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Found 5 results

  1. I recently purchased a set of invision dual dvd headrests under the impression they would fit my 2011 Edge SEL only to find they are for the F-150, and the posts are 12.7mm in diameter making them too large. Since the posts are the same size as those in the F-150s, I was wondering if it would be possible to switch the headrest guide retainers in my Edge out with some for the F-150 so the posts could slide into the seats. I would normally just return the item and look for something else, but at $350 for the factory dvd headrests, I don't think I'll find a better price! I've already attempted drilling into one of the existing guides, and that hasn't worked.
  2. I'm looking to buy a used 2011 Edge SEL that's equipped with the factory DVD players however, I don't want them. The only reason I'm considering this particular vehicle is because it has everything else I'm looking for and blue Edges are apparently hard to come by these days. I asked the Ford dealership if they could remove them & replace them with standard headrests. First, they laughed at me and then told me it wasn't possible. I don't have kids and rarely have passengers so I have no need for the added feature not to mention I think they are ugly. Furthermore, a decrease in the price would be nice too. When I told the dealership I'd look elsewhere for a vehicle, they retracted & said they could swap the headrests out with another Edge they had on the property but there would be no decrease in price since I would now be paying to rewire both vehicles. Does anyone have any experience with removing & replacing these headrests? How much wiring would need to be reworked for this and is it something that a single girl can do on her own without calling home? Lol. Any help, suggestions, or insight would be appreciated
  3. Guys, I'm planning to buy Pioneer AVH-X4600BT for my Ford Edge 2008 model, it has a 7 inch screen size and I wanted to know will it fix in the dash in place of the stock radio? Also please can you let me know what additional components are required to fix this and also please suggest a good rear view backup camera. I'm importing these items from US, so appreciate if you guys can suggest all the necessary components required to fix this without me having to spend more on shipping charges. Thanks & Regards
  4. Good evening ladies & gents. Been lurking around for about a month or so, figured I'd finally contribute. Apologies for the redundant subject matter, but I thought some of the subtle differences in my experience may be worth mentioning. After using this awesome site to research all things Edge following the purchase of my new-to-me 2010 SEL AWD, I decided that one (or two) things that I absolutely had to have was a rear seat entertainment system. Coming from an '07 Expedition EL with a headliner mounted DVD player that was worth its weight in gold on long trips with our three kids, I was kinda panicky when I saw that there was no hope for such a set up in the Edge with the panoramic roof. I read up on the many DVD headrest install threads here, and decided on a 9 inch set from OnFair. I was a little hesitant to buy from a Chinese company, but bit the bullet, and after paying them with my trusty PayPal account, waited for them to get to PA. Yea, China to Pennsylvania only took 4 days. Awesome. Install only took 3 hours. Awesomer. Especially since the last time I did much wiring in a vehicle was in an '84 Grand Prix for 2 amps, 4 10s and a pull out cassette deck with a CD changer in the glove box 15 years ago! Used an Add-A-Fuse and grounded back to the factory ground point under the driver's kick panel. Pretty simple stuff, much of which was taken from this site. Thanks! OK. So now that they're up and running, here's my verdict. Pros - Stupid simple to install - 9" screen - vinyl color matches almost perfectly - either unit can be "master", or play back its own source - wireless IR headphones with built in emitter - built in FM transmitter - USB, SD card or discs can be played - 2300 games...with wireless controllers Cons - No contrast stitching like on the front seats - grain of the vinyl is not a perfect match, but the wife didn't even notice until I pointed it out - remotes are not specific to a particular headrest; when you press a button on your remote, it will probably send the same command to the other headrest cuz they're so close to one another - lost the ability to adjust the headrest up since they're heavier. They are a LOT bigger though, and at 6'1" it's not a problem for me Overall, for a shipped-to-my-door price of $244.50 I am completely satisfied with this purchase. As time goes on, we'll see how they age and stand up to our 7, 9 & 11 year olds, and I'll update this post as things happen. Sorry for the novel, and hope this helps someone make a decision on whether or not this addition is for them. ks
  5. SOLD I have a set of Headrest DVD Players that have just been removed from a 2009 Edge. They are in excellent condition and are available immediately. These are the OEM version made by Invision and was a $1995 option. Part number #A7EDG-78611A08-AA3W. They still have the plastic film on the screens. These are adjustable and will fit other vehicles. • Each headrest includes a built-in DVD player • All wires run up/down the headrest posts so all wires can be hidden under the seats or carpet. • 9" DIGITAL LCD screen • Aspect ratio: 16:9 wide screen 800 x 480 • Connect up to 3 RCA a/v inputs into each headrest. Can connect game system, other headrest or in-dash units for example. • Color system PAL/NTSC • Supports DIVX, Compatible with DVD,CD,CDG,MP4,MP3,WMA,JPG • Wireless FM radio transmit function to your vehicle stereo system • Built-in stereo speakers with power magnifier and surround sound • Send IR wireless signal for wireless headphones (2 channel A/B options) • Two all-in-one remote control and game controllers. • 2 dual channel (A/ IR audio wireless headphones They are Black Leather in color and the headrests are adjustable, up/down and tilt forward and back. I would like to get $350 for everything includes shipping in lower 48 USA These are very easy to install, Simple power and ground connection. Please let me know if you are interested or have other questions. Email me at rindini@comcast.net