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Found 34 results

  1. I need new rotors and pads in the rear. I am just going to replace all of them. I cannot for the life of me figure this out I see powerstop sells a kit of all four with rotors and pads but it won’t tell me a size 13 inch or 14? Also they said I need shocks and struts…?? Anyone have any recommendations for a better upgrade than OEM? 2015 Ford edge awd titanium v6 3.5L 71k
  2. I have a 2013 Ford Edge Se with 180,000 miles. about a year ago the brake pedal started getting soft after having the front pads replaced by a shop. I took back to them 3 times and they would bled the system and it would be good for awhile this get soft again after awhile. Until the last time and they they just saids that's just how ABS brakes are which I knew was BS and decided not to go back to them ever. So I took it to another shop they said the master cylinder was bad and leaking vacuum into the booster . So I replaced the master cylinder and bled the system. Brake pedal was still soft and goes to the floor. Took it to another shop thinking it needed to be pressure bled and a scan tool to bleed the abs they said that Master cylinder was bad. SO I had them change that one and had them bleed the system this time. Still soft pedal goes to the floor and they didn't charge me for the work they did and told me the ABS pump was bad. Took it to a 3rd mechanic he told me that master cylinder was bad and pouring brake fluid out the back because the last shop used too much pressure and blew the seal out the back of the cylinder which is probably why they didn't charge me. He has been working on the car for 3 weeks now has bled the system atleast 20 times, changed the rear brake pads as they were very low on the inside ( which no other shop informed me of ) changed the master cylinder twice and cleaned out the original ABS pump and even replaced it with one from a junk yard as a new one is $900 from Ford. The pedal is still soft and goes to the floor. Every shop keeps saying it's not the Brake booster as that would cause me to have a hard pedal not a soft one. The current mechanic says he's getting good pressure from every caliper when he bleeds the system except the passenger rear which doesn't have the same amount of pressure as the others. I'm at my wits end with this issue on this car up to now it's been a very good car and this is the only issue it's ever had but nobody seems to be able to fix this issue. This issue has cost me almost $1,000 at this point and still not fixed. Please help this is my wife's daily driver and I need it to be safe for her.
  3. Hello my name is Cameron and I'm working on a 2013 edge right now and have done the brakes but the pedal is still going to the floor. I've replaced the master cylinder, abs module, put new rotors in the rear resurfaced the front and put new pads all the way around. I have bled the brakes I would say a tot of ten times and the pedal hasn't changed. It'll feel like it's going to build pressure but still does not. Can anyone help?
  4. Had a coworker notify me yesterday that my driver side brake light was not working. Upon investigation, I found that when I press the brake, the driver side Brake LEDs flash but wont stay lit as I hold the brake (passenger side and top brake light working fine). Obviously it cant be a bulb, so I figured must be a fuse, right? But I do not see any fuse listed as being for our brake lights.... Anybody got any suggestions on what it might be??
  5. I noticed problems with my brakes. I have a 2017 Edge Titanium with 72k. I had heard there is a recall for front driver side brake line. I took it in to the dealer and one line was leaking, (right rear) and another was cracked and another was ballooned and ready to pop. This is ridiculous. Factory must have used bad hoses in assembly. Going to have them all replaced hopefully tomorrow. Strange...... First time I've ever had this problem, been driving for nearly 60 years.
  6. ketnergarett

    parking brake

    i have 2007 ford edge sel, awd and had some clicking sounds fron underneath. i replaced cv axles and the sound is still there when i turn hard veither direction. when i engage my parking brake just enough to get one click on the brake and the sound is gone in both directions... wat can this possibly be?
  7. I have a 2018 Edge Titanium with 13000 miles on it now and the brake grabbing problem has not improved. Dealership is not willing to attempt any fix saying all Edges and smaller Ford cars and SUVs do it so it is not a problem. Sounds like a very big problem to me. One that Ford just wants to ignore and hope it will go away. Don't get me wrong, I have been a Ford man all my life (63 years old). Just do not like being ignored about a problem that is so obvious and apparently an issue in most small Ford cars. I am considering the "Lemon Law" to fight this. Perhaps get my money back and a different car. If enough people do this maybe Ford will be forced to do something. Anybody got any tips how to make the "Lemon Law" work for you? Supposedly if you have taken it in four times without getting the problem fixed and the problem will affect the resale value of the car negatively the Lemon Law can be applied. I am sure if I tried to sell the car and someone drove it first thing in the morning they would not want to pay a high price due to the grabbing brakes. Not to mention the SAFETY issues for people inside the car or close behind the car when it immediately STOPS uncontrollably. Looking for input from anybody to help with the Lemon Law approach.
  8. Has anyone tried Dorman produts? I'm thinking of using a Dorman Mater Brake Cylinder for $50 rather than a Motorcraft for$100 unit. I've had good luck with Dorman before, but never tried a master cylinder. All thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have a 2013 Edge with 96000 miles and yesterday as I was coming to a stop there was a decent sounding squeal coming from my brake pedal when it was fully depressed. It almost sounded like a warning sound. Also when idling at a stop, there is slight hiss sound coming from there as well. I did find a service bulletin that may be in conjunction with this. The bulletin # is 13N02 and it explains it is a brake booster and is covered for 10 years or 150,000 miles. It also explains that it is the result of a tear in the diaphragm. Has anyone had this issue and is it covered by Ford?
  10. KimandBrianP


    So we have a 2007 edge and the ABS and stability light is on. If we let it sit over night the lights go off. Drive it somewhere, park it, come back to it to drive home the lights come back on. The code is a C1115 FORD - ABS Power Relay Circuit Failure/Short To Battery. I have no idea what that could be. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Kind of a nit-picky issue and not a big deal, but so annoying. Brand new 2018 Edge Sport. Less than 2000 miles. When first applying the brakes, the first application of any pressure, the pedal is "sticky." Just a slight catch, almost like a sticky or kinked cable. Then the pedal, brakes, and everything feels fine after that initial movement of the pedal. I hope that makes sense. Does the 2018 still have a brake cable or other physical connection to the pedal (not "drive-by-wire")? Could this be another infamous bad booster? TIA, --
  12. Thank you for wanting to play Name that Noise! Before you listen to the audio recording of the noise, here are your clues: 2014 Ford Edge SEL FWD Only 17,000 miles Only makes the noise when turning left The sharper the turn, the more noise it makes, especially when turning into parking stalls. Noise seems to come from right front Do not feel anything in steering wheel or brakes Only does it while moving forward, not stationary and turning wheel Does not seem to do it in reverse when wheel is cranked over to the left Brakes seem good, are releasing and vehicle does not pull Ready for the sound? Please click this link to my dropbox. It is a 16 second audio file recorded while making 2 left sharp turns in a parking lot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fkse4lobnivzxyq/2%20left%20turns%20and%20noise.m4a?dl=0 Seriously, any thoughts? I did post this in the suspension section too of course. Got the car from CarMax and have their warranty, but have not been impressed in the past with their work. I appreciate your time and thoughts.
  13. Hello, I recently purchased a 2014 Ford Edge, SEL with 17,000 miles on it. I recently started to hear an intermittent squeak/chirping noise from the front end while driving slowly (10-20mph). It seems to come on a bit more when I accelerate then disappears above 20 mph. Seems to do it after vehicle has warmed up. Car does not pull to either side, and sound seems to go away went brakes are applied, but maybe only because it is slowing down. Brakes appear good Could the CV joint, wheel bearings, etc. be already out with so few miles? Any zerk or lube joints I could hit in this area? Thank you for your time!
  14. I took my wife's 2012 Ford Edge in for the Power Brake Booster replacement. When she picked it up she noticed a grinding noise. I drove the car and also heard the grinding noise. The noise is only heard when driving at low speeds with light braking. It sounded like it needed new pads. I took it to a Ford Dealer and they could find nothing wrong nor did they hear the noise. This was because it was raining and you can't hear the noise when it is raining. But they said the pads and rotors looked fine. The noise continued, so I ordered new pads and rotors for both front and rear. After I replaced them this weekend the noise still persists. Upon closer listening it is only coming from the rear, but on both sides. I checked the caliper pin boots and none were ripped and the caliper floated like it should. Any ideas? It is back at the dealer now, and while they can hear the noise they say everything looks fine.
  15. 2013 Ford Edge Limited with 85,000 miles. I hear a chirping sound when I take off from a stop. Just one simple "chirp" Any ideas what is causing this? Thank you
  16. Hi Everyone, New to the forum, so pardon me if this has been addressed elsewhere. I recently had my neighbor help me change out my brake pads and rotors (he is mechanically inclined and I am not so much). I purchased 4 new rotors and Wearever Platinum ceremaic pads for the front and rear. We got the first 3 sets changed without problem, and ran into issues on the last one. On the rear driver side, when we went to put the new pads in, we found that the rubber boot that is connect to the to piston in the caliper assembly was stuck and would not less us compress that piston to make room for the brake pad. The short story is we replaced the caliper assembly and finished putting on the new rotor and pads. This included greasing the pads, bleeding the brake line, and adding additional brake fluid to replace the fluid we lost with the caliper assembly change. All in all, I felt good about the quality of the work my neighbor was able to help me complete. This was about a month ago. Since then, I've noticed a squeak coming from what I believe is the rear driver side. The squeak occurs after the car starts rolling after being fully stopped. For example, I'll stop at an intersection, and once I release the brake pedal and start rolling, I'll hear a squeaking sound that is rhythmic. The squeak is more frequent as the car starts rolling faster and usually goes away upon reaching 10-15 mph. My brake performance has been good, the pedal is not soft or mushy, and I don't notice any problems accelerating and getting up to speed. I have two questions: 1) What could be causing this squeak (improperly lubricated pads or calipers, is the brake pad not fully releasing right away, etc.?) 2) Is this a cause for concern and should I have it looked at? I would really appreciate some feedback from fellow Edge/MKX owners. Thanks in advance for the help!
  17. Hello, I have noticed that my 2007 Ford Edge has been making some slight vibrating noises when driving at high speeds of 100 km/h or more. Specifically from the front of the car. I removed my front right wheel and noticed that there is a steel rod that is no longer connected at one end. I've attached some pictures. Can someone please tell me what this might be? Thank you!!!
  18. Hey, I've got a brand new, in box brake kit for sale (front and rear brakes pads and rotors with clips). See the images for compatibility. I have it listed on eBay right now, and I really need to get rid of this because I'm moving next month. Here's a link to the product: http://www.powerstop.com/product/autospecialty-daily-driver-kit/#y=2007&mk=FORD&mo=EDGE&ss=320mm%20(12.6)%20Front%20Rotors Here's my eBay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121896185887?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 It costs almost $80 to ship, so if you factor that into an offer, let me know your thoughts. Thanks. Call/Text me at 847-371-1995
  19. Disclaimer: I've owned a number of cars and always done all the brake, suspension, and other basic maintenance myself. So I have some experience, although I'm far from a "mechanic". I changed over my wife's '11 Sport's wheels to the winters the other day, and took the chance to check out the brakes while I was at it. I noticed a couple rotors weren't wearing all that nicely - the contact surfaces didn't seem to be having clean contact with the pads, or maybe the caliper wasn't squeezing the pads tight enough. So I removed the pads, used a wire brush and brake clean to clean everything up, re-lubricated with proper caliper lubricant, and swapped the inside/outside pads on each corner. While cleaning things up, I noticed that a few of the pads didn't move freely in their respective retaining clips. I bent the clips open as much as I could so that they'd still fit in the bracket, but even then, the pads seemed to bind a bit where they should have been freely moving. I also noticed that most of the clips had broken tabs that held them onto the bracket. Unfortunately, I didn't have the parts in hand nor the time to get them to put new clips in, so I reinstalled everything as it was after cleaning and re-lubricating. A couple of the pads still weren't moving as freely as I would like though, which leads me to my question... Can I just do away with these clips, which would afford more room for the pads to move around freely? Or do I replace the clips with new ones and just take a grinder to the pad fingers (?) to remove a little material to allow for them to move more freely? For the record, the pads and rotors are all about a year and a half old. Rotors are straight (no warping), and pads have PLENTY of life left in them. They were done by a Ford Stealership as a condition of purchase when we bought the car (used) at the time.
  20. Just performed a visual inspection after about 10k miles since the installation. Very little rust so far and could not really notice any wear on the pads. Doing very well. I will update once they get a little salt exposure from the winter. Here is the video update.
  21. I have an 08 Edge Limited and when I presss the brakes after the car has set for a couple of hours there is a noise like the calipers are not actuating or having a hard time moving. It is not a squeal like the pads are bad. I have checked the pads and they are in good shape. Any thoughts?
  22. This started after having all brakes replaced by STS (first mistake, I know) I have a 2008 Ford Edge SEL AWD Just under 151,000 miles. When in reverse only, when I apply the brakes, they squeak something horrible. The pads are fine. This isn't just a "now and then" occurrence. It's every time I back out of a parking spot or parallel park. Any reason why this is happening? What should I look for? Easy fixes? All help appreciated.
  23. Hello All, A little background on the problem. Had the brakes done all the way around 7 months ago, Rotors and Pads. Since then there have been around 9k miles put on it, so not a lot at all. A couple weeks ago my wife slid in the snow (side ways just a bit) but it was fine it's happened a 1000 times since I've owned it. Now the ABS and Traction lights show up and everything is fine, it brakes like normal and all is right in the world. Light goes off however and the brakes lock up and I hear that "BBBBBPPPP" Noise from the ABS and it grinds and pulses for no reason, snow, wet, dry it does this. Its been super cold here in Ohio and snowy to boot, but I've never had this issue in the last 7 years even when I forgot to replace my pads for quite some time. TL;DR Newer Brakes, ABS/Trac lights come on, brakes are fine, light goes away they pulse and grind like crazy for no reason. What in the world is wrong here?
  24. Hi, I bought an Edge 2011 with 64K KMs 2 months ago from dealership. Dealer said that they did resurfacing of brakes before giving it to me. Whenever I apply brakes softly I hear a clicking noise from driver side wheel. Its a rhythmic noise like something is touching to rotor and making that click noise while it rotates. Anyone has any idea what problem it could be?? Rotors & pads looks good. Thanks in advance
  25. Hey Everyone, My Brakes started to sqeak the other day and I was thinking about doing the pads this weekend. I have been getting the dealer to do it up until now. I want to get an upgraded set of pads now as I am going to be other performance upgrades to it as well. Where do I start. I have no idea what pads are good for the money and what aren't. I am looking to spend right around $50 bucks on both sets (front and rear). Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. -Mike