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Found 17 results

  1. gravnick

    Hill Climb Assist Disabled

    Hey folks Iv'e been having issues with my 2015 Ford Edge 3.5L AWD. Every once in a while I get a pop up on the screen saying "Hill Climb Assist has been Disabled" when this happens the vehicle has trouble accelerating. It goes away when I cycle the key. I myself would normally live with it but my wife drives the vehicle with my kids and it is unsafe. Does anybody know what it may be? the dealership has been unhelpful diagnosing.
  2. I'm looking to print out instructions on how to change spark plugs. I have searched forums and found some old posts talking about doing it but links do'nt work when you click on it. I have watched the videos online but would be nice to have a reference under the hood while I'm doing this. Thanks, Wayne
  3. EdgeOn


    From the album: EdgeOn Edge Audio 2011 Edge SEL

    © Brandon Lee

  4. Well folks the results are in. See the attached video to find out how the 3.5L is doing at 268,000 miles
  5. Does anyone know the intended function of the available/empty fuse ports in the engine compartment fuse box and the passenger compartment fuse box? In other words, can I add physical features (for example, auto fold side mirrors or one touch non-driver auto window door modules) and get them to properly function by first adding fuses in specific empty ports? Thanks in advance. 👍
  6. The manual states: With your vehicle in drive (D), the paddle shifters provide temporary manual control. The system determines when temporary manual control is no longer in use and returns to automatic control. It then finishes this section with: Note: The system stays in manual control until you make another shift selection (for example, drive [D]) ***The manual does not state what temporary means. Worse is states the opposite at the end. How do the shifters function?***
  7. The Hobbit

    Edge Back View

    From the album: My Edge Limited

  8. The Hobbit

    Edge Front View

    From the album: My Edge Limited

  9. Maavalous1

    Throttle Body Service or Failure

    I was at the dealer for other work and was chatting with the mechanic about anything they see coming in on the 2013 Edge with 3.5L V6. He said that one thing they see a LOT of is dirty or failed Throttle Body. That they recommend having it cleaned every 15-20K miles. For $65 no less. So, I googled around for an hour or so and came up with NOTHING on this issue. Is this another "dealer service scam" or is this a REAL problem? He described it as causing the car to stall and, if bad enough, to not run at all. He also said that there was a "national shortage" of replacement throttle bodies due to the problem. You'd think that would show up somewhere if it were happening with such regularity. Anyone familiar with this issue or have this problem??
  10. I purchased a used 2013 Edge 3.5L V6 SEL. The exhaust system includes a transversely mounted muffler just in front of the rear bumper. Looking at the Ford Parts site, it shows this configuration for the 2.0L but the 3.5L has two separate mufflers near the back. Is mine correct or was it serviced incorrectly?
  11. I have a 2011 Edge with a bad Smell coming from engine bay. It smells the most around the front driver side wheel well. This smell comes in through the vents if the heat is on during traffic stops. Kind of like a natural gas/propane/rotten egg smell. I've read it could be the Cats but the smell isn't emitting from the back tailpipe. It also happens randomly. Started 2 weeks ago and would happen a couple times during an hour commute, now I am getting the smell even at idle letting the vehicle warmup. When it started I was at a red light, heard a faint sound come from the engine then got a CEL P0455 large evap leak. Read it's probably a loose cap/ez fuel flap jam cleaned it out with compressed air, reset code and nothing has popped back up since. I've checked the purge valve, no vacuum when no power is connected. I've checked the PTU with no leaks detected. Even had a camera take pictures of the top of the unit to spot the puking vent, again nothing. I've tried a higher octane fuel. I've put in a bottle of fuel treatment, no luck. I've got a scanner have ran tests on Torque with no problems that I can see. Just seeing if anyone has some advice/experience with this. I'd just like to see if I can get a better idea of what I can check for. Dealer wants 140$ just to look at it ?? I'll see if a local garage has a smoke test, if the evap leak and this smell are in common.
  12. 07 Edge 3.5L AWD 127k miles When I have the Edge parked on an incline and shift out of park, the load dissipates and a loud "clunk" is heard as usual when reverse engages. However, this clunk continues to reverberate sometimes until i move off of the incline. It's almost like a tinny rattling sound, like something is bouncing around the front end of the vehicle once the transmission is in gear. The transmission also makes a strange sound in reverse, like a very quiet ticking when backing up an incline.
  13. TreyKegley

    3.5L died at 101K miles...WTH?

    I bought a Front Wheel Drive 2011 Egde SEL with the 3.5L in April 2011 because my wife loved thier look. we have had a few of the common issues that are talked about in this forum (Headlight Switch, Door Ajar, Rear Camera) and got them fixed. We also kept the routine maintenance on the car as suggested by the Owner's Manual. About 1.5 weeks ago my wife and I hear a ticking sound in the top end of the engine. I suspect it is that all too common sound everyone else was experiencing with the 3.5L/3.7L made before 5/1/2011 (our man. 2/2011). Two days ago the sound got louder and I decided to take it to the dealership, I get 2 miles from the dealership and the engine starts making a slapping sound then scoring in the lower end. The engine light pops immediately and within a minute the engine shuts off. I have it towed to them and today they tell me they suspect the bottom end of the engine let go (no kidding!) and that I need a new motor with only 101,832 miles on the car!!!! Has anyone else had this happen? What are my option besides replacing the motor for $6700 which I cant afford do? I've a life long Ford guy and so is my family as we have purchased many new and used Fords over the years and placed many more miles than this before encountering a mechanical problem. Any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
  14. IndyRPM1992

    New Edge Owner

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a owner of a 2007 Ford Edge SEL. Found this site and thought it would be a great place to learn about how I can modify it and make it my own.
  15. Phillip Carter

    10k miles, new short block

    Last Wednesday we took our 2013 edge in because of a clanking noise coming from motor when warm. Dealer kept it and told us it was something on lower half of motor. Yesterday, 10/3/13, they call and tell me the no. 6 bearing spun. Warrany told them to replace just the short block. I'm kind of worried because this is a major job. Swapping over the heads and everything else that goes along with it. Has anyone had any problems like this with the 3.5L? And what are the chances something willl go wrong with this new motor? I understand its warrantied, but just a headache if I need to take it back in.
  16. Hi All, I recently purchased a 2007 Ford Edge AWD from a local Ford dealership and they seem to be having problems pinning down an engine noise that only happens for a second on a cold start the moment the engine transitions from turning over to starting. They've been pointing to TSBs regarding clicking sounds, but the clicking sounds they are referring to aren't the ones that I'm concerned with. I checked on here, and everyone else seems to be having the clicking sound of the taps or whatever rotating during normal engine operation. The sound I'm getting is only a second long, sounds like a rattle and is immediately when the engine first fires up after sitting cold for about 4hrs. I took a video of it this morning, and I can hear it, but it wasn't as loud as it has been, so I'm hoping others will be able to hear it and have some sort of an idea as to what's causing this, b/c the dealership is now trying to slaugh it off and not fix the issue. http://youtu.be/NxX5Gu7CD88 Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Troy
  17. foxracermenace

    Shifting question...

    Good evening everyone. I have a 2008 3.5 AWD Ford Edge that recently crossed over the 100,000 mile mark. Recently i did a bit of service on it to include the following. Replaced the original waterpump for a ford original part. Replaced the oil with penzoil full synthethic after two engine flushes ( with a k&n filter after ) Drained and filled the tranny fluid with spec fluid ( 11 bottles of fluid ) Replaced the spark plugs to the .54 spec. ( All six plugs ) Put half a bottle of seafoam in the with the motor oil. ( Was this a good idea? ) Put in one bottle of seafoam in with the gas tank before a fill up. Also did a power steering fluid drain and refill. My question / issue that I have is Whenever I go to accelerate it starts to pull or "jerk" while its shifting. I cant really do any hard acceleration or quick take offs. If I dont do anything but a normal from a complete stop then I have this issue again and again. What could be the cause of this issue? What can I do to resolve it? I know this is very vague but Im not quite sure how to explain it and I hope that someone out there can help me?