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Found 29 results

  1. Edge16

    2016 Subframe Rust

    Hi all, new here. I have a 2016 Edge Titanium that I bought used. Love the car and I have basically every option except the rear seat TVs so I plan to keep it a long time. This car spent the first 3 years of its life in Upstate NY and unfortunately the rust is already catching it. Mostly the rear subframe, axles, and some of the underbody beneath the trunk. Anyone else have rust this bad? Any ideas to help slow it down? Right now I’m planning to scrape the subframe and hit it with a coat of rust converter and rustoleum spray paint and then hit the entire area with fluid film. Nothing I can do about the axles and the body under the trunk isn’t bad enough for me to scrape and paint yet but I will hit it with fluid film too. Any other thoughts or recommendations?
  2. Over the weekend I decided to take a chance and add the oem ford hitch to my 2016 Edge sport. This meant cutting a hole in the bumper, swapping the foot sensors with the split sensors and adding the 4 pin trailer lighting. I had the draw Tite hitch and decided I didnt want to remove the heat shield bumper support or have it hang down. The only down side was fabricating the lower foot sensor mount, it wasnt a direct replacement. If you decide to do this Im not responsible for anything you do to your car.
  3. hi there just wanted to introduce my new to me 2016 ford edge sport with 25k miles. I just had it lowered with H&R springs and I am very pleased. Next upgrade will be the stereo not sure when.
  4. Here is some photos of my 2016 edge sport lowered with H&R springs.
  5. Thanks for the help from this forum, I quickly did a little play-by-play on wiring up my dash cam and thought I would share it here. A special thanks on getting the right fuse tap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBY78H2tXiw&feature=youtu.be (First post so sorry if I am breaking any rules)
  6. Hi guys, I really want the sound so proper to turbo cars. I've seen a couple of post or video on F150 and Explorer Sport (3.5EB) that guys were just disconnecting and pluging 2 hoses, completely removing 2 others, and everything was done with the original BPV. Can this be done on my 2016 Edge Sport to have that same kind of result? If yes, I want to know where are the hose to plug and if (any) are to be removed like on the Explorer Sport (3.5EB). Also, would there be any significant advantage to completely replace a "stock" Vented-To-Air BPV system with a gfood dual port BOV, like GBC or Turbosmart? Thank you so much guys!
  7. I already took my Edge to the dealer once. The weather stripping within days of picking up started coming off of the door frame on the upper front edge of the driver's side rear door. They replaced the part after ordering a new one. 6 months later it started coming off on the passenger side rear door, now it is off again on the driver's side rear door. Has anybody else experienced this? Has anybody else fixed this any other way besides replacing with a new piece of weather stripping. I can keep going back to the dealer time and time again and getting new parts, but once the warranty runs out, this will become a real issue.
  8. I've noticed this both on our new 2016 and a 2015 that we had as a rental. The rear doors collect a lot of dirt and salt on the inside of the jambs. Long term, I'm concerned about rust there. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks for any suggestions or ideas!
  9. greekgirl64

    2016 Ford Edge Sport

    From the album: 2016 Ford Edge Sport

    © greekgirl64

  10. Just getting my feet wet here after all of one day with my new 2016 Edge Sport (in luscious Ruby Red). Picked it up after an evening of bargaining on Nov. 30 -- ah, the end-of-month wheeling and dealing. This one had been on the showroom floor since June (protected from the elements and bad test-drivers) and had 9 miles on it when I did the test drive. Fun, fun, fun to drive and really sharp (edgy?) style and design, both inside and out. It's got the 401A package, the cold weather package and the panoramic sunroof.... Now if we can just pry an Apple CarPlay update from Ford -- I know, I know, by the end of the year -- I'll be a completely happy camper. I've been perusing the forum already and learning tons. Two pics: on the lot waiting to go home and, later in the day, in the driveway!
  11. RedEdge16

    Real Ruby

    From the album: My '16 Edge Sport

  12. RedEdge16

    Diggin' the LED taillights

    From the album: My '16 Edge Sport

  13. RedEdge16


    From the album: My '16 Edge Sport

  14. RedEdge16

    New flash, old and busted

    From the album: My '16 Edge Sport

  15. RedEdge16

    At the dealership

    From the album: My '16 Edge Sport

  16. RedEdge16

    Safely home

    From the album: My '16 Edge Sport

  17. Anyone have luck installing bumper guards on their late model Edge? There appear to be some Chrome bumper guards available for front & rear. However, I'm looking for Powdercoated Black. The Blue (perhaps other colors) Edge Sport has virtually no chrome. I've been going crazy looking. Any ideas? Is it possible to chrome painted or dipped or wrapped? Also, has anyone taken it back to the '90s and installed a bra on their ride? http://m.ebay.com/itm/Colgan-Front-End-Mask-Bra-2-Piecec-Fits-2015-2016-Ford-Edge-Sport-W-Lic-Plate-/172059118379
  18. WestWashEdge

    Another proud owner of a 2016 Edge

    Hello All, Another new 2016 owner reporting in. We just purchased a 2016 Silver Ingot Titanium Edge 2.0l (302A & Driver Assist too), which will be the wife’s daily driver. So far loving the vehicle, although we felt like we had to compromise on the ebony interior. Both my wife and I were adamant that we would never buy a car with an all-black interior. Every rental car I’ve driven recently had all black interiors and I always got frustrated with trying to find dropped items, etc. It felt like driving a cave around. I’m thinking about getting gray fitted floor mats to help with this specific concern since some kind of weather-proof mats are a must out here during a wet Western Washington winter anyhow. The huge sunroof helps too. Maybe our eyes are just getting old. We almost fell in love with the Murano tan interior, but the Edge won out in the end. After spending some time looking over these forums, I’m anxious about the possibilities of finding water in the foot wells or having the adaptive steering fail. Hopefully these are rare issues with Edges built on or after 3/29/2016 (our build date). By the way— it was nice finding such an informative and helpful group of people contributing to this forum. I’m already thinking of trying to find a way to make better use of the daytime running light setup. I wonder if the reflector portion of the headlight assembly can be repurposed to be a second set of high beams that are activated with the OEM high beam setup (or even separately with a dedicated added control) However, I would not want to burn out any control module outputs or relays with whatever modifications/additions that would surely be necessary to do this. It just seems like a shame to waste that portion of the headlight assembly on DRLs that only come on at times when the signature lights already serve the same purpose. My wife and I spent some time in a parking lot with a few garbage cans to simulate conditions for parking assist usage- in a torrential downpour. Pretty impressive capability although it will take some practice to make effective use of the system—it freaks out the wife a little especially when other vehicles with impatient drivers start to enter the scenario. The adaptive cruise control is very cool too. I’m looking forward to our first road trip where we can make good use of this feature. Here’s to many happy miles with the Ford Edge!
  19. WestWashEdge

    WWEdge At Dealer 2

    From the album: WestWashEdge

    Picking up the 2016 Edge at the Dealer
  20. WestWashEdge

    WWEdge At Dealer 1

    From the album: WestWashEdge

    Picking up the 2016 Edge at the Dealer
  21. From the album: 2015 Edge

    too good to be blue, titanium, 301A, window tint, AWD, splash guards, trailer tow, 2016