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Found 15 results

  1. strike2tamu

    Front emblem removal with pics

    Here is how I removed the front emblem on my wifes 2011 Ford Edge SEL. First remove the (2) 10mm screws and 4 clips located on the top of the shroud. Marked with red circles are the things that need to be removed. Then gently pull back the shroud in the direction of the yellow arrows, do not go to far, just enough to get you hand in the hole in the center. You are reaching in and unclipping the three points on the trim piece that actually holds the emblem in place. They are circled in red in the picture below. (You can probay just use a 10mm socket and take the two nuts of the emblem, I didnt try this because it was much easier to just push the tabs down and unclip it) After you have removed the emblem and trim (if thats the way you did it) you simply unbolt the emblem from the trim using a 10mm socket. The rest I am sure you can figure out, to replace just reverse the order of course. Pics below.
  2. Hey there! My 2011 Edge Limited came with factory installed HID lighting with D3S bulbs. As many have noticed, the light output and color temperature is really lacking. I believe its 4300K. What do you recommend? Get an aftermarket HID kit or just purchase a replacement D3S bulb at 5000K or 6000K?
  3. Blake Willis Ehret

    2012 SYNC issues

    Hey guys. 2012 Ford Edge gunning the basic sync system and recently it has stopped allowing me to access any of the sync features at all. My steering wheel sync button has stopped working and when I attempt to manipulate the dash buttons to get to the sync features it just jumps to regular radio stations. I have tried to perform a master reset but I cannot find it on the basic sync. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Has anyone changed out the lower chrome grille? I recently purchased a 2012 and the bottom grille had some chrome flaking and a license plate bracket (which isn't needed in TN). Am I able replace without removing the front bumper. I just replaced the Ford emblem and noticed the tabs from the rest of the grille, just not sure about the bottom. Thanks for your input.
  5. I bought my very first brand new car ever in 1999. It was a Ford Focus ZTS, and I just sold it this April and bought a used 2012 Ford Edge. I swore to myself that I would not buy Ford again, but this car suits my lifestyle and I just LOVE driving it. I camp inside of it and it makes me feel safe being so high up in it. My Focus was so low, that if I ever crashed, I would be smashed up. I am very much looking forward to sharing hacks on this car, since the Ford dealerships charge $500 to do anything. Right now I am looking for hacks on the backup camera. I know it works because every once in a while when I put it in reverse, I can see the images behind me on the screen. But then it says it is broken and to contact the dealership. I took it in to have a looked at, and they charge me $200 just to tell me it would cost $500 to fix. There is no way it costs that much to switch a sensor or change something around. I am also looking for the Nav system to work. When I bought the car used it had a 2010 SD card in it, which didn't even register for my car. Not sure how that happened, but I'd like to make my driving safer by not looking at my phone for every direction. Also, how to change the part on the hood where water squirts out on drivers side? It is clogged and dont know how to fix it. Any thoughts?
  6. I have a pair of headlights from my 2011 ford edge limited which I no longer need because I replaced them with custom ones. These are extremely difficult to find in good condition. They are in great condition, normal wear and tear but there are no scratches to the lens or chrome. I did repair a tab on one of them... These do not come with the HIDs or ballasts, however the passenger side light still has a ballast attached but I am not sure if it works or not. Should fit 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 models. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.
  7. doug3940

    2012 SEL - Dead Battery!

    I've got a fully loaded 2012 SEL that's about 5 weeks old and I woke up to a dead battery this morning. I've noticed a few quirky things with the car, like you get in and start it and the radio is on FM, not on Sirius where you left it, or that the right side of the dashboard screen won't update anymore, it just stays locked on a particular radio channel. But I have to say that these problems have always cleared up the next time I start the car. But this morning takes the cake, the car was completely dead. Being slightly technical, I checked the battery voltage and saw it was at an amazing 4.8 volts - which I didn't think was possible, figuring most systems in the car shut off at a higher voltage, say 10 volts or so. So, I put the battery charger on the car for four hours and the car did start on the first turn of the key. I haven't driven it anywhere yet, but I did let it run for awhile and did successfully stop and start it several times. So, here is the kicker. Satisfied that the car is now fine, I shut it off, get out and lock/arm the vehicle. As I am walking away from the car, I hear the FM radio come on! The screen of the car has the white background and the dashboard screens are lit up white, and the FM stereo is on! So, I get back in and press the radio on/off button with no result. I put the key back in the ignition, turn it to 'on' and press the power button and it goes off. I get out of the car, lock the doors and it does it a second time! This time I wait about 20 seconds and the radio shuts itself off - with no intervention from me. So, this has me wondering, what's the car doing when I'm not around? And is this why the car killed the battery? I realize that there is no way to get help from the forum for this, but does anyone else have a similar story? If so, please share it here! PS I know I have the latest flash because the stereo buttons on the screen have the little yellow led-like indicators next to AM, FM, Sirius, etc., and this is the way I got if from the dealer. PPS coming from a 2009 Edge Limited where everything just worked fine, have they really improved Sync in 2012??
  8. A video on how to remove and install a caliper pin kit and the low frequency dampers on the rear calipers of the 2011 through 2014 Ford edge. This I believe is also on the 2015 and soon to be 2016 Ford Edge. Some good info for the DIY'er to prevent damage to the pins and low frequency dampers. This video was created from my mistakes that cost me some time and money until I learned how to perform this job properly.
  9. Andrew Davis

    Transmission SUCKS

    Has anybody tried using anything like the SCT Tuner, etc. to change the transmission shift points to make it drive a little better? I like my Edge, like not love, but the transmission is terrible. Slow slushy shifts, clunks now and then, driving slow in traffic is a nightmare the way it bucks from 1st to second sometimes. I know I'm not the only one who has had these issues. Mine has been present since the day I bought it. Very tempted to get rid of this vehicle and get something more fun to drive if I can't fix this transmission.
  10. Hi all, Just crawled under the Edge for a spring oil change. First thing I noticed was the entire crossmember covered in something. Followed the trail of oil to the end of the PTU where the drive shaft comes from. You can see a few of the drips in the pic: This is from a 2012 with 9,885 miles on it. Seems kind of early to have an issue like this. I hope Ford has some sort of updated part. I've looked through the forum and it seems like the original Edges had this issue. Anyone had it on a 2012? You'd think they would have fixed it by then....I guess not.
  11. I know there already have been topics on here referencing Sport grill replacement and paint. What I want to finally ocnfirm is: 1. What is the actual paint color (code or name) for the 2012 Sport black grill from factory? Is it "tuxedo black"? 2. Has anyone found a site where you can buy just the indivudal grilll replacement pieces (strips) without having to buy all of them? For example, i have a scratch on the top one and don't feel like paying for all when I only need to replace that one. 3. Has anyone been able to find a site where you can get one already pre-painted factory color instead of getting primed pieces to take to shop or having to DIY? Thanks!
  12. So I found a 2012 Ecoboosted Edge with ~10,000 miles for $25,000 The options are: 205a Package: MyTouch Leather Rear view camera lighting... Power Lift Gate EcoBoost They are asking $25,000 for it and I think this is a pretty darn good price for 10k miles and ~2 years old. What say your fellow Edge owners? Is this a great deal? Should I look elsewhere? I would like the EcoBoost for the extra ~3 mpgs as this will be our "long trip" vehicle.
  13. Hi all, I clipped the passenger side mirror on my 2012 Ford Edge Limited and cracked the black plastic bezel off on the corners. I'm looking for a replacement for the black plastic only, pictured below. What I've found is the bezel around the mirror itself is considered part of the mirror assembly, and as a result getting a replacement from most places requires purchasing the entire mirror. At this point, the damage is purely cosmetic, but I would love any suggestions of where else to look. Here's a diagram of the mirror from tasca parts http://www.tascaparts.com/parts/2012/FORD/EDGE/LIMITED/?siteid=213668&vehicleid=1501925&diagram=MS11536&diagramCallOut=5 Please help? Thanks, Neil
  14. So right after I bought my 2012 Edge Limited last year, I replaced the wheels with some aftermarket Lorenzo's from TireRack. Add the tires, TPMS, shipping, it all came out to just over $2000. On top of that, I had to pay the dealer a couple hundred bucks to 'reset' the vehicles computers to handle a bigger wheel size. For reference, these are the wheels I purchased (Machined with black inlays): TireRack Link I was originally going to keep the stock wheels to use in the winter, but after I realized that having a bigger wheel than stock would require dealer services every time I swapped them out, I just opted to sell off the originals and make sure I kept my car nice and clean through the Michigan winter. Big Mistake!!! Not even a year later, and after one winter, the back two wheels are basically ruined. They pitted and corroded. I thought I could 'polish' it out, but as soon as I tried, the clear coat peeled off to reveal the shiny metal underneath. What a waste! So now I am looking at my options. I am sending a message to both Lorenzo and TireRack, but I'm not holding my breathe, Lorenzo specifically says they don't warrant against "Adverse Weather". I could tear them off and powder coat them, I guess? Don't really know how they would take to that? I'm considering replacing them with something else (another $2000 bucks (gulp!). But what would I replace them with? Obviously the machined finish didn't fair so well, would painted wheels do better? I was considering these: TireRack Link #2 I suppose I could keep the crappy Lorenzo's (I'm sorry, but the clear coat job was obviously a joke, I won't ever buy from them again), and use them as the new "Winter Wheel". If new ones are the same size, I won't require dealer service to swap them out. Last note: I take extremely good care of my vehicle. I wash it nearly every week, especially in the winter. Also, my town and immediate area doesn't use salt anymore on the roads (though they still use if for sidewalks). I'm not sure what else I could have done really to prevent this, I think I just got a crappy product. What do you guys think? Thanks for your help...
  15. Ebay auctions have ended for the LED puddle lights and DRL lights. If you need info or wish to place an order just contact me. Thanks