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Found 10 results

  1. I was considering upgrading my stock halogen headlights to a HID system. I was looking at this system from https://www.xenonhids.com/dual-beam-hi-lo-9012-full-xenon-hid-conversion-kit.html?i=y3ezje If you could please advise if this is a good system to use to upgrade with. Also, I recently bought two new key fobs. I only have one key fob that was paired to the car. I put the vehicle in pairing mode and got the keys to lock/unlock the vehicle, remote start and panic all work great. However, the keys will not start the vehicle. When I try to use the key,the acc mode comes on just fine and then when turned over to start it says starting system failure. Did I do something wrong during pairing? I do not have the push to start nor do I have a power lift. The key and fob are all one unit. Thank you for the help.
  2. I have a 2013 Ford Edge. Starting just yesterday, the backup camera has flipped and is displaying upside down. My guidelines are also not showing. The camera is also displaying vertical lines on image. I've checked settings and there is no option for orientation and my guidelines are 'on'. I've read this might possibly be a software issue? I'm hoping the camera isn't going out. any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  3. 2013EdgeLTD

    WTB: 20" Chrome Clad Wheel(s)

    Wanted: 20" chrome clad wheels in good condition. Prefer two wheels to replace the two that are badly curbed (see attached photo) on my 2013. Will consider any number of these wheels, just one or the entire set.
  4. There is an unused electrical connector on my 2013 Ford Edge SE and I'm hoping it is some kind of connector for trailer plug. It is in the cargo area on the passenger side behind all the plastic sort of behind the tail light.
  5. Hey folks, I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL. When I make calls I can hear/speak fine. When I receive calls and pick-up via the buttons on wheel or on the touch screen; I will hear the person for 1-2 second and then it goes quiet/dead. I have to then pick-up my phone, switch it to loud speaker and then back to sync/Bluetooth to continue the call and speak/hear. I have read numerous forums and people suggest turning off "handoff" under general settings, also deleting the pairing, hard rebooting the sync system by removing the negative battery terminal or even a master reset. Nothing has proved to work. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hey All! I posted here since I knew this would show as my first post. I'm new to this forum but not new to the internet and other forums. However, I think I have exhausted my efforts in researching my issue and am reaching out to the folks here. That said, here's my story as succinct as I can make it: I purchased a factory certified pre-owned 2013 Ford Edge SEL AWD (with leather and NAV) on June 18th from a local Ford dealership (Hampton Roads, Virginia area). It had 23,093 miles the day I drove it off the lot. Good condition (seemingly), low mileage, good price. The Car Fax shows that the dealership bought it from a NC auction from a lease return with no issues. They intended to resell it as a used vehicle. Let me reiterate...it was a factory certified pre-owned vehicle. To date, I've had to return it to the dealership 6 [repeat] 6 times for the Check Engine Light illuminating -- every time associated with the EVAP system. I've also had them fix a few minor issues but the major issue has remained consistently the CEL and the EVAP system. As of today, I'm in my 6th rental/loaner as the dealer attempts to fix the issue. The dealer has been in possession of the vehicle longer than I have. With the latest incident, I dropped it off last Wednesday. I received one status update from the dealer on Friday. After incident #5, I contacted the Ford Customer "Relationship" Center and was belatedly put in touch with the Regional Customer Service Manager. After expressing my discontent at the situation, I was assured they would do everything in their power to remedy the situation. Last contact was July 12th. So my question is, what do I do next? I have done the research and the VA state lemon laws don't apply. I'm in a legally binding contract with the dealer for this vehicle which is on an extended 12 month/12K mile warranty (factory certified pre-owned) giving the dealer every legal right to continue attempting repairs on it. My next step(s) in my mind are a.) hiring an attorney (for which I'd rather not pay); b.) contacting some local dealership owners I'm familiar with (GM dealers who's children my wife once taught in high school) to get their advice; and c.) going to the local news station's consumer assistance lines. I'm reaching out here to see if there are any subject matter experts that could provide advice. Any and all such thoughts and advice would be GREATLY appreciated in this matter. While I'm enjoying driving the rental 2016 Ford Expedition Limited I was provided, I'd rather not be making monthly payments on a vehicle I'm not driving! Thanks in advance. v/r Bobby G.
  7. pnwedge

    2013 Ford Edge

    From the album: pnwedge

    One year after purchasing my 2013 Edge...this is what it looks like now! :-) So far I love it!
  8. adkinsplace

    Door ajar

    I think they need to recall the driver door mechanism. The door ajar keeps coming on and we have googled it and a lot of people are having the same problem. Ford wants to charge $500 to replace it. NO WAY!
  9. Looking for some guidance to see if I can fix the issue with my Edge personally or should I have a shop take care of it. Bottom line...my exterior door handle will not work while the interior door handle will open the door without an issue. When I shake the door I hear a metal pinging noise coming from the exterior door handle area. The door handle has been disconnected. Can anyone please instruct me on fixing this issue? Or should I take it to a shop? I appreciate all your responses and guidance in advance!
  10. Chris13

    20" Rims and Tires

    Set of 20" Chrome Clad Rims and Pirelli Scorpion 102H Tires off my 2013 Edge for sale Purchased a set of 5 spoke rims for winter and have decided to just keep those on all year Rims are in mint condition and only18,000 Km's on the tires Includes TPMS sensors $2,900 Edmonton Alberta