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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I did some searching saw a few mentioneds of broken studs here as well as on Google but was wondering if this is a known or common issue. My 2013 Edge Limited only has 18k miles on it and my back brakes were smoked so we did a brake job the other day, we found (which I believe is farily common) that the drivers side pad was down to the rivets but the rest of them were fine but we bought a whole set of Rotors / Pads so we did them all anyway (huge difference). Anyway when we put the tires back on we hit them with a gun that only goes up to about 80FT / LBs of Torque Max then we attempted to go the rest of the way with a Torque Wrench and it felts like once we get above the 80 FT/LBs the Studs were "Stretching" to the point of us getting very uncomfortable and stopped once one of the rear studs snapped before even hitting 90 FT/LBs. Correct me if I am wrong but everything I see / read says that the lugs are supposed to be 100 ft/pounds.I am pretty confident that if we did that we would end up with many snapped studs. Thoughts?
  2. Just got our 2011 Edge Limited AWD. Never thought of the Edge until the wife suggested it. Coming from a QX56 space being the biggest advantage. After test drives and options, I couldn't look away from the Edge. Just an impressive SUV.painted front, back trim and 20" tsw Brooklands, couldn't be more swooned. The Edge is a sick arse vehicle. Love it.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a very happy / proud owner of a 2013 Edge Limited 302A and it comes with the factory remote start but I live and work in areas where I can not see my vehicle and would like to know if it is possible to upgrade to the Ford 2 - Way Remote Start System. I understand that I would have to add the second remote to my keychain which is fine with me. I've called the dealer and I've received more "That is a good question" answers than anything. They say they will look in to it and call me back but I haven't heard back anything yet. Does anyone know the answer to this for sure? I assume since it is plug and play it is possible? I assume I would be removing the one that came with it (which I assume but don't know is also plug and play) and replace it with the Two Way One? Any information would be greatly apprecaited.
  4. So right after I bought my 2012 Edge Limited last year, I replaced the wheels with some aftermarket Lorenzo's from TireRack. Add the tires, TPMS, shipping, it all came out to just over $2000. On top of that, I had to pay the dealer a couple hundred bucks to 'reset' the vehicles computers to handle a bigger wheel size. For reference, these are the wheels I purchased (Machined with black inlays): TireRack Link I was originally going to keep the stock wheels to use in the winter, but after I realized that having a bigger wheel than stock would require dealer services every time I swapped them out, I just opted to sell off the originals and make sure I kept my car nice and clean through the Michigan winter. Big Mistake!!! Not even a year later, and after one winter, the back two wheels are basically ruined. They pitted and corroded. I thought I could 'polish' it out, but as soon as I tried, the clear coat peeled off to reveal the shiny metal underneath. What a waste! So now I am looking at my options. I am sending a message to both Lorenzo and TireRack, but I'm not holding my breathe, Lorenzo specifically says they don't warrant against "Adverse Weather". I could tear them off and powder coat them, I guess? Don't really know how they would take to that? I'm considering replacing them with something else (another $2000 bucks (gulp!). But what would I replace them with? Obviously the machined finish didn't fair so well, would painted wheels do better? I was considering these: TireRack Link #2 I suppose I could keep the crappy Lorenzo's (I'm sorry, but the clear coat job was obviously a joke, I won't ever buy from them again), and use them as the new "Winter Wheel". If new ones are the same size, I won't require dealer service to swap them out. Last note: I take extremely good care of my vehicle. I wash it nearly every week, especially in the winter. Also, my town and immediate area doesn't use salt anymore on the roads (though they still use if for sidewalks). I'm not sure what else I could have done really to prevent this, I think I just got a crappy product. What do you guys think? Thanks for your help...
  5. nlkuhle

    2012 Edge Limited HELP!! LOOK!!!

    I just bought a 2012 limited. 3.5L V6... I noticed under the hood there is a wire coming from a part behind the power steering reservoir, attached to the firewall, which appears to be a ground wire, and it's not grounded to anything. I was going to just ground it to the nearest source, but I noticed that this wire is the only thing coming out of the part, whatever it is. The part number is PBT-GF30, I believe, but I cannot figure out what part it is. There are two more numbers on it, 244761191 and EP2QA. I don't know what this part does, since the car runs fine... But I want to ground this wire to wherever it should go anyway. Can someone take a look under the hood of their edge and see what this is grounded to? Any photos will really help. I will add some photos shortly.