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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, Keep in mind I'm no mechanic. This post is to add search results to the internet for someone like me who couldn't find the things I wanted. The A/C on my 2008 ford edge has always been horrible since I purchased it in 2010 and possibly even declining ever since then.. Within the last few weeks: When making a turn splashing noise from glovebox. Ac blower fan very noisy. Water leaking on passenger side into floorboard. I started off by removing the glove box and the cover beneath it(snap screws). Found a napkin sucked to the intake where the RECYCLE AIR vent opens. Oh dear, I see where this is going. Then I removed the blower fan. 3 screws and unplug the electrical plug (easy job). Water the color of pepsi leaked out of it like crazy as I pulled it off. Ran my hand around the inside of where the fan sat thinking I'd find some material. Nothing. Next move was I knew A/Cs sweat water and that must be what the deal was. I got on the interwebs and searched for words I could think of relating to a/cs and found the condenser being the part that sweats, I started to look for the drain plug on my ford edge under the hood. WRONG lol Id only be so lucky. I even went as far as driving it up on ramps and could not find the drain. Apparently it's there but behind something that has to be removed. BLAH I thought ok maybe the clog lies within the drain pan and I can attack it there. Instead of laying under a car on ramps I had no idea if they would give and the car crush me. I started looking around to remove it. NO GO. Next was find where the hose drains from the pan to under the car BINGO. I found it on a diagram here on the web. It's under the carpet right next to where your foot rests on the gas pedal. Pulled the hose off the white plastic connector. No water came out..Hrmph well well I was right the clog was in the pan. I thought oh damn there is something sucked in there that came from the glovebox and I'm screwed. I Saw some guys on youtube use a compressor to blow theirs clean(from the outside of the car). Not having a compressor the next best thing I could think of was to use my mini shopvac and reverse the hose to blow. I chose to blow back towards the drain pan because what if there is a huge napkin in there and If I use suck it will lodge it even further in the hose. Used my hand to make the seal from the shopcav attachment to seal it to the hose line. Blew for 10 secs removed nothing happened. Blew again for about 10 secs and boom water started gushing out. I bet there was 1/2 gallon of water that came out. I had a large bowl ready to catch most of it. The rest hit the floor, oh well I have a shopvac. :P Put everything back together. Watched under the car to see if it was leaking. All good now. I will never know what the blockage was. Was it a napkin, receipt or outdoor debris?? Who cares it's draining now and The A/C is colder than it has ever has been! Happens again I'll repeat. The blower fan is ruined though and forever noisy. Replacements are $50 online. I guess I'll rock it till the wheels fall off and am forced to replace it. Jerry Oh P.S., I think that water has been backed up for years breaking down whatever process happens making the air cold. It really is colder than it has ever been. (insert technical reason here)
  2. The light comes on as if it's working, but the sound of the air doesn't change. Whe. I press the button to avoid a stinky truck or something, I can tell it's definitely still pulling air in from the outside. I checked the 7.5 climate control fuse and it seems fine. New cabin air filter, still nothing... any ideas?
  3. I have a Ford Edge 2013. One day I started the car and the AC wouldn’t come on. I had to drive the next few days with no AC. A few days later I started the car and the AC came on working fine again. A few days later it went back out only to come back on again a few days later. It’s been working fine the last few days. Please help me figure this out, I can’t afford extensive testing. Thanks.
  4. My AC/Heater fan works intermittently. If its not working and I drive long enough, it will eventually come on but that may take 15-30 minutes. I've seen several topics on this but none with exact symptoms so not sure if it is the motor (doubt it since it will eventually work), the resistor, or the controller. Thanks!
  5. 2016 Ford Edge Titanium 2.0 Ecoboost AC issue. Have a weird issue since I started using the AC again. When I shut off the AC I get a musty smell for a few minutes afterward. I did notice that there is no water dripping below the car when I park after running the AC. Before it used to leak a damn river. I also don't notice any moisture inside the car. So obviously the evaporator core drain is plugged,. I just brought it to the dealer today, they wanted to do the foam treatment at a cost of $225. With only 20k on the car I would think it would be covered as a bumper to bumper item, but I am informed it isn't. They did blow the drain out for me free of charge and have not used the AC yet but when they showed me where it was I was kind of amazed it was not on the underside of the car. The drain is on the firewall just behind the oil dipstick. My thought is it's above the core. Why would Ford put the drain above the core? Seems odd. In any event, has anyone ever cleared the evaporator core drain? If so was it on the firewall in the location stated? I honestly thought it was or should be under the car. Either way they were telling me they need to drill a hole in my housing to foam the AC unit but all the video's I have ever seen, they either run a line through the drain or open the filter compartment behind the glove box then run the hose in that way. I figure it's easy enough to do my self. I had tried the Lysol method but maybe I was too timid and didn't spray enough in the intake to work. As it was fine for a week then the smell came back. Either way if I can't get Ford to fess up and fix it under warranty then I will probably have an AC place do the foam treatment or just bite the bullet and have the Dealer do it, but I would want reassurance from them that it's fixed and not something I am going to have to do with this car for the rest of the time I own it. Any suggestions ideas? Has anyone else serviced the AC vents in the 2016 Edge? I see a lot for the 2007 thru 2013. I just don't want to spend all spring and summer smelling the funk from the AC. Thanks in advance. I can post a pic of the drain if anyone is curious.
  6. Just had maintenance last day of warranty today. The Service advisor used to be a mechanic and knows everything? I'm using the Auto Climate Control feature [which I used to be able to turn off.. but stays on and cannot be turned off] and have the cabin temp at 24c with outside ambient temp at 16c. The AC comes on and will not turn off. I'm actually asking for a little heat yet get cold air. The guy tells me to turn the AC off. Ok, got that part but where's the Auto feature? The manual - Climate Control Auto will adjust the cabin temp to whatever temp is set by turning the AC on or off as required. Am I missing something? Just new to the forum today, but have browsed topics before. I must say, this is a great place for Edge owners. Thanks for your input. -z
  7. Prissybookworm

    AC just stopped working

    AC just stopped working today, was running fine an just quit. No noise or any indication that there was an issue. Controls lights up like its on but there is no power going to it. Freon is full, fuses are fine, just no power. It's hot here in Florida. Has anyone had this issue?
  8. Hello All, I have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with Sync. No matter what air speed we set the AC at it fluctuates from the Selected Fan Speed to low, repeatedly. The cars AC wont stay on a constant speed no matter what setting i have it on. Also the in dash Thermostat that reads outside temp stays stuck on 46 degrees or fluctuates from 46 to 47. Im in Florida its 80 degrees. I tried taking the negative off the battery to reset the system, but to no avail. Any help please! Danny in Florida
  9. cglogosh

    AC Temperature Issues

    Hi I seem to be having AC issues, unless this is normal, but I dont feel like it is. My AC temperature either does not change much, or goes from on extreeme to the next with just one to two degree temp. change. I can set the temperature at 83 degrees and it blows rather cold air, but bump it up just to degrees and you are at HI or basically heat and its burning up. Then if go back down two degrees to where it was before at 83, its still just as hot as it is at HI. Is that normal?? I took it in to get looked at and they told me they ran tests and there is nothing wrong with anything to do with my AC system. But I just dont fel like this can be normal, I feel like I am crazy after I took it in because they told me it is perfectly fine. But how is being able to set the the temperature at 70 degrees or 80 degrees and the same temperature of air blows out normal? PLEASE HELP!
  10. My ac is working on passenger side, however, driver side is not working. I have checked actuators on passenger and driver side (passenger after glove compartment is removed, driver located near accelerator pedal) and both seem to be functioning when temperature/ direction (head/foot) is changed. Is there something else that I need to check or that could be faulty. Help! Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I have an 08 edge & had a plugged heater core early this winter, took it in and had the flush performed under the extended warranty offered for that problem. After the work was completed at the ford dealership the guy calls & says "I got news & I got bad news, good news is we got your heater working, bad news is you dont have any ac." After being told this is the fault of a bad plenum & the evaporator+ housing needs replaced for approx. $1600, I had some questions. Called ford customer service & told them I had some warranty work done & while one problem was fixed, another was created. They looked into it & contacted the dealership & had me return the vehicle to them for further diagnosis. Again they said it needs a new evap.+housing & is an unrelated issue to the work they performed. So No help from ford. Symptoms: Before the heater core flush heater/ac in all positions would only blow ice cold. Blend door motor was also replaced at this time before the flush. After flush service heater/ac blows only facemelting hot air in all positions. My theory is this is possibly a bad low pressure switch keeping ac from working properly as I have found next to nothing in regards to faulty plenums and/or relplacing evap. Any help would be greatly appreciated either in diagnosis or how I might go about testing my theory. Thanks
  12. Michael Walsh

    2008 Ford Edge No Air/Heat Problems

    Hello, I own a 2008 Ford Edge SE with 42,000 miles and over the last few weeks my AC/Heat has been acting up. At first it was working intermediately, sometimes it would kick on, other time it wouldn't. Sometimes if I had it "on" and it wasn't working after driving for a bit it would suddenly kick on, but if I turn the car off and turned it right back on it might or might not turn back on. Now the problem is, it isnt working at all. I dropped the glove box to get to the cabin air filter and cleaned that out and put that back in. When looking in I can see the fan that blows the air through the cabin air filter and into the vents was not spinning at all. With the car on and the air set to max I proceeded to put my fingers in and spin the fan to the right and the fan would begin to turn and the air would go on. However the air would eventually die down after about 3-4 mintues and evenetually turn off and the fan would stop spinning. I'm not the most car savvy person, I'm hoping someone can help me pinpoint the problem so I don't waste money at the mechanic trying to fix the problem, any help would be much appreciated. Thank You
  13. If I were to purchase a used dash bezel for my 2008 ford edge with non auto dual climate AC would I be able to do a simple plug and play install with the auto dual climate AC or does it require some rewiring? Thanks for your help and suggestions
  14. I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL and I noticed recently that my AC is coming on when I start the vehicle. The problem is that the AC was off when I shut the car down. And when the AC turns on automatically, I cannot shut it off. I hit the off button, the AC shuts off and immediately turns back on. It appears to be an intermitent problem and my shop has never seen or heard of this issue before. Has anyone else seen this problem yet?