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Found 14 results

  1. I discovered over the last couple of days that my navigation system says I have no GPS, I can not call out or answer calls verbally on my phone. Also the "Audio button" on bottom left of screen does not respond. There may be other symptoms I have yet to discover but that is enough for the moment. I checked/tested fuse # 32 (10 amp) in the passenger compartment fuse panel under the dash and that appears to be okay. I have done a master reset to no avail. This all started when last week the electric cooler fan would not shut off when I shut the car off. I got caught downtown with a dead battery and a good Samaritan gave me jump start with one of those new little jump start batteries.. Since it was late at night when I got home and the fan wanted to keep running I disconnected the battery over night and charged it up. I swapped out Relay #39 in the engine compartment fuse box and that solved that problem. NOW I have the problem described in the first paragraph. Can one or more folks give me some ideas as what to check next? I was sure it was the fuse # 32 (10 amp) but it looked both good and tested good. Any help will be much appreciated.
  2. My Edge is 2016 and many street names changed, new street appears the GPS need map update Do you know if Ford offer map update for the navigation system? Where Can buy it? price? Thanks
  3. Hi folks, I'm in process of deciding between the 2018 Highlander or the 2018 Titanium Edge Questions: 1) Is it possible to create and save a route in the Ford Navigation system? I.E. I want to program a route with multiple destinations that I can save and recall at a later date. For example - I travel back and forth to Colorado from Texas. I want to program the route with multiple POIs along the way so that I can recall the route every time I travel back and forth between CO and TX. 2) If it is possible to save a route, is it possible to create the route on a PC , save it onto a thumb drive or SD card and import it into the Nav system for later recall? I do this all the time with my motorcycle GPS and on my Garmin GPSs. Thanks for your help. Barry
  4. First time poster. I'm having some issues that seemed to start after my battery died several times over the winter. I'm trying to avoid going to the dealer as much as possible because I am on a limited income and have a disability. Battery Issue: My battery was dying quite regularly over the winter, I believe because of the close proximity to my key fobs (in apartment), and limited vehicle use (once a week average). My key fob batteries seem to be end of life, because I have to put them in the center console to start the vehicle. But I'm holding back replacing the batteries until I find a good faraday cage to put my keys in. Does anyone have any suggestions for keyfob faraday cages? Navigation Issue: I don't know exactly when the navigation issue started, but it seemed to happen after my battery stopped dying on me. My GPS position is fixed at the location where my GPS last worked (my apartment). My compass direction does not change when driving. On the navigation screen below, you can see that I am not receiving a signal. I also entered the diagnostic menu via Eject + Seek Forward combination and the results are below incase the picture can't be opened. GPS Diagnostic Information Screen UTC Time: 24:60:60 UTC Date: 02/19/10 Latitude: XXX.XXXX (Fixated on last acquired) Compass Direction: N (incorrect, vehicle is facing West) Longitude: XX.XXXX (Fixated on last acquired) Heading: 0.00 Altitude: 30000 (obviously wrong) Speed: 255 (obviously wrong) # Satellites: 255 H DOP: 1000.0 Dimension: 0 P DOP: 1000.0 Position: 1 V DOP: 1000.0 Steps I've tried to troubleshoot - My Ford Touch master reset - Disconnect battery (brief 5 minute, and overnight 8+ hours) - Vehicle Health Report (no GPS related issues in report) - Fuse check - Disconnected GPS-enabled dash cam to eliminate possible signal interference - Ensured latest firmware is installed - Re-flashed firmware I've tried to look for documentation beyond the owner's manual on the navigation system, but haven't had much luck. Is there anything else I can do to avoid taking it to the dealer? I'm comfortable replacing parts, so I'd rather avoid the high cost of going to the dealer, but I'm at a loss as to where the actual problem is. Is this indicative of a bad antenna, a short or loose wire, a separate module, an abstract component or fuse I'm missing, is it the head unit? I'd appreciate any suggestions. I'd really like to avoid going to the dealer if possible.
  5. PiotrJostayev

    GPS Tracking

    Recently my father(vehicle owner), informed me he was following my car via GPS tracking and proceeded to relay my three destinations that day with surprising accuracy as I had not informed him where I was headed. This was somewhat unsettling as you can imagine. I'd like to know if this is a factory feature on the vehicle or if I'm being remotely monitored by a third-party device. Also if it's possible to turn this feature off(if it's factory) or to identify the third party device. I'm not looking to turn the system off cause it ain't my ride, but I am curious.
  6. Tom Marsh

    x GPS

    I have a 2011 Ford Edge. The battery died a few weeks ago and was replaced with a new one. Ever since then I've noticed my Navigation is not working. The GPS sign with an X shows on the lower left side and shows me stuck in the same location no matter where I go. I've tried the following to no avail.. 1. Took out the SD card and reinserted. 2. Tried performing the Eject / lower arrow combination buttons to bring up the gps calibration but just keeps scrolling the FM stations. I read this trick on a few other threads but have tried numerous times with the same results. 3. Unscrewed the antenna and screwed it back in. 4. Unhooked the negative battery cable.. waited 1o minutes and hooked it back in to reset. Any other suggestions or is a trip to the dealership the only other option ? Thank you !
  7. I've been having this problem for the past couple weeks, where the navigation will jump around constantly while driving. It happens every minute or so where the location jumps off the current path about 500 metres away and then back to where I actually am driving. It is very distracting to see it change on both the MFT 8" screen and 4" screen when navigation is selected. Is there anything that can be done or has anyone else experienced this issue? I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL, running version 3.8 of MFT (this is my only issue as of late with the system) Thanks!
  8. Hi Guys! I am new here, and i need you help, i just bought a 2010 edge limited and it doesnt come with a navigation system, attached is a picture of what is my edge have right now, if i buy a navigation system, how hard would it be to install? and will everything works? thanks.
  9. Hi there, I am new to the Forum. I am from germany and just bought an 07 SEL Edge. It just came with the stock Radio, no GPS or touchscreen. I want to install a double DIN Radio with touchscreen and if possible GPS, like for example the Pioneer AVHX2700BS Is it just plug and play or is it hard to install it? Its very hard to find any information about that. Please help an unknown german. Thanks
  10. Hey everyone I have a 2013 Edge with MFT and just recently I started having some issues with the Navigation System. I start off at my house and have it give me directions and it will be fine for a certain amount of time then it will display "Off Route" and never really find its way back. It will show me well of the highway / road that I am on and it is becoming quite a pain. It has happened each of the last 4 times I have tried to use it. Interestingly enough I read somewhere that putting different tires on the vehicle can cause this issue. I recently swapped out my factory 20" Tires / Rims for 17" Nokian's recommended by my local Tire Supplier. This really doesn't make a whole lot a sense to me since a GPS is supposed to use Satellites and not depend on the rotation of the tire. Is there any truth to this as a potential cause? I was told that the 17's I went with are close enough to the factory diameter that I shouldn't have any issues with the Speedo / ODO. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  11. themikkelsens

    Variations in GPS voice volume

    We have a 2013 Ford Edge Sport. We are having a difficult time getting the volume of the voice for the GPS to stay at a reasonable level. It's possible we did something to lower it, unknowingly, although I don't know how. It got really quiet. We could barely hear it. We adjusted the System settings (I think it was the "System Prompt Volume"). We got the voice volume back up. It was OK for a while. But then, it got quiet again. And again, we raised the volume. Now it's too loud. We keep turning it down, but it doesn't seem to matter. There is also a setting under "Voice Control/Voice Control Volume". But I don't think this is the one we want. Can someone help us??? Patti
  12. Doug Hathaway

    Interior Solutions...

    From the album: Dougs Edge

    I installed a nice GPS from Garmin as the stock one from Ford blows. I had CarToys mount the power behind the dash so its a nice clean install. I use a coffee cup mounted cellphone holder as I rarely pack drinks and the Edge has cup holders everywhere. Also, if you use Spotify...which I LOVE...you need easy access to your phone to navigate music selections.
  13. Selling the Navigation Unit out of my 2008 Ford Edge SE. (8T4T-18K931-BA) Also included is the GPS Antenna (8T4T-10E983-AA) and the Map DVD 8P (8L2T-10E987-AF) DVD is loaded into unit, jewel case is included I have the factory box with foam inserts for shipping. Local pick-up is ok too $700 OBO
  14. Morning all!!! I am brand new to the Edge/Ford world in many many years. My 09 Sport is the base line with no opitions. I really would like the navigation unit but not quite sure on a few things. So those who have done this please help out or any body who wants to sell a navi unit cheap Are the non-GPS cars wired the same as the GPS equiped cars? I know it will need the GPS antenna but is it all plug-in play? (ran into this issue with my last car as the two cars were wired totally different.) What all is envolved in the swap? Recoding the radio to the car, which updated map disc/sd card, antenna of course? Am I missing something like pigtails or mounting kit? Will the SYNC still work the same and steering wheel controls still work? Anyone used the PAC that allows the by-pass while driving? If it is too envolved, I'll just go aftermarket with the Pioneer x940bt and PAC and loose the SYNC im sure or something similar. Thanks for any input and help!!! Sorry for the newbie questions, just want a straight answer instead of searching around. Really happy with the car so far as well!!!! Cody