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Found 11 results

  1. Hello ford owners, I have this issue that started 2 weeks ago, when starting my car while cold and has been sitting for ~6 hours or more I get this loud screeching metal grinding kind of noise. the car is Ford edge 2013 with the Duratec 3.5L, it has 240k Km on the clock. these two videos can explain the noise heard. I don't think it's the starter because it only happens when the car is cold. it might be one of the pulleys, probably the alternator ? would appreciate any suggestions. thanks.
  2. Yes we did replace the water pump at 330,000 miles. Uses no oil and the 6F50 transmission fluid drains just about as red as when it went in every 30K miles. The engine as with all my duratecs run 10W30 synthetic off the shelf oils (you choose the brand) Oh and the power steering is the original power steering system which also gets changed every 30K miles. Even the AC system is all original. Plus it is the original brake booster.
  3. Deuce

    Cold Air Intake on 2008 MKX

    Hello, I am new here and I have tried to do a little searching online as well as on this forum. I wanted to know if the K&N High Performance Air Intake System 77-2574KS will also fit on the 2008 Lincoln MKX with AWD. I know it will fit the 2008 Ford Edge with AWD, but I want to make sure that it would fit on the MKX before I try to buy it. I have also seen the Weapon-R Short Ram Intake, but if possible, I would much rather use the boxed in K&N Cold Air Intake.
  4. countgreen

    Last few HP?

    I'm looking to eke out the last few HP that I can with my Edge. I'm looking at probably 15ish to 20ish HP which would put me in the 315 to 320 range (Not at the wheels though). I already have a K&N high airflow filter (Not a CAI) as well as a tune. Its about 295hp at the crank but less at the wheels. 1. MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust system. They say up to 10% but I'm assuming more like 3% to 5% which will be about 10 to 15hp 2. I'm also looking at BBk 73mm Throttle Body or a cheaper same size alternative. I found this post (video) on here. Would I be limited to the pipe size on the back on of the throttle body? I also found this video (Time stamp 1:20). Yes its a 3.7L, but do you think I could see a nice increase at low RPMs with the 3.5? Especially cuppled with the exhaust, tune and high airflow intake filter?
  5. Kona11Edge

    For Sale 2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD

    1 owner, non-smoker 3.5L V6 engine Intelligent All Wheel Drive with traction control Kona Blue with charcoal textlile interior 124k miles smooth shifting automatic transmission panoramic sunroof with sun shade factory trailer tow package keyless entry with panic alarm tilt, telescoping steering wheel Microsoft SYNC system with voice commands steering wheel controls cruise control Bluetooth AM/FM Radio Sirius XM Radio (subscription required) CD Player USB, SD and auxiliary inputs rear-view camera parking sensors dual zone climate control child seat LATCH anchor points power folding rear seats Weathertech floor liners, cargo area floor liner front and side airbags heated side mirrors power outlets front, middle and rear Michelin All-Season tires in good condition Full maintenance history included Located in Grand Rapids, MI $10,490
  6. Here is the video of the exploratory viewing of the 2nd Generation 3.5 Duratec with 95K miles on the ODO. Had to break it down to change the plugs so thought might as well see what is inside. Let me know what you think. I found it to be interesting since I see no video's like this on youtube for the 3.5 duratec non ecoboost engine.
  7. The Hobbit

    Edge Front View

    From the album: My Edge Limited

  8. Hello, I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL. I have looked for the latest update via the Ford website and it says that Apr 25, 2013 - Sync 2 v3.5 is the latest version. Is this the case? I'd prefer to update my MyTouch Sync version to v3.8 or what ever is the latest. Please advise anyone of what your experience has been?
  9. I recently installed a filter minder in my Ford Edge. 1st you will find these on trucks mostly and diesels. I installed my filter minder for the purpose of knowing when the filter is actually no longer performing. This means the air flow to the engine has been restricted and is very dirty or clogged. You can not tell the filter is not working properly by just looking at it and 99 percent of us look at our filters and change them just on observation and not data. This device provides a visual for you to actually see when your filter needs to be changed. I paid for this device so it is not a paid advertisement. It is because I drive 60K miles a year and I am tired of the quick lube places trying to upsell an air filter because it looks dirty. This device will pay for it's self just by not having to purchase so many air filters because they look dirty. Save some money.
  10. hehateme2812

    PRO-ZEN Cold Air Intake

    Hey Guys, Today I am selling my prozen intake as I am selling my edge to a friend. It is for a 2011-2013 for edge 3.7/3.5. They unfortunately do not want the intake and I said I would sell it instead. Its a female friend, so now it should make sense to everyone. **I will take $125 shipped** I will also through in a new filter with the intake. I will be adding a picture later today. -Mike