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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, First off, I apologize if this isn't the correct place to put this topic. I'm new here I have a 2014 Ford Edge SEL AWD. The last few days I've been noticing some strange things. When I stop at a stop sign, leave off the brake and then push the gas, there's a delay, and then like a thump, and then it goes. I notice that if I stay between 40-50mph, it will shutter? hesitate? when it shifts. I don't notice it at higher speeds (60-70). When going up a hill, it seems like I have to push the pedal the whole way to the floor for it to catch up and get the power it needs. It also doesn't seem to have as much power when I press on the gas. There's a delay before it wants to take off. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking fuel pump possibly? I'm still under warranty, as I'm only at 31,000 miles. Thanks in advance!
  2. Carmen Connelly

    Oh no not Transmission issues again!

    I have a 2008 Edge SEL AWD and up until 7 months ago I had no trouble at all out of the vehicle. I've owned the car since 2010 and it had 50,000 miles when I got it. I had the Transmission Services at 100,000 miles, but around 107,000 miles while driving down the highway the vehicle seemed to lose power, all the lights started flashing on the dash, speedometer went to zero, odometer turned to lines, etc. To make a long story short took the car to the Ford dealership and the TSS and OSS sensors were replaced and the car drove great again for awhile. I will point this out before the dealer checked my car and I told him what was going on he said 'well with that amount mileage it may just be time for a new transmission.' Not sure if it's just me but replacing transmissions at a little over 100,000 miles is not normal. I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Supercharged with 205,000 miles on it and the transmission had to be replaced at 201,000 miles. Anyways, about a month after having the the sensors replaced in the Edge I noticed the car was slower to take off from a stop at lights, it also began to jerk and lose power going uphill. So in October I had the spark plugs changed and the jerking and power loss uphills went away, problem solved. Now my issue is the still remaining slow take offs from stop at lights and occasional clunking when going at speeds of about 10 mph. I have noticed with the slow take off issue my RPM's would go up a little higher as if my shift points are off but never over 3500 rpm. It's possible the car is taking off in a higher gear, I'm not sure because I'm not very vehicle mechanics savvy. I plan on taking it to the dealership to get checked out but I'm afraid it'll end up automatically being a worst case scenerio type of situation with those guys. I'm just wondering if anyone can spare a little knowledge or insight from experience with this type of vehicle, so that I know what to say to the service advisor. Also, I am wondering if having the PCM reflashed since it's never been done (atleast since I've owned it) would be worth it or possible considering the vehicle mileage. A little more information about my vehicle: It now has 115,000 miles, the current issue has been the same from the start. I just noticed one day take off was slower and rpm's/shift response a little different, it hasn't gotten any worse nor has it changed in anyway. It's as if this is a normal behavior for the car, but I know it is not. Also, the service engine nor any other warning lights have come on, not even when the spark plugs were causing the jerking problems. My vehicle had a 100,000 mile warranty so as you can imagine I'm pretty sad that all this is happening now.
  3. Alexander Soroka

    2007 mkx awd transmission problem

    Hey, So i recently purchased a used 2007 mkx with 83k miles, I was looking at a couple different cars and it was between the 2005-08 vw touareg and the mkx or edge. i found a sweet deal at my local ford dealer which was ridiculous the car was listed for 14.5k so i came and scooped it up since looking around for Mkx i couldn't find any privat party or dealers anywhere near this price with the milage and a single owner car. Needless to say i purchased the car and with the good advice of my best friend i purchased the extended warranty for an additional 3k, knowing the car is so fully loaded that anything could go wrong within the next 3years so i purchased the best one. So a few days after purchased the car I noticed the weirdest throttle response and even scarier the car would roll back while it was in drive or roll forward when it was in reverse. This would be greatly exaggerated when it was on any type of a hill or incline even a driveway. But the worst thing is i live in the hills of encino and am constantly going up and down these hills so i noticed this after purchasing the car. But now i've had about 5 instances when the car will start rolling back within split seconds of me letting go of the brakes and then when i attempt to give it gas it stalls out on me. This happens even more often the steeper the hill. Now i know what youll say keep your foot on the brakes and give it a little gas but, come on thats not how you drive an automatic. I've nearly rolled back into a bentley the other day and a women with a baby stroller. I have taken the car into the lincoln dealer and they gave me a rental car (bus a freaking navigator) My question is this are other people experiencing this type of problem, yes the computers have all been updated and the car is still doing this. I haven't heard from the dealer yet but its been a few days now and they say they are still trying to diagnose the problem. Ive driven a few different edge rental cars as i'm often renting vehicles for work and never had this issue. Will ford replace my transmission? on flat road it seems to opporate normally but when its on a hill its slipping like crazy in reverse on my hill the car wont even budge unless the rpms are over 2100 thats kinda weird right? I have a video on my phone and can share if anyone responds thanks...