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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I recently picked up a 2014 Edge in January and have about 2,500 miles on the vehicle. Since I picked up this vehicle in the winter, I've had to use the defrost system to clear the front windshield and side windows. Unfortunately the system has not worked properly and I decided to see if time would fix it. It is not mid-March and since the weather is nearing 32F, I've noticed that the defrost system works great above freezing. I believe that the A/C unit is not turning on above freezing as the air temperature inside the vehicle becomes colder when the thermometer reads above 32-33 degrees Fahrenheit. But then once again the temperature drops below 32-33F outside, and the defrost stops working (no more "dry" air) and the windshield and side windows frost up very fast, literally within a matter of seconds. (I'd love to video record this but as you know, it's very dangerous while driving). So basically, do any of you have this problem or know if it is a known issue with Ford? I will be taking it to a dealership very soon as it is a very serious driving hazard. On many occasions I've had to pull over and towel off the inside glass surfaces simply to continue driving. I've tried every A/C, Temp, fan speed combination and they all seem to have minimal effects. I've manually turned the A/C button on (the Edge is the first vehicle I've owned when you hit the defrost button that the A/C "light" doesn't turn on) along with the defrost and that has no effect when the outside temperature is below 32F. This is a very frustrating issue as everything else on the Edge has been great. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi gents! I am writing from Sao Paulo/Brazil (anyone here? 😄); Ford Edge AWD 3.5L V6 happy user (so far), the 2014 model that supposedly was imported from Canada. I had a problem (wife 😂, what else?) with the driver turn signal (mirror stripe) in the past, original one, and today it is almost dead with only 3-4 working LEDs. Prices in Brazil are an absurd and I tried to look outside, even a dynamic LED system, but I have not found nothing; neither dynamic nor traditional. Only 2015 or newer models replacements. My questions are: should a 2015 (or newer) model work in the 2014 one? does it exists a compatible model from Focus, any Ford pickup, Fusion, Explorer... that I could use? Thanks everyone who make this forum great!
  3. nitrousboy

    2014 bug deflector

    I bought this for my edge but never installed it. Buyer pays shipping. $50 I will not be checking this form. Email me nitrousboyws6@hotmail.com
  4. I bought these for me edge that I no longer have The parts are new in the box. I will not be checking this form. So you can email me at nitrousboyws6@hotmail.com Buyer pays shipping $100
  5. LivingonEdge

    14 Edge SEL back gate wont open

    I started to install wiring for a hitch and I forgot to take off the (-) terminal when wiring it back up. Now when I try to open the back gate nothing happens and I cant open it. The tail lights and everything work which is what I wired in to but for some reason randomly the back gate does not work at all. I checked for a blown fuse and the back gate ones were not blown so I do not understand what could have happened, does anyone know? thanks in advance
  6. Hey there! My 2011 Edge Limited came with factory installed HID lighting with D3S bulbs. As many have noticed, the light output and color temperature is really lacking. I believe its 4300K. What do you recommend? Get an aftermarket HID kit or just purchase a replacement D3S bulb at 5000K or 6000K?
  7. HotLights

    Protect Dip Emblem Review

    Hey everyone, as a first post I'd like to share my experience (so far) with Protect Dip spray on rubber paint. This paint is pretty much the same as Plasti Dip and can be found at Canadian Tire or http://www.protectdip.com/. I picked up the best masking tape I could find, just in case it didn't work out. Here are the nice before pics: It was about +8C (46.4F) the day I did it. (Which I should of waited because the next was was +20C ) But the wife's hair dryer worked just fine. I started masking the area: First Coat: Second Coat: Third Coat: I did four coats all together but daylight was running out and I am a very impatient man. I used the hair dryer to warm and speed up the curing process. I used a toothpick to notch around the edges and simply peeled away the excess. Here is the finished product: Of course if I had taken my time and had a warm enclosed area I could of done a way better job. The whole time it took me to do both sides was about 45 to 60 minutes. I did mask a good area off but still managed to have a bit of over spray. Not to worry though because it comes off very easily with a microfiber rag. Here is the other side which I want to redo: So far the Protect Dip is holding up, only thing I've noticed is it attracts dust very easily. Much like any flat black material. I will update as time goes on! The snow is about to fly up here in Alberta and I will see how the product holds up. My next dipping task will be the chrome trim piece above the headlights and grille. Stay tuned!
  8. I have a pair of headlights from my 2011 ford edge limited which I no longer need because I replaced them with custom ones. These are extremely difficult to find in good condition. They are in great condition, normal wear and tear but there are no scratches to the lens or chrome. I did repair a tab on one of them... These do not come with the HIDs or ballasts, however the passenger side light still has a ballast attached but I am not sure if it works or not. Should fit 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 models. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.
  9. A video on how to remove and install a caliper pin kit and the low frequency dampers on the rear calipers of the 2011 through 2014 Ford edge. This I believe is also on the 2015 and soon to be 2016 Ford Edge. Some good info for the DIY'er to prevent damage to the pins and low frequency dampers. This video was created from my mistakes that cost me some time and money until I learned how to perform this job properly.
  10. Anyone know if this will work? I originally ordered +40mm TSW Donington's, but now I am rethinking it quickly before it's too late to find something like it in a +30. I believe factory 20's are +35? Thanks in advance
  11. I'm not sure if I need to buy an aux cord or if my phones syncs wireless.i got a iPhone 5 and my vehicle has mft.
  12. Hi All, Bought a new 2014 Edge SEL last week and decided to upgrade the Sync MyFord (not touch) to a Pioneer AppRadio 3 7" touch screen. Also upgraded the speakers to Polk Audio DB-571. This interfaces to my iPhone 5s. The App Radio 3 interfaces to iPhone or Android (check Pioneer site for Android models supported) I wanted an install that did not require cutting any factory cabling and would allow reverting back to stock easily. Here is a link to some pictures I took. Sorry quality isn't that good, used my cell phone. http://s446.photobucket.com/user/RocketNJ/library/Edge%20AppRadio%203%20install Here is a list of parts I used. Pioneer App Radio 3 Polk Audio DB-571 speakers (two pair) (came with adapter cables for the Ford harnesses) Metra 99-5829CH Dash kit Axxess AX-FD02 wiring harness Axxess AX-ADBOX2 OEM integration box Axxess ASWC-1 Steering wheel integration module Metra 40-EU10 antenna adapter www.metraonline.com http://axxessinterfaces.com I had the AppRadio 3 from a previous vehicle install Polk Audio speakers were ordered from Crutchfield. Free shipping and they provided the adapter cables to plug into the Ford harnesses. One note here - when plugging in one of the adapters one pin pushed out of the connector. It wasn't seated all the way. I pushed it back in then reconnected to the Ford harness. Double check before installing the speaker! Might save you some time troubleshooting. Notes on doors: (see pictures in link above) Front doors. Two Phillips screws along bottom panel. Bolts under power window switch plate and trim piece above door handle One Phillips screw along front edge of door panel just forward of the vent opening. Then there are some clips that pop out. Start at bottom front of door panel. Back doors Two Phillips screws along bottom edge of door panel Bolt under plastic cap along back edge of door panel Bolt under plastic rectangle under hand grip Dash disassembly notes (Instructions with above kits are good but this will help!) Trim pieces along sides of console pop off (4 clips). Start at rear of trim piece (closest to center console storage) and work your way forward. Console top piece around shifter - Four Torx screws and three clips hold it in.Remove the four Torx screws and then pop up the rear to releae rear clip. slide if backwards until the front clips release. Be careful as there is a wire with an LED that attaches under the shift indicator on bottom of drivers side. Make sure it is in place before reassembly. The rest of the instructions cover disassembly and reassembly. Before installing new dash kit in place, test that everything powers up and follow instructions for the ASWC-1 to set steering wheel controls. This requires accessing the reset button and watching LED on the ASWC-1. When completed with assembly, again remove battery for 1 minute and reconnect to reset everything. Then follow instructions to program the HVAC controls. The voice steering wheel control allows Sync to make and receive phone calls. The volume up & down work with both Sync and aftermarket stereo, depending on which is in use at the time. Default Sync volume after resetting everything is too loud. Use volume down on steering wheel to reduce it. Feel free to contact me for additional info! RocketNJ AT gmail DOT com
  13. NoSwaggInMyBag

    2014 Limited Aftermarket Speakers/Sub

    Just bought a 2014 Limited AWD, and i'm planning to install my Focal Utopia BE speakers/tweeters, and with my two 12'' Rockford T1's that I pulled out of my Maxima just before selling. In my maxima I had an aftermarket head unit, but with the Edge I really like the ford my touch/sync feature. My question is has anyone done a aftermarket system on a edge with the stock My touch head unit? I really don't want to change the head unit, so if it looks like Ill have to I will most likely sell my system. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I close to pulling the trigger on a new 2013/14 Ford Edge Limited AWD. Looking at 302a option package, Ingot Silver OR White Platinum Tri-Coat White. Charcoal Black OR Medium Light Stone. I have a few questions. (1) The White Platinum Tri-Coat White looks to me like the plastic has a slightly different shade compared to the rest of the CUV. I'm referring to the bumpers and gas access panel in particular. Does this get worse with UV exposure? (2) Owners thought of Charcoal Black in the hot weather. (I'm in MO for a while. I will get back to NW PA but that is a year or more away). Does the Medium Light Stone discolor/yellow due to the sun or heated seats.Overall opinions of both of my interior choices. (3) I want 302a for collision warning with brake and a few other options. Can someone who has this option please provide some feedback? (4) Any advice would be appreciated. I know about the 750 and think it is best that we keep that off-line so Ford doesn't pull it. Thanks in advanced.