replaced for a pretty penny and now I hear a clanking noise when I turn that was not there before the repair. Does anyone know of any class actions on this?
  10. 07 Edge 3.5L AWD 127k miles When I have the Edge parked on an incline and shift out of park, the load dissipates and a loud "clunk" is heard as usual when reverse engages. However, this clunk continues to reverberate sometimes until i move off of the incline. It's almost like a tinny rattling sound, like something is bouncing around the front end of the vehicle once the transmission is in gear. The transmission also makes a strange sound in reverse, like a very quiet ticking when backing up an incline.
  11. Hey all, I recently purchased a 2007 Edge and have already replaced the stock speakers in the doors with Polk Audio 6x8's in the rear doors and Polk Audio dxi6501 components in the front doors. Next comes the sub... I have read that the Polk DVC840 is a direct drop in, but is there any other sub that would fit the bill from other companies, such as JL Audio, or others? I would like some more definition, and some decent low end. I realize that it is only an 8" and am not expecting bass miracles. Also, is there any fiberfill in the stock enclosure, or is it an empty chamber? I haven't pulled the rear panel for the sub yet, so this is the inquiring mind questions coming out. Thanks in advance for any and all responses! Gary W.
  12. Hey all, I have a 2007 Edge SEL Plus that I have installed a Pioneer DVD player in the dash. The radio performance has been sub-par, especially on medium distant staions that the stock stereo, and every other stereo I've installed, have no problems picking up. The ONLY installation difference is the antenna adapter that was needed because Ford likes the mini antenna plugs. I want to look at the inexpensive fixes first, so, does anyone know the correct adapter to use? My research brings up a Dodge adapter... that doesn't sound right. I can't return the stereo because 1) I purchased it out of town and it took a while until I got to install it, and 2) I DON'T WANNA!!!! I have had multiple Pioneer units in the past, and radio reception has NEVER been an issue. Thanks in advance for any help!! Gary W.
  13. Hey all, I have a 2007 SEL Plus, and when I hit the unlock key on the remote, the door mirror shifts positions. It doesn't do this any other time, just when I unlock my vehicle. Any idea what would cause this? A loose ground wire? Bad motor? I don't have a clue on this one, thanks for any help you can give in advance! Gary W.
  14. Gary W.

    "New" '07 Owner

    Hey all, I purchased a 2007 Ford Edge about a month and a half ago, and I couldn't be happier! Orange Crush paint on beautiful black leather! I've done a couple of upgrades and maintenance things, so far, and can't wait to do more!! Enjoying the forum so far... GREAT information!! Gary W.
  15. Hey all, Here are some photos from the Polk Audio dxi6501 component speakers I installed in the front doors of my '07 Edge. The tweeters are installed in the A pillars about an inch or so above the dash. I don't have pics of them, yet. Enjoy!! Gary W.
  16. Hi all, My first post after getting my used '07 Edge SEL AWD Plus model. I must say that I LOVE it! Only real concern is the factory nav system is dated when it comes to the display. That being said, it works as intended so long as you don't need to change the destination while driving. My question is, can the Nav system display current speed (as you would get on something like a Garmin or TomTom after-market)? This is extremely helpful as the standard needle display on the speedometer is obviously a little tough to pin-point exact speed. Is this something that would require cracking/ flashing the unit and loading a custom skin? Is that even possible? Thanks all! PS - next posts I'm sure will request info on what programmer to use for improving fuel economy.
  17. Hey guys... for the past little while my steering wheel cruise control switch would start sticking, especially in cold weather. I was thinking of taking the switch pack out and giving it a thorough clean with contact cleaner, etc... Any idea how do get the pack out of the steering wheel? I checked the web and can't find any info on it. thanks
  18. Filtercharged07

    Out for a summer drive

    From the album: Edge

    Took the Edge out for a quick spin to enjoy the lovely weather. Sitting on 20" Falken RT ETHOS with Yokohama PARADA SPEC-X 255/45s
  19. IndyRPM1992

    New Edge Owner

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a owner of a 2007 Ford Edge SEL. Found this site and thought it would be a great place to learn about how I can modify it and make it my own.
  20. abnormal


    From the album: Norm's Edge

    got rear-ended a few days before xmas. was stopped at red light and the driver of the car behind me wasn't paying attention. hasn't been fixed yet. body shop will take it at the end of the month. approx. $2500 damage and 1 week rental (fully covered because other driver was totally at fault)
  21. abnormal

    Sandbanks 2013

    From the album: Norm's Edge

    2007 Edge + 1999 Bonair hybrid travel trailer
  22. Hey, I have a 2007 Ford Edge and I wanted to install HIDs, are there any problems i will encounter? Flickering/flashing? Will I get a Light for check engine or something? is there anything else i need to buy? I'm playing on buying 6000k or 8000k.
  23. Filtercharged07

    Fall Colors

    From the album: Edge

    The Edge lookin good during the Fall.
  24. Edgieguy

    FS:35W 4300K HID conversion Kit

    (1) new in box H11 35W HID Kit in 4300K Pure White color. I used this same kit in my 2008 Limited and had purchased a spare in case I ever needed it. (I never did.) I do still have my original used ballasts and bulbs which you can also purchase or keep as a spare. New never used $60 + actual shipping 3 year old used kit $25+ actual shipping http://www.sylvania.com/en-us/applications/automotive-lighting-systems/Pages/lrgmain.aspx#fldYear
  25. Hi All, I recently purchased a 2007 Ford Edge AWD from a local Ford dealership and they seem to be having problems pinning down an engine noise that only happens for a second on a cold start the moment the engine transitions from turning over to starting. They've been pointing to TSBs regarding clicking sounds, but the clicking sounds they are referring to aren't the ones that I'm concerned with. I checked on here, and everyone else seems to be having the clicking sound of the taps or whatever rotating during normal engine operation. The sound I'm getting is only a second long, sounds like a rattle and is immediately when the engine first fires up after sitting cold for about 4hrs. I took a video of it this morning, and I can hear it, but it wasn't as loud as it has been, so I'm hoping others will be able to hear it and have some sort of an idea as to what's causing this, b/c the dealership is now trying to slaugh it off and not fix the issue. http://youtu.be/NxX5Gu7CD88 Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Troy