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Found 27 results

  1. Hello everyone, MAC T here and I am starting a new topic called double edged. The situation is as follows: I currently own and drive two Ford Edges. This topic will be used to follow two 2011 Ford Edge Limited as they both experience usage in opposition. The Blue Metallic 2011 (MOMOSHA Car) driven mostly city driving and virtually no highway vs the Cinnamon Metallic 2011 (work car) which will be driven 95 percent of the time on interstates in long haul driving situations. How will each one handle the different driving conditions? What repairs will result in the greatly different usage? Time will tell and it will be documented on this topic. Note: The documentation of most repairs will be on video.
  2. aksmps

    heated seat

    Driver seat stopped heating.
  3. Here is the video of the exploratory viewing of the 2nd Generation 3.5 Duratec with 95K miles on the ODO. Had to break it down to change the plugs so thought might as well see what is inside. Let me know what you think. I found it to be interesting since I see no video's like this on youtube for the 3.5 duratec non ecoboost engine.
  4. I used my endoscopic camera to view the piston tops and intake valves of two 2011 Ford Edge limiteds with the 3.5 duratec. One is a grocery getter and the other is a work vehicle that drives primarily on the interstate. View the videos and see the difference.
  5. Hey folks, I installed a second dash cam to my 2011 ford edge limited. I moved the old dash cam to the rear since the LED screen was no longer working, but still records great. I then installed the new dash cam in the front. Pretty easy to do and provides you with a lot more security in the long run and helps you defend yourself in the event of any issues such as accidents etc. I have recorded my deer collision using the dash cam. I will put both videos in this post to see what they can do for you. Enjoy.
  6. I tested both of my 2011 Ford Edge Limited's for Carbon Monoxide entering into the cabin. The results were interesting.
  7. The 1st Gen (2007-2010) Edges and the 2012+ Ford Edges do not have a power steering magnetic filter installed in them. The only model year Edge to have a power steering magnetic filter is the 2011 model year and I am not sure it covers the entire year of manufacturing. The part number can be traced as coded back to the F150 and other series of Ford Trucks. Not sure as to why this was installed for just one year or less. I performed a filter replacement after I found that the replacement line cost more than just installing a new filter. The filter appeared in pretty good shape when I cut it open. The mileage on the 2011 was 156K miles so figured a maintenance replacement would be a good idea.
  8. I replaced the motorcraft 540 cca battery that was about 19 months old and dead or dying with an Odyssey Extreme 65-PC1750 AGM deep cycle 950 CCA battery. My Edge has never started so fast!!! Great battery and you can say good bye to lazy cold winter starts.
  9. So jiffy lube or your dealer says change the air filter because it looks dirty?
  10. This is a step by step video on how to remove and replace a lower control arm on the right (passenger side) of a 2008 Ford Edge with 273,000 miles (third LCA on this side for this Edge). This video will depict a worse case scenario on how to remove the LCA when the bolts break. This can be a DIY as long as you have the tools available. Hope this video helps you learn from my experience. Depending on your shop you would use this job can be between 700 to 1100 dollars. I did it for $130.00 dollars.
  11. This video will show you why your chrome clad wheels are not balancing and why the chrome clad wheels are a poor engineering design by Ford.
  12. Received the motorcraft alternator today. Friday I install it. Video of R/R will be post once finished. This is a review of the new alternator.
  13. Video addressing how to remove and then install after market Moog sway bar links on a 2011 Ford Edge limited FWD with 131,000 miles.
  14. If you want to install new struts on your Ford Edge or access the wiper motor assembly this video will show you how to remove and reinstall the front cowling on a Ford Edge. Should cover most model years 2007-2014
  15. I purchased the Odyssey Extreme AGM Battery to replace the lower powered 540CCA Motorcraft battery that is failing (second battery) I will say it most likely is not the fault of the Motorcraft battery but the failure of the internal voltage regulator in the 2011 Ford Edge which has cause repeated drains on the battery and caused it to prematurely fail. Good news is I am taking the Motorcraft battery back for replacement and will have it on hand for a spare. This Odyssey battery has a 4 year full replacement warranty and 950 CCA's should start the Edge without a problem. It is also a Deep Cycle battery that can withstand 80 percent discharges over 400 cycles without damage, which is where the motorcraft battery was the weakest.
  16. I recently installed a filter minder in my Ford Edge. 1st you will find these on trucks mostly and diesels. I installed my filter minder for the purpose of knowing when the filter is actually no longer performing. This means the air flow to the engine has been restricted and is very dirty or clogged. You can not tell the filter is not working properly by just looking at it and 99 percent of us look at our filters and change them just on observation and not data. This device provides a visual for you to actually see when your filter needs to be changed. I paid for this device so it is not a paid advertisement. It is because I drive 60K miles a year and I am tired of the quick lube places trying to upsell an air filter because it looks dirty. This device will pay for it's self just by not having to purchase so many air filters because they look dirty. Save some money.
  17. Recently installed new rear shocks on the 2011 Ford Edge limited with about 106K miles on the original rear shocks. I chose to use KYB shocks for the replacements. The installation required the partial removal of the two rear interior quarter panels and the rear flooring and storage tray supports around the spare tire. Full access can be obtained by just partially removing the rear quarter panels. Not a long involved job. Without video you could get it done in about an hour. Keep in mind the changes from the 2008 to the 2011 Lower bolt for shock has been increase in diameter and the bolt and nut both have different sized heads OEM shocks to KYB shocks both used different sized nuts with the OEM being larger sized compared to the KYB nuts and the threading was different also on them so you can not used the same larger nuts from the OEM. The hula skirt is an optional item to use while changing the shocks. LOL Hope the video helps. Just a note: There would of been more video, but I forgot to hit record a few times.
  18. This video shows what I suspected and confirmed. The inside wheel bead was leaking. The reason for the leak was due to oxidation of the rim between the wheel and the tire bead. The oxidation eventually increased in enough amounts to allow air to seep out of the tire and cause the tire to loose enough air over about a two week time frame to activate the TPMS for a low tire. This video show the oxidation and the repair to the rim and tire to reseal it.
  19. Just performed a visual inspection after about 10k miles since the installation. Very little rust so far and could not really notice any wear on the pads. Doing very well. I will update once they get a little salt exposure from the winter. Here is the video update.
  20. I used the old turkey baster method and this was the only tool used to accomplish the flush of the power steering. You might want a funnel which I did not have, but shop towels are then a must have for the messy cleanup. We got it done and the results are visible and worth the time to do it yourself.
  21. MercyGirl and I worked many hours for this video. It is not our best video due to many issues. MercyGirls day was not going well and I worked through it with her, but alas this is what we ended up with. Again not our best work but I think it still shows everyone the how to's when dealing with the front and back rotors and all the bits and pieces that make it all work. Hope it helps those who want to do this job prepare and know that special tools for the rear rotors are required.
  22. This is a video for those who want to see how to bleed the brake system on their Ford Edge and other vehicles using the two person method. In this case teaching a young girl (MercyGirl) how to help me out by pumping the brake pedal. We go through the steps on the rear and front calipers. Note I was having camera issues and lost a lot of video due to focusing, but I believe this is still sufficient to cover the process. Hope it helps those that want to do this.
  23. This will demonstrate why you should change your transmission fluid sooner rather than later. Transmission fluid changes are cheap compared to the cost of a new transmission. This fluid flush was performed at a local shop I use monthly to perform oil changes, radiator fluid changes and oil changes.
  24. macbwt

    Double Edge

    From the album: Snow covered ford edge

    2011 Ford Edge Limited Metallic Blue 2011 Ford Edge Limited Cinnamon Metallic
  25. Another MercyGirl Production video on one of the most common maintenance items on your engine. The oil change. I love working with her and she and I have a good time. Enjoy the video and AKirby this one is for you. Watch the whole video. LOL