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Found 6 results

  1. So.... my 4 month old 2016 Edge SEL is back at the dealership for "computer gremlins, round 2". 3 weeks after purchase the two small screens in the instrument cluster came up with diagonal white lines through the graphics. This came and went over the 2 days till I could get it into the shop, luckily I had taken pics. I also told them that my clock would not stay on 24 hour time, every time you shut the truck off it reset. Lastly, my driver's seatbelt locked in the fully retracted position the night before service so I couldn't put the seatbelt on. Dealer replaced the seatbelt, replaced the entire instrument cluster, and flashed the software "fixing" my clock. Clock still won't keep 24 hour time, but due to other issues with this dealer we won't bring my truck or boyfriend's 2016 F-250 back to them. I figured I'd live with the clock until it was oil change time. 2 weeks ago I am on the highway when a graphic of the top view of the truck pops up on the nav screen covering my whole screen... Screen is frozen, button to turn radio off doesn't work, steering wheel controls do nothing. Finally touching the screen brings it back to the home screen. Later that night the radio decides it's going to start randomly scrolling through presets! No response from the touch screen again, use the control knob to turn the radio off. Wait a few min, turn it back on, still scrolling. Disgusted, I pull over and shut the truck off. Wait 2 min or so and restart and everything is fine. Radio does this 2 more times, and once on bluetooth streaming music it decides to fast-forward through songs. Finally, 2 days ago the touch screen freezes again, and the control knob does nothing - can't change volume, turn on or off, just stuck. Pull over, restart truck, still stuck. Turn truck off, go into gas station to get coffee, start truck, everything is fine! In speaking to the service manager this morning he says to me "I think that's why they called it an Edge - it'll drive you over the edge!". Great. I asked if he was seeing these issues a lot: "Oh yeah, it's bad. I'm surprised Ford hasn't recalled the APIM yet. We've done quite a few now on the '16s." Anyone else out there seeing this kind of thing and/or had to have APIM or cluster replaced??? Thanks!
  2. I have a 2010 limited and the navigation on it has never been updated. I could buy an update disc for $149, but I was wondering if anyone know a place or a way to get the map updates for little to no cost?
  3. Hi, Newbie here and the owner of a 2013 Edge Limited. I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade the screen to a higher resolution and the back up camera to HD? Thanks!
  4. Sean Hobson

    iOS in the car

    Did anyone see Apple's WWDC conference keynote? They unveiled a new feature called iOS in the car which promises to sync iPhones w/ vehicle cpu's for things like music, maps, calling and more. It doesn't look like Ford is signing up. Too bad, MFT has some shortcomings to be sure. http://m.intomobile.com/2013/06/10/wwdc-2013-apple-reveals-ios-car/?mstac=0
  5. Morning all!!! I am brand new to the Edge/Ford world in many many years. My 09 Sport is the base line with no opitions. I really would like the navigation unit but not quite sure on a few things. So those who have done this please help out or any body who wants to sell a navi unit cheap Are the non-GPS cars wired the same as the GPS equiped cars? I know it will need the GPS antenna but is it all plug-in play? (ran into this issue with my last car as the two cars were wired totally different.) What all is envolved in the swap? Recoding the radio to the car, which updated map disc/sd card, antenna of course? Am I missing something like pigtails or mounting kit? Will the SYNC still work the same and steering wheel controls still work? Anyone used the PAC that allows the by-pass while driving? If it is too envolved, I'll just go aftermarket with the Pioneer x940bt and PAC and loose the SYNC im sure or something similar. Thanks for any input and help!!! Sorry for the newbie questions, just want a straight answer instead of searching around. Really happy with the car so far as well!!!! Cody
  6. Just in stalled the oem nav in place of the old 6 diskin my 2009 edge. thanks to oemautopartsco.com i was worried b/c in 2009 they switch to clarion witch means that sirius is built-in the head unit. they sent me every thing i needed, but no instructions except for the sync bypass if needed. it took a little time to figure out but i go it done. hint there is no inline amp( one came in kit i thought i had to replace) in the car already that took me a while to figure out. if any one has any qustions give me a pm i can help.