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Found 3 results

  1. Blake Willis Ehret

    New To The Forum! Ecoboost turbo lag?

    Hey Guys, I know many forums require an OP in one of these welcome forums before you can post in certain topic forums so here it goes. just purchased my first FORD and so far I am amazingly pleased. 2012 Ford Edge SEL FWD 2.0L Ecoboost 116xxx miles Purchased for 10.5 which I thought was a steal. did my research and already knew about the common DOOR AJAR issue which I had replaced at the Dealer for about $300. but I got the dealership to knock off $500 for it so I felt very confident about this. i have put 2k miles on it since I purchased in early January 2017 and have had no problems since. I did however have a minor concern that I have noticed. and this might require moving this thread to another region on the website but i have been getting a little engine stutter since i had the spark plugs replaced at the dealership. i am not sure whether to attribute this to turbo lag or if the spark plugs may not have been seated properly by the dealership. this only happens around 1k rpm in first gear. any thoughts or info would be appreciated and I am sorry if this thread is in the wrong area. Best regards, B
  2. I just purchased a new Edge specifically for towing behing a motor home. With less than 600miles on the car, I left for a trip. I followed book instructions exactly and have towed other vehicles for over 200,000 miles without an incident. I have towed a vehicle for days behind the motor home and never experienced a dead battery. When I arrived at my destination, the battery was totally dead and I had to call AAA to start. When I returned home a week later, I once again was greeted with a totally dead battery. I have experienced the tailgate opening 3 times while unattended, the parking lights coming on a half dozen times for no apparant reason, the radio being dead one day and ok the next, the car recognizing my key and unlocking the door for me only to sound the alarm when I opened the door, and the automatic day/night mirror deciding it was night time in the middle of the day. The Dealer believes that the "odd stuff" that has been going on all relates to when the battery went completely dead. That effects the computer and strange things can happen. At this time, the car has been at the dealer the past 10 days with no cure yet in sight. We have determined (Dealer and myself) that the battery drain is coming from putting the car in the Accessory position in preparation for towing. Initial battery drain runs about 6 amps/hour and long term drain (after initial hour) is running about 3 amps/hour. This is enough to totally drain the battery in no time at all. For those RVers who consider towing an Edge, I would recommend that you have the Dealer test the car you are purchasing for excessive battery drain when in Accessory position. We checked one other new Edge with the same accessories on the car as mine and it too had the same excessive drain. I have contacted Ford and am awaiting for a solution. UPDATE: Just received information from Ford Dealer that the drain of 6 amp and 3amps on the battery in the accessory position is the standard draw for the Edge. That means that anyone wanting to tow the Edge behind an RV can expect the battery to go dead in about 8 hours. I am now being told that I should stop the vehicle every 2-3 hours, start the car, go through the gears, and run it for around 10 minutes. REDICULOUS. Do not purchase an Edge until Ford corrects the problem if you plan to tow it behind an RV. My research has indicated that the amperage draw should not exceed .5 Amps even on the new, computer driven autos.
  3. igcitng

    Odd behavior

    This will sound rediculous but I have to ask. I have a 2012 Limited. Two weeks ago I took it to the dealer for an oil change and a new tire. Since then, I had noticed it struggling to accelerate. If I was stopped it was hard to get going. If I had to slow down and then get back up to speed it would have trouble, seemed to not gain speed, chugging. The other thing it was doing was if I would let off the gas to coast it felt like a force was pulling on it and slowing it down super fast or like a wheel was dragging or something. Sorry if my descriptions are hard to follow. Anyway, I had it on the tollway yesterday and it was doing all of these things. At one point the Vehicle Health Report reminder came on. For the last week or so I have been telling it 'later'. Thinking maybe it would report something I pressed yes. Report came back fine. Immediately after it ran the report the car started running fine and seems fine today, feels very powerful and quick like before. Thought I had besides needing a reflash or some other major issue was a bad tank of gas. I always use mid grade. In the two weeks that it has been giving me trouble I got gas from different places so I mostly ruled that out. I managed to burn the tank yesterday so I filled up with premium today just for yucks. Thoughts?