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Found 12 results

  1. Gustafa

    Hello from TN

    Been lurking and getting advice from this forum since I purchased a used 2011 Lincoln MKX back in November. Really like the car, but due to its age, it has its quirks and this forum has been fantastic. Thanks for having me. I hope I can contribute as time goes by!
  2. Don't like the 2020 or 2021 Ford Edge? Well, using cars.com and confirming through each dealer's website, I have found one remaining new 2018 Edge (in La Puente, CA) and 13 new 2019 Edges still available. Of these, there are eight Titaniums, three ST's, two SEL's and one SE. Nine of these unsold Edges are in Southern California. How could these vehicles not be sold as of yet? I have attached a spreadsheet with the available Edge's.
  3. I look forward to learning from you all and maybe teaching a few as well.
  4. THOR_ST

    aFe Power CAI

    So I talked with Tyler Carrington at aFe Power and they have a CAI for the new 2019 Edge ST and need someone in southern California to help with test fit and optimization. I live on the East Coast and would anyone in SoCA be able to help them? That way the rest of us can get some info.
  5. pixiestixie

    Veteran Lurker, New Poster

    Hi All- Bought my 2013 Edge back earlier this year and I've been a long time lurker on the forum but never had the need to post a question, so no need for an account. Recently had some issues that I'd like to post about even though my husband is a Ford tech.
  6. FOUR 20" x 8 Edge Factory OEM Chrome Clad Wheels Includes balanced Tires, Center Caps, TPMS Sensors Full set: $2,000 + shipping from San Diego. Add the grille for another $50! Wheel and Tire Sizes: 8.0 x 20" w/ Pirelli Scorpion STR 245/50/20, 102H, Offset +40 Came off my new 2012 Edge with only 300 miles because I wasn't into the chrome look. I'm also selling the chrome grille I removed for $50 if you're interested. Everything is in very good condition, with only a few curb scratches. Wheels are original equipment, NOT REPLICAS. Let me know if you want closer photos of any and I'll be happy to send.
  7. Hello, I am looking for a 2009 silver not chrome but silver passenger side assembly kit!! Or the Lincoln that is campitable with 2009 Ford Edge!! Would love for it to be silver if not I can always swap my current silver piece out on it!! If anyone has for sale again 2009 silver Ford Edge / Lincoln mkx mh passenger side mirror would like to get silver but right now any color will work!!! Please send me a message if you have one and would like to sell or get rid of please send message or reply!!! I hope I am in right thread posting new to the site!! Anyway if anyone has and wanting to get rid of please let me know I will by immediately just send message or reply to post!!! Thanks all maybe someone will have what I need, Thanks again Chris
  8. The dates Ford recently announced to dealers is Order bank to open and start taking orders on 10/13/14.....Scheduling to begin on 11/13/14.......Job#1 not scheduled to start building until 1/19/15...More info to follow as it becomes available.
  9. billgovier

    2013 MKX steering wheel

    Hi, I am new to the forum. i was wondering if anyone knows why the tilt telescope wheel does not reurn to the proper position when starting the car. It does telescope and tilt, just not to the correct (saved) position.
  10. Hey guys! So, I wanted to quickly introduce myself. I'm Rob, aka Braeson (@braeson) or iBraeson (@ibraeson). I'm from Alberta, Canada and I own a 2012 Ford Edge SEL with 2.0L EcoBoost. Not only do I have a new Edge, I'm also BRAND NEW to the Ford name. Some background. In December of last year, I drove a 2006 Buick Allure CX. The tranny gave way as I accelerated at a green light. Just toast, gone. I was down to a couple options. Either pay the $4000+ to repair, or go buy new. I went with the second option. My wife and I settled on the Ford Edge, in Tuxedo Black. (Admittedly, neither of us were big on Ford, up until recently.) The EcoBoost and the research and write-ups I've read on it was the real deciding factor. And, WOW!. Are we ever happy with this decision! I picked it up nearly a month later on January 4th, 2012. The harder decisions I have to make now, are the mods and addons. (LOL!) Here's some of my "planned" projects: - KMC Rockstar wheels - HID conversion kit [if anyone has some advise here, that'd be great as I can't find decent HIR2 (9012) kits. Even a retrofit solution] (Ideally, I'd like to find blacked out hardware with HID projectors and LED halos) - Superchip (Only a maybe right now) - Cold-air intake (Again, suggestions would be amazing, guys) - Matte finish the chrome grill That's all I have so far. For now... Looking at the future of Ford and where they're leading to industry, I can't see us driving anything but now. Look forward to chatting with you all soon. R.
  11. Howdy, y'all! I've been creeping the forum a little recently, and decided I needed to make a presence. After a lot of thought, research, and flip-flopping, I decided I wanted to purchase an Edge. I'll be going to school in the fall and the little brother will need my current, hand-me-down to practice driving and eventually use for himself. I've gotten two deals worked out with two dealers for different Edges, and thought it'd be smart to run it by a community of owners. Here's my options: http://www.germainford.com/vehicle-details/2008-ford-edge-sel-columbus-oh-id-2933057 The dealer wouldn't budge on the price, but I did get him to throw in installing reverse sensors. Tomorrow, I may try to get $19k flat, with the sensors and floor mats. There is a foot-long mustard-color stain on the second-row's floor. I'm not too huge on the interior color, nor the wheels, but the blue is pure sex. Only scratch on the thing is on the back bumper as if someone lifted something out of the trunk and scraped the key. No biggie. After all the fees and taxes, it will come to ~$19,050. Oh, and this one come with a 3 year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. http://jimkeimford.com/Columbus/For-Sale/Used/Ford/Edge/2007-SEL-Copper-Car/9672042/ This salesman was the most down to earth guy. He was great. Talked him down to $16,300, and after fees and taxes, it ends up being ~$17,700. I don't like the color as much, but the black interior is nice. The chrome wheels look real nice, but there are a few more dings on this than the blue '08. This Edge does not come with a warranty. Currently, I'm leaning toward the blue '08. Good deal?
  12. ThePowerIsYours!

    New 2013 Owner in Canada

    Hello, I found this forum and after viewing a couple articles have decided to join and introduce myself. My order has just been placed for a new 2013 Edge Limited FWD EcoBoost 2.0L It is my first new car, and the first Ford product I've ever bought! Looking forward to conversing with my fellow Edge owners and discovering my new vehicle! I live in the Toronto area of Canada and will do my best to provide real world data on mileage (MPG and good ol' L/100km), any issues, and the several minor customizations I have planned for my new ride. Thanks!