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Found 9 results

  1. Well folks the results are in. See the attached video to find out how the 3.5L is doing at 268,000 miles
  2. I have noticed that there are plenty of topics on speaker, headunit, or subwoofer upgrades. But not very many on complete system installs. So I figured that I would post about mine. I just purchased a 2008 Ford Edge Limited with a completely stock stereo. It has an indash 6 CD changer. It is not the MFT, but it does have the basic Snyc system and Sirius. All of the equipment that I am installing came out of my previous Ford. The Product list is as follows: Alpine IVA-W200 with iPod interface, PAC TR-7 video bypass relay, PAC SWI-JACK steering wheel control interface, Alpine KCA-SC100 Sirius adapter, Sirius SVCDOC1 Sirius connect plug and play vehicle dock, Sirius SV4 tuner, Pioneer reverse camera, Alpine ERA-G320 digital sound processor with display, Alpine Type-R 5x7 for all doors, Alpine PDX-5 Digital 5 channel amplifier, and an Alpine SWS-1223D Type-S 12 inch subwoofer. I am going to remove the factory 8 inch sub enclosure and make a custom box to house the 12 inch sub. The amp will also go behind the panel so that everything is hidden and factory looking. I am not done with the install yet, I am currently in process. so far, I have installed the Alpine IVA-W200 in the dash with Metra dash kit, harness, and antenna adapter. I have installed the steering wheel interface, and the video bypass. With the Sirius install I decided to use the factory antenna already mounted on the roof. I found the Sirius control unit to be mounted on the back wall of the spare tire well. I purchased a 15 foot Sirius antenna extension from Amazon. I dismounted the control unit and unran the antenna wire some to start running it forward. The antenna wire made it to the back side of the left rear door opening. I ran the wire forward and mounted the interface in the glove box. That way I can easily remove the Sirius unit. I then removed the grip handle trim above the license plate. There is a removable panel where the factory reverse camera would mount. I made a mount that would angle the reverse camera to see behind the vehicle, but would also show the edge of the bumper. I ran the cable with the other wires through the rear hatch. I then dropped the back section of the headliner to access all of the rear hatch connectors. I unplugged the connectors and removed the entire harness and boot from the hinge area to run the camera wire through it. I continued to run the camera wire down the d-pillar. That is a far as i have gotten at this point. I still have a lot of work to do, and even more wiring to run. I hope this topic will give some of you some inspiration to make a completely custom stereo in your own Edge. They are very easy vehicles to work on, and to take apart. I will post more with further progress on the install, and hopefully get some pictures up soon.
  3. This is a step by step video on how to remove and replace a lower control arm on the right (passenger side) of a 2008 Ford Edge with 273,000 miles (third LCA on this side for this Edge). This video will depict a worse case scenario on how to remove the LCA when the bolts break. This can be a DIY as long as you have the tools available. Hope this video helps you learn from my experience. Depending on your shop you would use this job can be between 700 to 1100 dollars. I did it for $130.00 dollars.
  4. The 6F50 has some rather problematic Turbine Shaft Speed and Output Shaft Speed sensors. The symptoms are described in the video and what to do when you have a total failure of the the sensors. There will be no prewarning lights. However the transmission will demonstrate symptoms that will tell you of the pending failure. If your 2007 through 2010 has more than 60K miles on it you are in the area of failure from that point on. Here is the video.
  5. I will be posting a video of my change out of the rear brake/turn signal lights. The sockets in this video (once you see it) tell a story. This video will make you want to run out and check your tail lights. Stand by for the video.
  6. Here is the latest MercyGirl Productions video on DIY rear shock removal and installation. Remember to like and subscribe to see more videos. I am always working on the Orange Crush repairing something to keep it on the road and safe to drive.
  7. Attached is a video of the engine mount moving and the transmission torque mount moving. Diagnosis is fairly easy and can be very dangerous so DO NOT HAVE ANYONE UNDER THE CAR. Here is the video.
  8. The video pretty much tells the story. $3,300.00 in damage. The insurance company will fix it!! I was surprised since it has 271,000 miles on it. The body shop stated that the damages according to their records only amounted to 30 percent of the value of the vehicle. These guys must run on a different set of papers than the car dealer as they say my car is only worth 2k for trade. LOL
  9. Michael Walsh

    2008 Ford Edge No Air/Heat Problems

    Hello, I own a 2008 Ford Edge SE with 42,000 miles and over the last few weeks my AC/Heat has been acting up. At first it was working intermediately, sometimes it would kick on, other time it wouldn't. Sometimes if I had it "on" and it wasn't working after driving for a bit it would suddenly kick on, but if I turn the car off and turned it right back on it might or might not turn back on. Now the problem is, it isnt working at all. I dropped the glove box to get to the cabin air filter and cleaned that out and put that back in. When looking in I can see the fan that blows the air through the cabin air filter and into the vents was not spinning at all. With the car on and the air set to max I proceeded to put my fingers in and spin the fan to the right and the fan would begin to turn and the air would go on. However the air would eventually die down after about 3-4 mintues and evenetually turn off and the fan would stop spinning. I'm not the most car savvy person, I'm hoping someone can help me pinpoint the problem so I don't waste money at the mechanic trying to fix the problem, any help would be much appreciated. Thank You