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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone, I just ordered new billet blackout badges for the front and back of my Edge. I know to remove the front, I have to drop the bumper and get behind the grille to pop the clips, but for the back, is it just double sided tape holding the badge on or are there screws/clips holding that on as well? I've tried using a heat gun and flat butter knife to pry it off but I don't want to pull any harder with the fear of breaking or cracking something. Has anyone removed their badges and maybe have some advice? Thanks!
  2. HotLights

    Protect Dip Emblem Review

    Hey everyone, as a first post I'd like to share my experience (so far) with Protect Dip spray on rubber paint. This paint is pretty much the same as Plasti Dip and can be found at Canadian Tire or http://www.protectdip.com/. I picked up the best masking tape I could find, just in case it didn't work out. Here are the nice before pics: It was about +8C (46.4F) the day I did it. (Which I should of waited because the next was was +20C ) But the wife's hair dryer worked just fine. I started masking the area: First Coat: Second Coat: Third Coat: I did four coats all together but daylight was running out and I am a very impatient man. I used the hair dryer to warm and speed up the curing process. I used a toothpick to notch around the edges and simply peeled away the excess. Here is the finished product: Of course if I had taken my time and had a warm enclosed area I could of done a way better job. The whole time it took me to do both sides was about 45 to 60 minutes. I did mask a good area off but still managed to have a bit of over spray. Not to worry though because it comes off very easily with a microfiber rag. Here is the other side which I want to redo: So far the Protect Dip is holding up, only thing I've noticed is it attracts dust very easily. Much like any flat black material. I will update as time goes on! The snow is about to fly up here in Alberta and I will see how the product holds up. My next dipping task will be the chrome trim piece above the headlights and grille. Stay tuned!
  3. pnwedge

    Custom Ford Emblem

    From the album: pnwedge

    Carbon Fiber Ford emblem, from Etsy.com
  4. I had searched a bunch on the forum to see if anyone had blacked out the front grille emblem and chrome surround but it seemed as if everything I found was either an overlay or plasti-dip. I really wanted the front grille to have a blacked out "stock" appearance so I ended up going to my local Ford dealership and ordering a new chrome surround (part number BT4Z-8200- and having them paint it tuxedo black to match the rest of the grille. For the emblem I hit up ebay - there are quite a few sellers that offer the emblem in black (9in by 3.5in). Installing the emblem onto the surround was a breeze - the seller included two self-threading washers. I took a look at the stock emblem/chrome surround and there was no adhesive between the two, so I stuck with no adhesive on my new parts. Getting the newly put together emblem/surround only took about 30 minutes. I removed two bolts and 4 plastic screws from the top of the grille - this gave the grille just enough give that I could fit my arm in between the grille and the radiator to pop the stock emblem/surround out from the inside (there are three tabs that hold it in place). With a little muscle the new blacked out emblem/grille popped into place. Before / After Shots I figured I would share for anyone that was looking to do something similar. Cheers!
  5. Howdy all, I'm looking for different color front emblems. I love Ford and I am proud that I have one so I want to keep the original Ford OEM emblem but I want everything in chrome on the emblem changed to red, and everything in blue changed to black. I'd rather not do an overlay, but I will if the qu is good and as a last resort. Also a problem with that is finding an Edge sized emblem.... I've had no luck on eBay. Does anyone know a website that sells Edge sized multi color OEM Emblems?
  6. Edge_of_Darkness

    PicsArt 1376790869289

    From the album: Edge of Darkness

    Edge emblem plastic dipped
  7. 2011 Sport De Badge and Blackout Badge... also LED Here are a few before and after photos of badge removal, and a blackout of the sport badge... while keeping the red accents. I used Plast Dip on the Sport badge. Pleased with the finish that is on the badge... wondering if anyone has tried shooting the wheels with Plasti Dip? Or the front grill?
  8. My flame overlays were already fading and weathering some so I decided to find something else. I settled on some really nice black billet emblem replacements. I ordered another chrome emblem mount for the front and dropped it off for Tuxedo Black painting last week. I went ahead and threw the front on the chrome backing and took some pics anyway. I will keep the extra chrome piece if I ever want to change it up. Anyway, here are some pictures.
  9. Cdpratt69

    Rear Billet Badge

    From the album: 2011 Edge Sport AWD

    Thank goodness the rear requires just one piece!
  10. Cdpratt69

    New Billet Aluminum Emblem

    From the album: 2011 Edge Sport AWD

    Mounted but waiting on the tuxedo black painting on the back piece. Should be done by Tuesday. I guess I'll keep the chrome to have one of each depending on my mood