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Found 1 result

  1. Big thread that seems like it should have more attention... http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/12726-throttle-body-service-or-failure/ Seems like a growing issue. Thought it might make sense to draw more eyes... New member. HUGE thanks for the posts so far. You let me know what to look for... My 12 Edge was stalling over and over. I made it happen after my wife told me... I just drove it aggressively and it died fairly quickly (showed the wrench etc). It reset when I restarted... First trip to the dealer(after multiple stalls), no repair, dealer could not duplicate. -Car died 2 days later (and more times) Second trip to dealer, Replaced canister purge valve (I let them know that this sounded like a throttle body issue and the Service manager said yes, and that it is a known issue) -Car died a few days later Third trip- They replaced the MAF sensor ("We cant do anything without a code for the Throttle body") Car Died again. This last time, they sent a tow truck because my wife simply would not drive the vehicle again. They also sent a rental car. I called Ford Corp and started a case with them as well. I told them that I would not let my wife and children back in that vehicle and that, given the history here I was surprised that there wasn't a recall and or a class action suite not based on injuries but on time / effort / stress... Ford got together with the dealer and they hooked up the blackbox and had a tech drive the car for a few days and it stalled again and the tech hit the button while it was failing and it gave "THE code"... P2111 - Throttle Body actuator Here's the deal. When you restart your vehicle, the code clears because the Throttle body actuator resets and is no longer stuck... They'll likely only find this with the black box because it records the systems history while driving and saves everything for a few minutes before and after you hit the "mark" button when the vehicle dies. It seemed like the dealer wanted to help but Ford would not let them until I made that call. The dealer said "we have to go through these steps before doing the throttle body" It was absurd really... I didn't ask, but it begs the question, why would they not do the black box first? And here's the thing about the misdirection that's starting to happen in this thread regarding safety... Cars rear end or other cars all the time. Stalled or not, shit happens because there is difference in speed between two vehicles. The thought that one has breaks and one is just stalling, so brakes will prevent blah blah blah is beyond stupid. My wife narrowly missed getting hit on the freeway... She also nearly got T boned because the car died pulling out onto a busy street (leaving her stuck sideways in traffic and a truck pulled into the next lane but the car behind it had it's view blocked and slammed on the brakes and missed them by a few feet... My wife said "When you children ask you what the nasty smell is and its the burnt rubber of the car that just missed you, you know it's time to stop driving the car"... This is a numbers game Ford... I appreciate you fixing our Edge and we've loved it so far but, much like GM have learned, you don't want to find out where the break even point is between fixing the problem and paying for bodies... I'm betting Ford step up. If your vehicle is stalling and not throwing codes, call Ford directly. Do that no matter what year the vehicle is. It's not like you are throwing your dealer under the buss. You are simply giving your dealer support by activating Ford. Ask for the blackbox test. Refuse any bullshit answer they give you. Document everything and let them know you are documenting everything... It will give Ford and the dealer proper incentive. Hope this helps... Be safe.