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Found 34 results

  1. Hey Guys, Just figured I would start a new post to show my completed install on my 2015 Edge Sport. I was not able to find ANYTHING on the 2015 so hopefully this will help some. First things first: No 6x8's in this beast, doors are not even cut for them. Factory 6.5 with extended mounting surround, didn't even measure the hole. No undo, lift and pull on the door panels, undo and pop off. Old factory harness's don't work all harnesses I saw were 4 conductor Here is what's going in. Keep in mind this is for Sony Premium sound and touchscreen Nav So here it is. Wiring Diagrams - Tap in after factory amp. I left factory Rear Quarter Panel and Sub hooked up hoping to put some load on the amp. Speaker wiring out.
  2. The light comes on as if it's working, but the sound of the air doesn't change. Whe. I press the button to avoid a stinky truck or something, I can tell it's definitely still pulling air in from the outside. I checked the 7.5 climate control fuse and it seems fine. New cabin air filter, still nothing... any ideas?
  3. I have a 2015 Edge SE, wile it doesn't say i have intelligent access on the sticker, I do have the FOBs the rear gate is intelligent access and the front doors have the wiring and the lock/lines for it. I know this because a. you can see the last two but i had the dealer in California take the door out td they said if your car is equipped it will have wiring, well it does have it, thatch said I am not sure but they may be able to activate it. So my question is does anyone know if its true that it can just be "activated" for the front doors? also does the gas door lock? it doesn't seem like it.
  4. I have a 2015 EDGE , Titanium pkg, with passive, automatic door locks. During the recent winter storm a falling tree branch of exactly the right diameter wedged itself into the space between the handle and car door. The handle is "sprung" out but still operational via the electronic touch system to lock and unlock the door. However the handle will not open the door mechanically. I need to somehow re-position the handle without damaging the existing ( and functional) electronics. Any diagrams of door handle or other thoughts appreciated. And yes based upon the odds of this happening I did buy a lottery ticket.
  5. 2015-2016 Edge/MKX And 2013-2016 Explorer/Taurus – Automatic Transmission Fluid Leaking From The PTU Temperature Sensor Some 2015-2016 Edge/MKX and 2013-2016 Explorer/Taurus vehicles may exhibit a condition where automatic transmission fluid (ATF) may appear to be leaking from the power transfer unit (PTU) temperature sensor. ATF in the area of the PTU temperature sensor may be the result of a leaking right hand (RH) intermediate shaft seal deflector. Replacement of the PTU temperature sensor will not resolve this condition. To correct the condition replace the RH intermediate shaft seal. Refer to Workshop Manual, Section 308-07.
  6. Hi People I bought a salvaged 2015 ford edge(13,288 miles, 2.0L ) with front damage. To fix it, had to buy another short block and change the cylinder head cos they were both damaged from overheating after the accident. After the replacements were installed, i noticed that the car picks up slowly an in addition once the car approaches 62 mph(100 kmh) it wont accelerate any further. After letting go a little and pressing harder, it gets to 74 mph(120kmh) and appears to be stuck at that speed. Has anyone experienced this or would anyone be able to provide potential solutions? My avg fuel assumption is 10.2mpg for driving within the city. thanks
  7. July 1, 2015 MANUFACTURER COMMUNICATION NUMBER: ASI-45256 Summary FORD: SOME VEHICLES ARE EXPERIENCING A FAILURE OF REMOTE KEY FOBS OR IF REMOTE KEY IS IN BACK UP SLOT WILL START. MODEL 2015 EDGE. *PE MAKE MODEL YEAR FORD EDGE 2015 - issue is blamed on water intrusion into the slot area. appropriate field service action to be applied. SB-10058630-5226 2015 Edge Key Fobs Inoperative AndOr Vehicle Will Only Start With KeyFob in BackUp Slot - Built OnBefore 20150428.pdf
  8. I've noticed this both on our new 2016 and a 2015 that we had as a rental. The rear doors collect a lot of dirt and salt on the inside of the jambs. Long term, I'm concerned about rust there. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks for any suggestions or ideas!
  9. kaushen79

    20" Ruffino Chronos Glazed Black

    From the album: Rides

  10. kaushen79

    20" Ruffino Chronos Glazed Black

    From the album: Rides

  11. kawi137

    front bumper repair

    Hi Guys, I recently was in a minor fender bender and cracked my lower bumper, does any one know of anyway I can repair this if at all possible without dropping $500 on a new one? The crack is on the lower right corner thanks!
  12. This weekend while traveling my daughter was trying to use the rear power point with her laptop (Macbook Pro). At first it showed the charger as working. After a little while the charger wasn't drawing any power. I tried hitting the button up front to enable/disable the port. On the way home she plugged it in and it was working fine. Didn't have to hit the button up front either. Once we stopped for gas, it stopped working. I tried hitting the button, turning the ignition off, unplugging everything, starting the ignition, enabling the port, and plugging in the charger....still nothing. The manual states it can handle something like 115w and the Macbook charger only pulls 65w.
  13. Hello all. I have a rattle at the top of the drivers side b-pillar. Over very smooth roads its quiet, but most road vibrations cause the noise...just above my ear...so its annoying. Its a 2015 Edge Sport. Any advice how to remove that plastic panel that includes the shoulder harness adjuster? It may be related to the airbag up in that area. I should probably let the dealer fix it, but I have a very busy schedule, and was hoping I could access the area some evening. I also fear the dealer will make it worse, to be honest. The Edge also has the panoramic sun roof, so maybe that's the cause.
  14. Has anyone here installed the HID kit from Drivebright for the 2015 Ford Edge? I was just wondering if it's an easy-peasy kind of work for a not mechanically-inclined person. Thanks!
  15. Hey Everyone - I'm new to the forum. Just picked up my Edge on the weekend. Loving it! Driven it around a couple days and I have had people stop to ask me about it - Love that feeling. I got it in Tuxedo Black Metallic with the upgraded 20" Aluminum Wheels, 301A package, 3.5L V6, and the Canadian Touring Package. I'm in Toronto, Ontario - have only seen a handful of 2015's on the road - and only one other Titanium. Cheers, Conrad
  16. Corey McComsey

    2015 09 17 19.07.07

    From the album: 2015 Ford Edge Sport

  17. Corey McComsey

    2015 09 17 18.36.45

    From the album: 2015 Ford Edge Sport

  18. Corey McComsey

    2015 09 17 18.36.16

    From the album: 2015 Ford Edge Sport

  19. Someone claims that he got update Sync 3 on his 2015 Edge. As per poster, you need to download update after login on syncmyride.com It does not show anything for me, can someone try it?
  20. This is more of a rant/detail of my experiences. Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues. At this point, I'm coming off 5 subsequent Honda/Acura cars, most recently a 2013 Acura RDX Tech. With my lease about to end this July 1st, and being ready for something different, I decided to take a leap over to Ford and ordered a 2015 Edge Sport back in April. I made it clear that I needed the car by 7/1 as my lease was ending and I was told not to worry, the Edge would arrive in "plenty of time". The dealership was awesome to work with, until about 5 seconds after I gave them a deposit. Ordering on April 21, they told me to expect 6-8 weeks for delivery. On May 6th, the dealership told me that the car was scheduled to be built that week. No new info or updates for weeks, other than a VIN, which didn't show up in ETIS. On June 9th, I was told again that the car was being built that day and I should expect it by June 21st. The week leading up to the 21st, I was told it would not be June 27th, lining up perfectly with my scheduled appointment to turn in my Acura literally across the street from the Ford dealership. Perfect! Today I check in with the Ford dealership by text message to confirm I can come across the street and pick up my car after I drop off the Acura on Saturday. Oops...now it's scheduled for the week of July 15th! I call the dealership and got a whole run around on how they got bad info and there is nothing they can do and that "Ford is aware that this is a sold unit" - which makes me think it's maybe been sold to someone else. Now I'm mad. Way too much work and frustration for what should have been a simple, easy sale. End up talking to the manager and basically he tells me in the last 18 months, Ford has been getting EXTREMELY bad with communications about builds and deliveries. Apparently its not just new models like the Edge. They have a Flex that they ordered in October that still hasn't showed up. They have a Lincoln customer who has been waiting a similar amount of time for his new car. To "make it up to me" they are letting me use a Ford Focus as a loaner, starting Saturday and until my Edge comes in, which may be mid July. Maybe. Wondering if this is a typical Ford purchase experience, because, as a new customer, I'm really not impressed...
  21. cab2g


    From the album: 2015 Edge