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Found 29 results

  1. Newbie here. Just bought a 2010 Edge Limitd with 89,000 km. I went to the Ford navigation site and put in my VIN and it came back "no update avaviable". Is that right that Ford does not have updates for my vehicle ? If there is a update how do you install it into the car ?
  2. Hello! Just purchased a 22 edge titanium but did not find one with the build in nav, is there a way to enable this after purchase via forscan or some other way? Thanks!
  3. I have been trying to find Ford Sync Navigation SD Card for middle east of Saudi arabia but I just could not. I bought a 2 year old user Ford Edge from the dealership and the Navigation SD card was missig. The dealership is not helpful at all and I tried to reach the distributor but they said that you would have to change the entire Sync system just to get the maps working I checked my Sync device and all it says is "Insert Navigation SD Card" Can anyone help me find the Navigation SD card or its image from the internet or the Ford itself?
  4. Purchased used 2013 edge. no navigation card, so used car lot got me the version A11. Edge does not see sd card. Did hard reset no help. Sync says I updated sync correctly to version 3.1 and no help. Check the wiring at sd slot, everything seemed good. Put card into laptop and computer sees card ok and files on card. Any suggestions?
  5. I have a complete sync 3 system (nav) for sale. Includes everything needed to upgrade the sync mft. GPS antenna, and blue USB hub needed to complete the upgrade. It is on the newest version of Sync, everything works perfectly. The only thing needed are the radio brackets. I sold my Edge, so it's no longer needed. Contact me for information or more pictures.
  6. The navigation/maps in my 2016 Edge Titanium have gone crazy. The display will suddenly show what looks like a rifle scope and start jumping all over the place. We have watched it tell us we were in NC, TN, and KY in a 3 minute span. While using the navigation it has suddenly dropped our location. The volume on the radio goes up on its own to unbearable levels and it will switch stations. It will come on by itself. I had the dealer update the software and for about two weeks the problems seemed to be solved. Then it began again more aggressive than before. The update came with the Auto Android app. We started using the app and Google maps for navigating to avoid the Sync 3 craziness. Yesterday the Google Maps on the Android app started jumping all over the place! It's like there is a ghost in the machine! Has anyone else experienced this? What is the fix?
  7. SSM 47240 – 2016-2017 Various Vehicles – SYNC 3 Navigation Map Updates Map Upgrades are now available for 2016-2017 Ford and Lincoln vehicles built with SYNC 3 Navigation. The navigation map upgrade for SYNC 3 systems is accomplished with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive. The USB drive will need to contain the map data along with the Map License file; both of these files are required to complete the update. The USB drive required to perform map updates can be ordered from the Ford Electronic Service Group on the PTS OASIS Home page on-line 1878 form. The SYNC 3 navigation map upgrade is currently offered as a customer pay upgrade (non warrantable) and a dealer only installation. This navigation map upgrade only covers US/Canada/Mexico. APPLICABLE VEHICLES 2016 – 2017 CAR: CG C344N HEV 2017 CAR: PL D544 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2016 – 2017 CAR: DQ CD539N-EDGE 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: M2 C520 NA (ESCAPE) 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: E4 ECONOLINE 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: B7 EXPEDITION (U222) 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: UB EXPLORER 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: FC P552 F150 2016 – 2017 CAR: CT B299 MCA FNA 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: P3 FLEX (FORD C/O UTILITY) 2016 – 2017 CAR: DH C346 FOCUS FNA 2016 – 2017 CAR: C7 FUSION 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: ME C489 LINCOLN CUV 2016 CAR: LE LINCOLN MKS-SWB/LWB 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: P4 MKT (LINCOLN C/O UTILITY) 2016 – 2017 CAR: D9 U540 – LINCOLN MKX 2016 – 2017 CAR: C9 MKZ (CD533) 2016 – 2017 CAR: ZG MUSTANG (S550) 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: B5 NAVIGATOR (U228) 2017 TRUCK: FE P558 SUPER DUTY – NA 2016 TRUCK: FA P473 SUPER DUTY 2016 – 2017 CAR: PH TAURUS 2016 – 2017 CAR: PH TAURUS 2016 – 2017 CAR: HC V408 (EU) 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: TH TRANSIT V363 FNA
  8. Hi folks, I'm in process of deciding between the 2018 Highlander or the 2018 Titanium Edge Questions: 1) Is it possible to create and save a route in the Ford Navigation system? I.E. I want to program a route with multiple destinations that I can save and recall at a later date. For example - I travel back and forth to Colorado from Texas. I want to program the route with multiple POIs along the way so that I can recall the route every time I travel back and forth between CO and TX. 2) If it is possible to save a route, is it possible to create the route on a PC , save it onto a thumb drive or SD card and import it into the Nav system for later recall? I do this all the time with my motorcycle GPS and on my Garmin GPSs. Thanks for your help. Barry
  9. First time poster. I'm having some issues that seemed to start after my battery died several times over the winter. I'm trying to avoid going to the dealer as much as possible because I am on a limited income and have a disability. Battery Issue: My battery was dying quite regularly over the winter, I believe because of the close proximity to my key fobs (in apartment), and limited vehicle use (once a week average). My key fob batteries seem to be end of life, because I have to put them in the center console to start the vehicle. But I'm holding back replacing the batteries until I find a good faraday cage to put my keys in. Does anyone have any suggestions for keyfob faraday cages? Navigation Issue: I don't know exactly when the navigation issue started, but it seemed to happen after my battery stopped dying on me. My GPS position is fixed at the location where my GPS last worked (my apartment). My compass direction does not change when driving. On the navigation screen below, you can see that I am not receiving a signal. I also entered the diagnostic menu via Eject + Seek Forward combination and the results are below incase the picture can't be opened. GPS Diagnostic Information Screen UTC Time: 24:60:60 UTC Date: 02/19/10 Latitude: XXX.XXXX (Fixated on last acquired) Compass Direction: N (incorrect, vehicle is facing West) Longitude: XX.XXXX (Fixated on last acquired) Heading: 0.00 Altitude: 30000 (obviously wrong) Speed: 255 (obviously wrong) # Satellites: 255 H DOP: 1000.0 Dimension: 0 P DOP: 1000.0 Position: 1 V DOP: 1000.0 Steps I've tried to troubleshoot - My Ford Touch master reset - Disconnect battery (brief 5 minute, and overnight 8+ hours) - Vehicle Health Report (no GPS related issues in report) - Fuse check - Disconnected GPS-enabled dash cam to eliminate possible signal interference - Ensured latest firmware is installed - Re-flashed firmware I've tried to look for documentation beyond the owner's manual on the navigation system, but haven't had much luck. Is there anything else I can do to avoid taking it to the dealer? I'm comfortable replacing parts, so I'd rather avoid the high cost of going to the dealer, but I'm at a loss as to where the actual problem is. Is this indicative of a bad antenna, a short or loose wire, a separate module, an abstract component or fuse I'm missing, is it the head unit? I'd appreciate any suggestions. I'd really like to avoid going to the dealer if possible.
  10. I have had my Ford Edge for a month now and love it. I have the 3.6 motor with the Titanium package and Sync 3. I have used the Garmin GPS LV55 and like seeing the actual speed and speed limit next to each other. It is easy to read both at the same time. I was wondering why Ford Navigation doesn't do the same thing. I looked at the options in Navigation and it appears that the actual speed is not to be available on the Navigation screen.
  11. So.... my 4 month old 2016 Edge SEL is back at the dealership for "computer gremlins, round 2". 3 weeks after purchase the two small screens in the instrument cluster came up with diagonal white lines through the graphics. This came and went over the 2 days till I could get it into the shop, luckily I had taken pics. I also told them that my clock would not stay on 24 hour time, every time you shut the truck off it reset. Lastly, my driver's seatbelt locked in the fully retracted position the night before service so I couldn't put the seatbelt on. Dealer replaced the seatbelt, replaced the entire instrument cluster, and flashed the software "fixing" my clock. Clock still won't keep 24 hour time, but due to other issues with this dealer we won't bring my truck or boyfriend's 2016 F-250 back to them. I figured I'd live with the clock until it was oil change time. 2 weeks ago I am on the highway when a graphic of the top view of the truck pops up on the nav screen covering my whole screen... Screen is frozen, button to turn radio off doesn't work, steering wheel controls do nothing. Finally touching the screen brings it back to the home screen. Later that night the radio decides it's going to start randomly scrolling through presets! No response from the touch screen again, use the control knob to turn the radio off. Wait a few min, turn it back on, still scrolling. Disgusted, I pull over and shut the truck off. Wait 2 min or so and restart and everything is fine. Radio does this 2 more times, and once on bluetooth streaming music it decides to fast-forward through songs. Finally, 2 days ago the touch screen freezes again, and the control knob does nothing - can't change volume, turn on or off, just stuck. Pull over, restart truck, still stuck. Turn truck off, go into gas station to get coffee, start truck, everything is fine! In speaking to the service manager this morning he says to me "I think that's why they called it an Edge - it'll drive you over the edge!". Great. I asked if he was seeing these issues a lot: "Oh yeah, it's bad. I'm surprised Ford hasn't recalled the APIM yet. We've done quite a few now on the '16s." Anyone else out there seeing this kind of thing and/or had to have APIM or cluster replaced??? Thanks!
  12. Tom Marsh

    x GPS

    I have a 2011 Ford Edge. The battery died a few weeks ago and was replaced with a new one. Ever since then I've noticed my Navigation is not working. The GPS sign with an X shows on the lower left side and shows me stuck in the same location no matter where I go. I've tried the following to no avail.. 1. Took out the SD card and reinserted. 2. Tried performing the Eject / lower arrow combination buttons to bring up the gps calibration but just keeps scrolling the FM stations. I read this trick on a few other threads but have tried numerous times with the same results. 3. Unscrewed the antenna and screwed it back in. 4. Unhooked the negative battery cable.. waited 1o minutes and hooked it back in to reset. Any other suggestions or is a trip to the dealership the only other option ? Thank you !
  13. Vadimus

    MFT Maps for sale

    Maps SD cards for sale: A6 for US/Canada $50 + shipping F5 for Europe $65 +shipping
  14. I've been having this problem for the past couple weeks, where the navigation will jump around constantly while driving. It happens every minute or so where the location jumps off the current path about 500 metres away and then back to where I actually am driving. It is very distracting to see it change on both the MFT 8" screen and 4" screen when navigation is selected. Is there anything that can be done or has anyone else experienced this issue? I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL, running version 3.8 of MFT (this is my only issue as of late with the system) Thanks!
  15. Hi Guys! I am new here, and i need you help, i just bought a 2010 edge limited and it doesnt come with a navigation system, attached is a picture of what is my edge have right now, if i buy a navigation system, how hard would it be to install? and will everything works? thanks.
  16. See Attached Photo Speedometer/Cruise MPH 80/74 mph 50/50 mph 45/45 mph 40/37 mph I've had the vehicle in to two different Ford Dealerships and they have calibrated it twice and recently updated the software with a new SD card. Can someone please teach my how to read a speedometer?
  17. Hi everyone, I just purchased a used 2013 Ford Edge Limited. The week after my purchase, I did the MFT update and I am now up to date. I the switched my A3 Navigation card to a A6. Nothing super, just new map. Now everything is really up to date. There's just one message left and it's this one : NAVIGATION/ 16777215 Picture attached (Sorry it's in French) It says ready to update, but when I try, its says that the update has failed. The exact message is ''File not found''. Went to the dealer with this and he didn't seem to know anything about this message. Anyone else has this ? Everything works perfectly fine, I just like to have my thing up to date all the time. Thanks !
  18. I have 2012 Edge LTD, Sync Gen2 V3.6.2, (installed Sept 2013 - OK) & Navteq Maps SD Card Level A4 (Received from Navteq &installed Jan 2013-OK). I inquired through MyFord about updates to Navigation, and that took me to Navteq, HELP Maps, and the following; Thank you for inquiring about HERE Maps. Currently, Ford and Lincoln do utilize our map (Navteq) databases; however, we do not produce or distribute updates for the 2012 Edge at this time. For information, please contact Ford at 866-344-2916 option 1. Does anyone know of the update process for Navigation that goes beyond the above action?
  19. Maybe I missed it searching, but I couldn't find my answer so I am asking for help. 2008 Ford Edge LTD with navigation. The dealer gave me the 09 update CD awhile back, but a lot has changed in 5+ years. Looking on ebay and other sites all the new updates appear to be on a SD card. My car doesn't have a SD card slot that I know of, just a USB drive. I called the dealer to see if they have a CD to update the maps to 2014 ones and they had no idea and couldn't find any info. The parts guy took my name and number - we'll see if he calls back. In the meantime, what have other owners of older navigation systems done to update their OEM system? Not interested in the "get a Garmin" answer. Thanks!
  20. Hi Everyone. So i own a 2011 Ford Edge Limited AWD with MyFordTouch however i do NOT have the Navigation installed / SD card. I found that you can actually buy the Navigation SD card on Ebay for fairly inexpensive. I have a few questions: is "A4" the latest version of the Nav Software? What is the difference between A3 and A4? Do i need to first by version 1A or can i just buy the latest version and install it (reminder, i have no navigation software currently installed) If i buy the Nav SD card from Ebay do i simply just input the SD card in the SD slot and it will start working? Anything you all can share will be highly appreciated.
  21. cooljoe51

    2008 AWD Edge Limited For Sale

    I am the original owner of the vehicle and I believe it is time for me to move on to bigger (our family needs a third row seat). The truck has 59xxx miles and also comes with an extended Premium Care Warranty from ford till 100000 miles or 10/31/2014. There is also a 0 dollar deductible on the warranty so you bring it in and pay nothing. It is their version of the an extended bumper to bumper warranty it covers just about everything.I will list out all the other options below.*THIS TRUCK HAS NEW FRONT BRAKE PADS AND ROTORS AS OF 5/28/13* It is a great truck and will be missed. The color is Blazing Copper and has also never been in an accident. -59xxx miles -Reverse Back-up Sensors -18" Rims (chosen this way for a smoother ride) -DVD head rest systems for both driver and passenger side -Vista Moon Roof -Microsoft Sync system -Navigation System -Towing Package (which includes a transmission cooler, upgraded alternator and upgraded battery, as well as a class 2 hitch ready to tow!) -Heated Memory Seats -All Keys included -New Tires (approx. 8000 miles on them) -Rubber Floor Mats (Directly From Ford with Edge Badging on them -HomeLink system for garage doors -Also will come with a body kit that is not installed but in the box (I bought it and never put it on) There are probably more options that I can't think of right now, but the vehicle is beautiful and reliable. Please go ahead and inquire, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can email me at cooljoe51 at gmail.com Thanks!
  22. Yousef A. Al Hawas

    Need help with 2012 Navigation System

    Hi Everyone, I have bought my Ford Edge Limited 2012 from the Ford Saudi Arabia that was suppose to have a navigation system, somehow there seem to be a system since Sync screen is able to give me my location coordinates at times but with a black screen, I had a promise from Ford that maps for Middle East will come shortly and it has been more than a year and nothing happened. does anyone know how can I find an alternative for this. Highly appreciated, JOe
  23. I am looking to buy a used 2011 Ford Edge Limited from a non-Ford dealership. I went and looked at it and noticed the Nav SD card was missing and I couldn't select navigation on the My Ford Touch screen. They said they'd get me one but I want to make sure I get the right thing with all the updates lately. Can anyone tell me what the SD card should look like/have written on it or what version it is? Also, if it has My Ford Touch does it automatically have navigation? I know they sent out the updates to all current Edge owners but does that include if I buy a pre-owned or will I have to go to a Ford dealership and pay for them? Thanks.
  24. This is driving me crazy. The voice-activated nav system on our 2012 Edge has never recognized the city we live in, which is the third or fourth largest in the state of Illinois. I say "Rockford" and it keeps trying to fill in Rockport or Lockport or even Oregon (all much smaller towns). If I type in the location I'm seeking or use sync services, all is fine, but if I am driving around and want to find an address in my town using the voice commands, fuhgeddaboutit. I had MFT upgraded by the dealership a few months ago; this upgrade was supposed to include a nav update. I suppose i will need to take this back to the dealer, but I am curious whether anybody can get their nav system to hear Rockford as Rockford, or have any other suggestions for me? Thanks!
  25. Selling the Navigation Unit out of my 2008 Ford Edge SE. (8T4T-18K931-BA) Also included is the GPS Antenna (8T4T-10E983-AA) and the Map DVD 8P (8L2T-10E987-AF) DVD is loaded into unit, jewel case is included I have the factory box with foam inserts for shipping. Local pick-up is ok too $700 OBO