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Found 7 results

  1. I bought these for me edge that I no longer have The parts are new in the box. I will not be checking this form. So you can email me at nitrousboyws6@hotmail.com Buyer pays shipping $100
  2. The rear brake rotors on my 2016 Edge SEL have worn deep grooves. The original rotors were replaced and now the replacement rotors are grooved at 31k miles. Calipers were cleaned and lubricated and new pads installed. Dealer does not have a fix from Ford. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a Ford solution?
  3. Hi Everyone, New to the forum, so pardon me if this has been addressed elsewhere. I recently had my neighbor help me change out my brake pads and rotors (he is mechanically inclined and I am not so much). I purchased 4 new rotors and Wearever Platinum ceremaic pads for the front and rear. We got the first 3 sets changed without problem, and ran into issues on the last one. On the rear driver side, when we went to put the new pads in, we found that the rubber boot that is connect to the to piston in the caliper assembly was stuck and would not less us compress that piston to make room for the brake pad. The short story is we replaced the caliper assembly and finished putting on the new rotor and pads. This included greasing the pads, bleeding the brake line, and adding additional brake fluid to replace the fluid we lost with the caliper assembly change. All in all, I felt good about the quality of the work my neighbor was able to help me complete. This was about a month ago. Since then, I've noticed a squeak coming from what I believe is the rear driver side. The squeak occurs after the car starts rolling after being fully stopped. For example, I'll stop at an intersection, and once I release the brake pedal and start rolling, I'll hear a squeaking sound that is rhythmic. The squeak is more frequent as the car starts rolling faster and usually goes away upon reaching 10-15 mph. My brake performance has been good, the pedal is not soft or mushy, and I don't notice any problems accelerating and getting up to speed. I have two questions: 1) What could be causing this squeak (improperly lubricated pads or calipers, is the brake pad not fully releasing right away, etc.?) 2) Is this a cause for concern and should I have it looked at? I would really appreciate some feedback from fellow Edge/MKX owners. Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Hey, I've got a brand new, in box brake kit for sale (front and rear brakes pads and rotors with clips). See the images for compatibility. I have it listed on eBay right now, and I really need to get rid of this because I'm moving next month. Here's a link to the product: http://www.powerstop.com/product/autospecialty-daily-driver-kit/#y=2007&mk=FORD&mo=EDGE&ss=320mm%20(12.6)%20Front%20Rotors Here's my eBay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121896185887?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 It costs almost $80 to ship, so if you factor that into an offer, let me know your thoughts. Thanks. Call/Text me at 847-371-1995
  5. Just performed a visual inspection after about 10k miles since the installation. Very little rust so far and could not really notice any wear on the pads. Doing very well. I will update once they get a little salt exposure from the winter. Here is the video update.
  6. MercyGirl and I worked many hours for this video. It is not our best video due to many issues. MercyGirls day was not going well and I worked through it with her, but alas this is what we ended up with. Again not our best work but I think it still shows everyone the how to's when dealing with the front and back rotors and all the bits and pieces that make it all work. Hope it helps those who want to do this job prepare and know that special tools for the rear rotors are required.
  7. dolphinsc66

    Machine Front Rotors

    Greetings ALL! After 13 years, our 1999 Ford "Exploder" Limited (146,000 miles) needed too much work to keep (over $4000) so we traded it in for a 2010 Ford Edge Limited with about 18,000 miles from a dealership. We had our mechanic check it out prior to the purchase and it checked out great. It's just about loaded minus navigation and DVD, and after much research we felt the price was reasonable, albeit a deal too good to be true. Let's just say I'm a skeptic and trust nobody and always wondering where the catch is. I hope that this truly is a good deal. The Carfax checked out but I know that they can miss things especially when they aren't reported. Anyway, it's been about 2 weeks now and we noticed a slight vibration when braking so I took it to our local dealership. They told me the front rotors needed to be machined? The cost-$167. Anyone have any suggestions? Wouldn't it be best and more cost effective to simply replace the front rotors?