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Found 8 results

  1. Hello All, I have a 2011 Ford Edge and the climate control is not working at all via the touch screen. The control panel below my touch screen works, so I can turn the climate control on from there but the buttons within the climate control section of the touch screen do not work at all. So I cannot change what vents the air is coming out of and my heated seats will not turn on. The other odd thing is when I touch the screen the animation showing the button depressing happens, so I feel like the input is being recieved but no output is happening. Everything else on my screen works completely fine, steering wheel controls, I can blue tooth my phone, listen to music, make/accept calls. I have FORscan and went ahead and performed a self test on the following modules: APIM - PASS FCIM - PASS IPC - PASS HVAC - PASS I also performed module resets on: APIM - Success with no errors FCIM - Success with no errors IPC - Success with no errors HVAC - Success with no errors Body Control Module - Success with no errors I purchased a dealer service manual but wanted to post this problem here, I did try to search this issue but came up dry. Please let me know your thoughts or other trouble shooting steps that I may have missed. Thanks, Joe
  2. Hi, We recently had both front LCAs replaced due to worn bushings (evident through premature outer edge tire wear). About a week and a half later, we started noticing spots in the driveway and garage. Today, I checked the Oil, and it was a little low, but still within spec, and the transmission fluid... The trans fluid was not even showing up on the dipstick (yes, it was warm and running). I added a quart with it still running, and it is still not showing up on the dipstick. I'm going to go get more now and keep trying until it is leveled up. I took some pictures. I'm not a FWD person, so i don't know much about it, but it looks like the transmission is leaking near the CV boot? I'm not *sure* what the terminology for all these parts is, having only owned and worked on RWD vehicles for the past 20 years before this. Here are some pictures of the fluid soaked areas. Any ideas of common problems like this? Could this be due to an error made during the replacement of the LCA? Maybe just an otherwise worn part that was pushed past its limits during the LCA replacement? Any ideas on what to do before I take it to the shop would be much appreciated. I'm have no problem tearing it down with instructions. Finding the time is the hardest part... Thanks in advance for any ideas or guidance on how to proceed. --mobrien118
  3. USautobailout

    Another battery/electrical issue!

    Hi, I've read through several battery/electrical discussions, but haven't been able to come up w/an answer so far. Figured I'd try here: 2011 Edge SEL, 60K, drive 2 hours daily, car runs great, but over past 2-3 months have developed issues w/battery dying repeatedly, usually after parking overnight. In addition, random interior lights, instrument panel, and Sync screen tend to light up at odd times when the car is off and should be asleep. Bosch battery is about 8 months old and has been tested a few times and comes back as fine. Took the car to the dealer and they could not find a definitive answer. Their best guess was a bad shifter and related module. I had them replace, but the battery has gone dead 3-4 times in the 2 weeks since. I also have the Door Ajar issue, but that has been there for 18 months or so and the battery issues are more recent. Finally, up until recently, this was happening primarily on Sat/Sun mornings. I doubt that has anything to do with it, but perhaps there is a software issue since the car has generally been running fine M-F (and again, I drive about 2 hours daily on the highway).
  4. TreyKegley

    3.5L died at 101K miles...WTH?

    I bought a Front Wheel Drive 2011 Egde SEL with the 3.5L in April 2011 because my wife loved thier look. we have had a few of the common issues that are talked about in this forum (Headlight Switch, Door Ajar, Rear Camera) and got them fixed. We also kept the routine maintenance on the car as suggested by the Owner's Manual. About 1.5 weeks ago my wife and I hear a ticking sound in the top end of the engine. I suspect it is that all too common sound everyone else was experiencing with the 3.5L/3.7L made before 5/1/2011 (our man. 2/2011). Two days ago the sound got louder and I decided to take it to the dealership, I get 2 miles from the dealership and the engine starts making a slapping sound then scoring in the lower end. The engine light pops immediately and within a minute the engine shuts off. I have it towed to them and today they tell me they suspect the bottom end of the engine let go (no kidding!) and that I need a new motor with only 101,832 miles on the car!!!! Has anyone else had this happen? What are my option besides replacing the motor for $6700 which I cant afford do? I've a life long Ford guy and so is my family as we have purchased many new and used Fords over the years and placed many more miles than this before encountering a mechanical problem. Any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
  5. I have a 2011 Ford Edge. The headlights are too low. After finding the adjuster screw for the headlights I can't get them to adjust high enough. I adjusted as far as I could in both directions and saw the beam go down and up. Any thoughts?
  6. I just took my 2011 Ford Edge in for State Inspection and it failed! The vehicle has less than 22,000 miles on it. The service technician said he could not pull codes from the vehicle and, therefore, could not pass it. The Emissions Test Results shows "Not Ready" on the Fuel System, Catalyst, Evap, O2, O2 HTR and EGR System sensors. He asked me if I had a battery failure or any other issues. I have not. He told me to drive the vehicle about 50 miles 3 separate times and come back to see if the system resest itself. Anyone else encounter this problem? Could this be a bad PCM? I have not had any issues with the vehicle and absolutely love it - until now.
  7. PrinzII

    Steering System Whistle

    Lately, I have been getting a teapot whistle-like sound out of the steering system. If I am executing a tight turn, I will hear this every time. Anyone run into this?
  8. PrinzII

    Steering System Whistle

    Lately, I have been getting a teapot whistle-like sound out of the steering system. If I am executing a tight turn, I will hear this every time. Anyone run into this?