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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all, Just joined. About 2 months ago I purchased a CPO 2018 Edge Sport. Having several problems but I'll start today with this one because they're in separate categories, and I don't want to confuse things. It has just over 30k miles on it now and I decided to change the air filter at approximately 27k. It had been averaging 18.9 MPG at that time. I installed a K & N replacement filter and my MPG went as low as 8.9 MPG!!! (I threw away the original when I installed the K & N.) So, I replaced that with a Motorcraft filter and it creeper back up to as high as 15.2 MPG, but still goes several MPG below that. Had it in the Dealership and they can't find anything wrong...of course. Everything looks fine with the Installation. Can't seem to find anyone else Having this problem. Any advice would be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks in advance if anyone has any insight on this.
  2. Hello Edge folks: Happy Holiday Season! First of, I'd like to say that I did my search work but couldn't find what I am looking for, maybe because it hasn't been posted yet (which I doubt it), but probably because I didn't managed my search properly. My apologies before hand if the latter is the case. But if so, please feel free to forward me or send me in the right direction. As the tittle suggests, I'm going to ask a few questions about fuel consumption, specifically liters/100 Km (the Canadian or metric system) or the equivalent GPM (the American or imperial system). The objective and result are the same (just a conversion factor). As shown in my profile, I have a 2011 SEL (FWD) with about 186000 Km (116000 miles) in it. I may have not paid enough attention since I bought it over two years ago, but now finances are shrinking, and the good environment as well So, lately (don't know since when but many months ago if not over a year by now) my car fuel consumption is not going below 14L/100Km (or above the equivalent 16.8 mpg). When I cross reference the specifications for this car in different websites, most of them agree to state the worse (city driving conditions) performance of this car new should be around 11L/100Km (or 21mpg). Even when I have been driving mostly on the HW, I can't get below 14L/100Km. i know the car is already over 8 years old, but I want to start with two main questions: 1.- Is that claim (11L/100Km or 21mpg) true? Was it ever achievable with this car? I know the VW got nailed for misleading the public on this subject but I never heard of a similar issue with Ford. 2.- IF this claim is true, what maintenance, replacement or repair should I do to improve the fuel consumption/economy/efficiency in this car? Now, related to my second question, please, I would like to hear suggestions/solutions from the most effective ones down. What I mean is, a cold air intake may improve (or may not, depending on other things); a K&N filter may improve (but may not, depending on other things). Basically, I would like to start from basic maintenance things I should change/replace/repair which are known to dramatically improve fuel consumption/economy/efficiency, if you folks don't mind, please. Then we can go to the "fine tune" And of course, feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'm basing my questions on highway driving conditions during summer time (Canadian city driving conditions during Canadian winter time throws ALL READINGS out! lol Thanks so much in advance.
  3. I'm interested in buying a new Edge to tow my 2000# trailer and have some questions. Which engine do you have and which do you recommend? What is your mpg when not towing and when towing? Did you get the class II or class III tow package? How is your performance when going up steep grades in the mountains, say over 8000'? I would appreciate any information I can find before I decide to buy an Edge. thanks much, ... -deac
  4. I picked up a CPO 2014 Edge SEL AWD last week. ODO had 3700 miles. I've only driven about 400 miles. But I'm stunned that I'm only averaging 15mpg in mixed driving. I did about 180 miles of highway driving today and averaged just under 20mpg highway. Now I realize my sample isn't small, it's tiny. I'd like to see what I'm averaging after 3,000 miles. I also realize the 18/25/21 are EPA estimates and driving conditions vary. But my combined avg is off by almost 30%. My highway average is almost 25% off. In the 2 weeks prior to the Edge I was renting a 2015 Dodge Ram Big Horn with a 5.7L Hemi V8. I drove a little over 1000 miles in 2 weeks and averaged around 16.5mpg combined. Is the 3.5L in the Edge that much of a gas guzzler? Also, what does your miles to empty indicator read after you've filled up? Mine says about 260 miles. I thought that was odd too. Your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. Thanks,
  5. greenmint

    Lower gas mileage?

    Hey all, New to the community, this is my first post. Just bought a 2013 Ford Edge Limited AWD last week. I know the advertised MPG (18/25) is always going to be a bit higher than what you actually get, but I feel that I'm getting lower than I should. I'm averaging 15-16.5 mpg driving in the city and country roads (but mainly city). Keep in mind: 1. My Edge has got 68000 miles on it, so I know it's definitely "broken in" enough. 2. I've been easy with my foot on the gas. 3. I've reset my fuel economy thing a couple times. This is actually my first car purchase as well, and I'm not a mechanic by any means so any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks! Also if there is a better place to start this thread let me know.
  6. edgetb

    Pic1 26AvgMPG.30MPG.01.16.16

    From the album: 2015 Edge Issues

    Edge with 26 MPG average

    © Copyright

  7. I have an unusual problem. I searched for it and I couldn't find anything like it. I contacted Ford but they didn't give me a proper solution. Everyone of us probably knows that when the fuel tank is full it will give you 630 Kilometers (391 Miles) before it becomes empty. I didn't notice mine was faulty until I retrieved my car after the regular checkup. It went from about 375 to 630 Km and I noticed that I had to refuel less often. But everytime I refuel the maximum limit decreases gradually until it reaches back to 375 and becomes stable. When I took the car to the next check-up I told them about the problem and they said that they will try to solve it. When I returned they said that they didn't find anything and I found out later that they fixed it without knowing. But the problem remains and the limit is still decreasing. I refuel when the gauge reaches 1/4, few times when its 1/8, to the max with the car being turned off, and I also round the price if this little information is relevant. I ended up refueling every 6 days instead of 12+ and always with the same price no matter what the numerical limit reads. I contacted Ford Middle East by email and received a phone call with the representative telling me to unplug the negative side of the battery for 10 minutes. I thought it wouldn't work but it did, but the problem still remains since it decreases with time. It has become a burden to unplug it everytime the limit reaches its minimum, which is probably every month and a half, and the last time I did it the CD player got busted up. I actually didn't send a second email but I hope I can get some help in this forum. Thank you in advance.
  8. SOLD K&N 77-2583KS PERFORMANCE INTAKE KIT Fits 2011-2015 Edge w/3.5L V6 and Sport model w/3.7L V6. http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=77-2583KS SOLD
  9. I've posted this over in the Classifieds if anyone's interested: K&N 77-2583KS Performance Intake Kit PM me directly if interested.
  10. I've posted this over in the Classifieds if anyone's interested: K&N 77-2583KS Performance Intake Kit PM me directly if interested.
  11. Looking to sell the set (4) MPG black caliper covers I had on my 2010 Sport. They have the Ford logo & were purchased from carid.com They were on for 1 year. Still perfect shape. Looking to get $110 + shipping 519-791-9174
  12. funhouse69

    Yes Another Milage Question

    I am a realitively new owner of a 2013 Ford Edge Limited AWD and I have a little less than 2000 miles on it and I am curious of anyone else is experiening this: The onboard economy computer shows much better mileage then reality? I've filled up a total of 6 times so far and I track every single mile that I drive and every drop of fuel that I put in my vehicles. Each time the vehicle shows that I've gotten around 19 - 21 mpg average depending on the fill up but the reality is an average of 2-3 mpg less when calculating using the real method of how much fuel is put in the vehicle divided by the number of miles driven. Also so far in mixed driving with a good amount of highway my overall average is a pretty low 17.24 mpg. Based on the number quoted on the sticker which I know is not reality I expected a bit better than this. My last 2 Vehicles (Nissans) On Board Computers were pretty much spot on with their mileage calculations using the same tracking software / methods. Thoughts?
  13. Curious as to how many miles per gallon you're getting with your Edge Ecoboost?
  14. I figured I'd share some fun info about my Spring Break trip with y'all, from beginning to end. Went to Fort Lauderdale, drove the edge a total of 2600 miles. On the way down, I reset my display to see how the trip would be affecting the Edge and my display said this: I ended up hitting 24.3 MPG until I hit the mountains of West Virginia. Average for the entire way down, doing speed limits or five over, 22.3. Pretty hapy about that. Average for the entire trip ended up being 20.8, but the road home was 70-90 MPH, no exceptions. This was also the first time I got to see my HIDs in pitch black light, so I got a couple shots of them on the road. 5000k 35w: Might be hard to tell, but the lights were able to completely light the median, likewise on the other side, so deer/critters were not a worry for me the entire way down. Something I wish I could have gotten a picture of was a comparison between other cars' halogens. I remember noticing that I could still outshine similar SUVs with halogens if I were even with their rear bumper. Bright and white: My dad's actually considered getting HIDs for his Taurus, and he wouldn't even let me tint his windows because he thought it was a waste of money. LOL Apparently, Fort Lauderdale has some extremely wealthy people. **side note** That blue clip came out when I took out my map light module to replace them... Never found where it should go, but everything works fine. Oh, and then there's this. There was the occasional Ferrari and even fewer Maseratis, but all of which were obviously camera shy LOL Never did see a Lambo. Never seen this before! They weren't extremely friendly... And this happened a couple times... It was neat the first time, but for the second and third, the 30 minute wait was just too much. I had a great break, and loved testing EDGEr out on the WV Turnpike's turns. Held strong at 85 mph.