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Found 5 results

  1. I designed a small tool that fits snug on the radiator drain valve / petcock on my 2.7L Ecoboost, but I believe it will also work on 2.0L and other models as well. I am not 100% sure how wide spread the 19mm petcock is in the Ford lineup. I designed this to fit and hold onto the petcock so the extension and ratchet can just stay there while flushing cycles on the cooling system. No need to get under the car, you can do this laying next to the drivers side wheel easily (once the splash shields are removed). Based on some requests I printed a handful of them and are selling them (and will make more if there is demand, and other sizes if people have requests) on my store: https://jk3d.us/product/ford-ecoboost-radiator-drain-tool/ The tool is printed in chemical resistant, and highly durable Carbon Fiber Nylon and should last a very very long time. I am selling these for $7. Pics of the tool: I posted the design for free on Thingiverse if you want to print it yourself: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4939121
  2. I have a 2017 Ford Edge SEL. There are multiple problems, listed below, that seems to all be related according to the posts I have been reading. Do I really have two separate issues or are they related in some kind of way. I was a jet engine mechanic and I work on all my cars and motorcycles from time to time. So diving into a motor is not an issue for me, but diving into the wrong area and wasting money is an issue lol. Retirement pay only goes so far. What should/could be my next move? I was going to try to find this coolant leak, but I'm guessing it's internal and will need to change some seals. 1. Rough idle on start. It almost seems like a hesitation. 2. #2 Misfire code (changed spark plugs and coil pack already), was about to do the injectors but thought I would check here first instead of chasing my tail and paying too much money. 3. Ran hot so I changed the thermostat (cause the heater started acting up and blowing cold air a few days before), but not much coolant in the system. I checked again today (2 weeks later) and low coolant again so I have a leak somewhere. I did look at the fill cap and it does have a milky like look to it. I checked the dipstick and looks great. 4. Heater keeps going in and out (blows hot one minute and then cold the next). It's like Forrest Gump would say about a box of chocolates....never know what you're gonna get. lol
  3. Got rid of the corrosive orange and went with the Peak 10X. Why? Because Ford put out documentation to flush it out and replace it with yellow.
  4. Hi, New owner of 2009 Limited (got it 3 weeks back). In the Welcome forum, some of the senior members greeted me - really happy. Mine is FWD and built before 01/16/2009. While buying, I noticed that the coolant was very dirty. So, after buying, took the vehicle to FORD dealer and did the Coolant Flush. After driving home, I noticed that the dealer has put the Gold Coolant. I went back and checked with dealer about the Green Specialty coolant. Dealer says that they have NOT seen the green coolant in the last 20 years - it is either Gold or Orange. I asked about whether the gold will create any problem with heater core, etc.... (because that is why Ford changed to Green, right). Dealer is ready to put Green Coolant, but I have to decide and tell them. Dealer says that 09 built before 01/16/2009 came with Gold, so they put Gold. What do you all suggest - if Gold is problematic, then I will go with Dark Green specialty. Over the years, if Ford fixed the Gold coolant (not to create any corrosion issues), then I will leave the coolant as it is. If Gold is problematic, then I will go for the Dark Green Coolant. Please suggest and let me know which one to go with. [ I already changed Transmission fluid with Valvoline Maxlife ATF and changing the Steering fluid this weekend with the same Valvoline Maxlife ATF. Brake fluid looks very clear, so later ]. Sorry if this is a wrong place to put this topic and Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions. Regards.
  5. Jonathan Rome

    Coolant Leak near Water Pump and Weep Hole

    Greetings Edge Owners! My wife and I have a 2007 Ford Edge SEL and 5 weeks ago we had the cooling fan go out, complete with an over heat, we had that replaced for $~750, 5 weeks later, the car overheats again, this time it was the thermostat. During replacing that (for 350) they found a leak in our coolant fluid that occurred near the seal of the water pump and the (weep hole.) I have not observed the oil levels going up indicating that coolant is leaking into the oil supply so my question to you fine folks is this, is this leak internal or external, will a seal leak (pelletized seal formula) allay this issue, and what should I do. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks P.S. our first daughter is due in 8 days so this is obviously a stressful time, I really appreciate any help.