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Found 7 results

  1. fullonaviator

    Cooling Fan: One working one not

    My 08' Ford edge overheated the other day while idling for 15 min. The coolant overflowed and emptied and I got a P1299 error code. I thought it might be the thermostat but I checked the ECT and the radiator didn't start heating up till after 180ºF. After the temp got over 205ºF one fan kicked on but even with the A/C on the second fan never kicked on. I ran the car for a while idling and the temp never got about 216ºF even with some revs. Am I dealing with a cooling fan replacement or the temp sensor? Does anyone have suggestions on what to check next? I checked the fuse (no towing package) and the fuse in the hood fuse box was fine.
  2. My 2013 Ford Edge Soort started overheating when stopped, I noticed that the fans were not working at all even with the ac on. Knowing that the fans going out is a common problem I replaced the whole fan assembly, but the fans still do not work. I also changed the 60 amp fuse with no luck. Not sure what to try next any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve noticed others that have had the same issue, but have not seen them solve it. I have searched the forum for answers with no luck.
  3. My 08 MKX is overheating. I tested both fans direct to 12V and they both work. So I was pretty sure it was the Fan Control Module that was bad, but after a little more testing, I am not so sure anymore. Please feel free to chime in if you have the answer to any of the below questions. 1- To help further test, does anyone know at what temp the fans are suppose to come on? 2- And what triggers - or sends power to the Fan Control Module to turn on the fans? (is it the coolant temp sensor)? The main connector that plugs into the FCM has 3 wires (12v + Ground + a small white wire). I tested the small white wire for power (with a test light) and nothing, I tested it for power all the way up to 206 degrees F (then I shut the car off as I didn’t want it to overheat) 3- Does anyone know when and how that small white wire from the FCM should have power - if that’s what triggers the fans to turn on? 4- With my OBDII scanner, I can monitor the ect (engine coolant temp) and the temp seems accurate, would this confirm that my ect sensor is not the fault here?
  4. I have a 2008 Edge with towing package. Last week it overheated on my wife and the check engine light came on with code P0480: Cooling fan 1 Control Circuit Malfunction. Assuming it was either a fan problem or the fan relay problem, I bought the whole cooling fan assembly on Amazon and replaced it today. After replacing it, neither fan turned on when I started the Edge. I took it out for a drive and once the car reached normal temperature (gauge in middle between hot/cold) BOTH fans kicked on and never turned off. Even after I got home and shut the car off BOTH fans continued to run loudly for 10 minutes until I pulled the fuse. I'm stumped... Could the Coolant Temp Sensor cause this kind of issue?
  5. I will be posting a video of my change out of the rear brake/turn signal lights. The sockets in this video (once you see it) tell a story. This video will make you want to run out and check your tail lights. Stand by for the video.
  6. Hi, My wife's 2007 Edge has been overheating. For a while it seems that the A/C is blowing hot air during idle. Then one day she was at a stop and the engine temp pegged and the radiator seemed to spit out all of the coolant around the reservoir area. She had it towed home. I refilled with coolant and took it on a drive with the A/C on max. About five minutes in it started to overheat. I took it back home with the temp showing still at max. I popped the hood and saw that the two radiator/cooling fans were not moving. My guess was it was the fans, controller or fuse went bad. To troubleshoot I unplugged each fan from the fan controller module and and connected each one to the battery independently one at a time.I used alligator clips to connect each of the leads to the battery. Neither one turned when I did this. Was this the proper way to test,, or is there a way I need to put the fans in a series for them to work directly with the battery? I'm thinking the fans burned out, one may have been working on it's own and finally gave out. I found some posts on this forum with people who had the similar issues and they replaced the fan assembly. One post mentioned instructions on how to replace the assembly somewhere on this forum, but I could not find them. So in short my question is did I test properly and if anyone has the instructions on how to replace the fan assembly. Thanks for reading and your help... -Ezra
  7. Jonathan Rome

    Coolant Leak near Water Pump and Weep Hole

    Greetings Edge Owners! My wife and I have a 2007 Ford Edge SEL and 5 weeks ago we had the cooling fan go out, complete with an over heat, we had that replaced for $~750, 5 weeks later, the car overheats again, this time it was the thermostat. During replacing that (for 350) they found a leak in our coolant fluid that occurred near the seal of the water pump and the (weep hole.) I have not observed the oil levels going up indicating that coolant is leaking into the oil supply so my question to you fine folks is this, is this leak internal or external, will a seal leak (pelletized seal formula) allay this issue, and what should I do. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks P.S. our first daughter is due in 8 days so this is obviously a stressful time, I really appreciate any help.