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Found 31 results

  1. Hello…we got our daughter a 2013 Edge Limited with sync. She loves it. We also just upgraded to iphone 14 pro max. Problem is, after we got the phones about a month ago, her bluetooth keeps kicking off and she can not re-add the phone. I am going to try and upgrade the sync to the newest software, but was curious if anyone else has had this issue…she loves the car and the sync…
  2. Hi All, Few days back I opened the rear driver door for dampening and saw that the tweeter wasn't connected. I never sat in the rear seats so never noticed this but found this very disappointing as you can tell that something is not right when you hear song in the back seat. I am not sure how this is even possible but does anyone have any suggestions for this? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I saw another forum post about this topic but unfortunately it has not been active for multiple years. I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL and unfortunately have been plagued with the black display screen. From what I have read it sounds like I have (like everyone else) a bad APIM. I was wondering if anyone had any idea on suggestions for an economical replacement or repair for this issue. I am also interested in purchasing or trading if anyone has a replacement that is on this forum (please let me know if not allowed and will edit post). Also if anyone can provide links or model numbers for a direct replacement. Thank you for all of your help in advance! 2011 Ford Edge SEL Vin: 2FMDK4JC8BBA94640 8 inch screen with Navigation
  4. Its been 3 days since my sync3 has been completely blacked out. Initially there were issues with connecting phone via bluetooth. After rebooting my phone, it got reconnected to SYNC however SYNC blanked out in few minutes and then never turned on. Currently my radio, navigation, bluetooth everything is not working. I tried pressing the power and tune+ buttons at the same time for few minutes, but nothing happened. I also tried removing the fuse, turned the car on for few minutes, then turned it back off, put the fuse back in. However no help. Please suggest any alternative method to resolve this issue, or is my module dead? I am thinking of showing it to a dealer, however my car is past the warranty. Any idea how much would the dealer charge for consultation and repair work? I am currently driving a 2012 Ford Focus SEL.
  5. Kona11Edge

    For Sale 2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD

    1 owner, non-smoker 3.5L V6 engine Intelligent All Wheel Drive with traction control Kona Blue with charcoal textlile interior 124k miles smooth shifting automatic transmission panoramic sunroof with sun shade factory trailer tow package keyless entry with panic alarm tilt, telescoping steering wheel Microsoft SYNC system with voice commands steering wheel controls cruise control Bluetooth AM/FM Radio Sirius XM Radio (subscription required) CD Player USB, SD and auxiliary inputs rear-view camera parking sensors dual zone climate control child seat LATCH anchor points power folding rear seats Weathertech floor liners, cargo area floor liner front and side airbags heated side mirrors power outlets front, middle and rear Michelin All-Season tires in good condition Full maintenance history included Located in Grand Rapids, MI $10,490
  6. I received this email from Ford regarding the vehicle Health Reports. Anyone know more about it? Seems like another way for Ford to charge customers for access to the information through a dealer. View Online Owner Site Vehicle Health Report FAQ Hi (myname), We'd like to thank you for registering this email to receive complimentary Vehicle Health Reports for your 2013 Ford Edge. We hope that you have enjoyed this service that we've offered over the years to Owners of 2008 - 2016 Model Year Ford SYNC®-equipped vehicles. Unfortunately, the necessary decision has been made to discontinue this service and we want to make sure that you're aware of how this impacts your receipt of the reports. Consistent with theTerms & Conditions in the user agreement and starting August 1st, 2018, this change will result in the following:Vehicle Health Information will no longer be sent through the mobile phone associated with this account Vehicle Health Reports will no longer be sent to this Email Vehicle Health Reports will no longer be available on the Ford Owner website For more information regarding this change, including alternative ways to obtain Vehicle Health information, please review this Frequently Asked Questions page on the Ford Owner site. Again, we appreciate you taking advantage of this complimentary service that we've brought to Ford Owners over the years and want you to know that you can still take advantage of the many technology features available in your vehicle. If you are not already aware of these features, click here and select the Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle to find out what options are available. Thank you for being a member of our Ford family and we look forward to our next opportunity to serve you!
  7. So I'm being forced to upgrade to the iFone 7 at work. ( I say forced as there was nothing wrong with my 6s, its just the end of our contract) When the 7 first came out there were reports of BT being very flaky and dropping every few minutes/seconds and other issues. Can any one report that this is or is NOT still the case?
  8. Hello all, I am new to the Edge and Ford family (although my family isn't...they only buy Ford's). I had my transmission on my 2011 Honda Element die out on me last month (LOVED that car) - but after looking tried the Escape, but was too uncomfortable. Got the base model of the 2017 Edge. The seats though are atrocious. I'll admit I'm not skinny...Not a blimp, but am overweight. I may be the only one...who knows...but the seats are hard to sit in as it causes massive pain to my back with arthritis in it and hurts my rear. So I bought Perfect Posture seat cushion and lumbar support, however now I'm so high, I can't see the stop lights without ducking. Has anyone had pain issues? Done anything? Also, since the base version doesn't have SiriusXM (for some reason), I added it aftermarket. I called Ford customer support and asked if I can switch the Sync 1 with Sync 3. They tell me that I can't. I called Crutchfield and they said it can be done but usually by the dealerships - and that the Edge, Escape, and Explorer have some issues with that. I called the dealer and they said they could do it for $2500 (saying the harness was $500 (Crutchfield has it for $130)). Has anyone heard of that? Prices?
  9. Went to take my Ford Edge Sel 2012 in because I got the black screen of death. Before I did this of course I read the forum to see if I could fix the issue at home. Pulled fuse 29 and also tried taking off the battery and putting it back on but the issue didn't fix it. So the next step was to take it in to the service department. I got there at 7:15am. The service guy name Eric greeted me and ask what the issue was, I quickly explained the black screen of death and showed him my recall paper with my VIN number. I asked him if it would be covered under this and he stated it most likely would but in the case that it didn't he would give me a call to let me know how much it would be to fix. So the courtesy driver took me home. While driving me and another family home he got a phone call which he went to answer. He took off his sit belt and at the same time pulled on the clip that was holding his phone while swerving into different lanes. Then talked for a minute and got off. By this time we were on the loop and he goes to put it back and starts to swerve again going 60. Finally I get home and I wait until 4pm and call for a update. I get the answering machine so I leave a message and hang up. I let an hour ago by and I still have not received a phone call back. So then I asked to speak to someone in the service department because I had not heard back from Eric. The lady then informs me that they are still working on my car and will hopefully be ready by 6 PM. She then asked me if she can call me back at 5:30 and I say yes. She then calls me back at 5:30 and told me my car should be ready and I should head that way . I get there and I ask if there's anything I need to pay for and the pregnant lady replies no that it was all covered by the warranty. Then she gets on the phone and asks for the keys and no one can find them. She then tells me that they're going to get my car out to the front and if I'd like to wait outside it will be there in just a moment. So me and my husband wait outside for about five minutes when finally another lady comes with the piece of paper and informs me that there was a mix up and they never worked on my car. She goes on to say that they thought I was picking up a different Ford Edge. So then she starts to tell me that the recall had expired back in 2011 and it would be $883.80 plus tax to get the black screen of death fixed. I then ask how that is possible when I just got the car 2 years ago. She said it starts from the time the car was first bought brand new and not used. I then asked why they didn't call me earlier and info me regarding this issue and she stated that Eric was sick and went home early so no one got to his cases until I called at 4. Can someone please explain to me how this could happen? How can no one pick up the orders from a person that goes home sick. How can a recall still sit on the website if it's expired. How can Ford not cover this issue when its a known issue. Why do I get penalized because I bought a used car. How are you okay with letting your courtesy driver talk on his cellphone while driving without a hands free device, also why is that car so dirty? This truly needs to be addressed.
  10. Blake Willis Ehret

    2012 SYNC issues

    Hey guys. 2012 Ford Edge gunning the basic sync system and recently it has stopped allowing me to access any of the sync features at all. My steering wheel sync button has stopped working and when I attempt to manipulate the dash buttons to get to the sync features it just jumps to regular radio stations. I have tried to perform a master reset but I cannot find it on the basic sync. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. I had a rental 2016 Ford F150 that I synced my Iphone with and when I would park and walk away, I would get a notification of where I parked the truck. The notification came through the gps maps in the Iphone, not through the google maps app. How do I install this in my 2013 Edge? I have had my Edge for 3 months and have not done an update nor do I know how to go about updating the sync system. Anyone know how to have your vehicle send a signal to your phone letting you know where you parked? Thank you in advance for the help!
  12. My Sync system was dead for about 2 weeks, no screen, no radio, no camera, etc. I tried the usual cures, pulling the fuse, disconnecting the battery. I even bought a new battery because the old one was weak. The radio would work briefly after a fuse pull, but Sync didn't work. Then yesterday Sync just started working again. The clock and calendar were wrong but my settings and wallpaper were the same. Now every time I start the car I say a little prayer hoping Sync is still working. Any idea what could have caused Sync to die for 2 weeks then suddenly start working? 2011 Edge, MFT, newest version of Sync.
  13. I have a 2013 Limited and am running Sync with Travel Link (sic?), SiriusXM, and Nav. Last week, I was driving around listening to SiriusXM and the console screen was on SiriusXM. Suddenly, I had no sound coming out of the system and the screen was frozen. I couldn't select another channel, couldn't go to Nav, or another mode. I could turn the entertainment power off, but nothing else. I got to my destination and verified the condition. I turned the car off for 15 minutes while I ran into a store. When I returned and started the vehicle, nothing had changed. Still frozen. I took a deep breath, removed the nav SD card and a thumb drive and master reset the system. Still no change. Called my dealer who unfortunately couldn't get me in on the day. I was concerned because the next morning I was taking off for what would amount to 3 days of driving and maybe without a system. I did make an appt with the dealer to have the system checked out when I return. Then, I made another stop and when I returned to the car, I was pleased to see that "all was well." The system was now operating just like it was supposed to. I had regained all the functionality. Of course, I still had to reprogram all the SiriusXM presets and the nav favorites and previous destinations were blank, but more importantly, all was well. I did the driving as planned, about 1700 miles and there were no incidents of any kind. I stopped at the Ford dealer who I made the appt with (Interstate Ford in Dacono, CO, all good guys by the way) and suggested that the appt would be a waste of time given the current state of the system. They reluctantly agreed and we decided to "watch" it to see if the problem returned. Have any of you experienced anything like this? I don't think it's heat related since the problem didn't reappear during the drive. What else could cause the software (?) to lock up like that? Could it be SiriusXM related? Got me stumped. I can't think of anything to point to and therefore, I'm concerned that it will be one of those comes and goes things?
  14. Hi! Newbie here and shopping around for a Ford Edge. I test drove a few 2016 models and loved them but then saw many 2015 models with all the same features but cheaper and would be willing to buy...but then I read about how dreadful the SYNC system has been, at least for older models. Everything else about the 2015 is just as nice. So how bad is the SYNC for the average 2015 owner? Do they have updates and options that are working for most people? Or would it be best to spend the extra money and get the 2016 with the SYNC 3. Note: infotainment is very important to me as I stream music and podcasts on all my commutes. Thanks!
  15. I have a 2013 SEL with Sync/MFT, non Sony stereo. I have been trying to get HD radio for a while now, and found that the receiver is built in the CD player. So I found an OEM HD stereo/cd/mp3 player on Ebay from a totaled 2013 Edge. I noticed that it had the same plugs on the back as my Edge receiver. When I got it, I plugged it in and everything works, including picking up HD channels....except the volume! Do I need to take it to the Ford dealer to have them unlock it, or type my vin number in to make it work? That's the question. There has to be a way to make it work, as what if your car got stolen and they took your receiver, you would have to get a new one and have them make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this topic.
  16. This is how you can create quad segments for your personalization of your MFT screen and show four different photos on one screen. A really simple thing to do and just adds that extra touch LOL
  17. Most videos I have watched only cover the installation of the photo to the SYNC/MFT. This video takes you from the point of taking the photo then going to your computer and re-sizing it to the 800x384 size and then uploading it into your MFT/SYNC for wall paper It also shows you what happens when you have the incorrect type or size of photo for uploading and the subsequent error message. Follow this video and learn how to create and change your wallpaper on your FORD (all models with display)
  18. Hey guys and gals. Im trying to help my girlfriend out with her car here and I feel like she's getting the run-around so Im hoping you experts can help us out. She has a 2011 Edge SEL. A few months ago some of her radio presets started to disappear randomly - Just showed an empty rectangle. They'd appear sometimes but not others. Also, the grid on the reverse camera disappeared. So we took the car in to get it looked at and they diagnosed it as SYNC not being up to date....They updated the software for free since it was covered under the APIM 12M02 CSP and that was it. We left the lot and the presets were missing in a few minutes. After a couple days, the reverse camera started appearing upside-down and soon after that, it would flip upside-down and then go to a black screen saying to contact the dealership. So we took it back to the dealership...They told us the presets were a 'radio problem' and that the camera was a 'camera problem'. Said they were going to have to replace the camera, and ignored the radio presets. I asked maybe if it was related to the APIM since its a known issue. They told me the APIM had already been replaced on the first visit and its working fine so no its not a problem. I insisted the APIM was NOT replaced and the person whom I spoke with started raising his voice with me saying it says right on the sheet that it was replaced and its working fine. I asked if the APIM was a special order part.....he went and verified that it was...and I asked how it was replaced the same day we brought the car in to get fixed the first time? He had no answer and said he'd talk to the mechanic. He spoke to the mechanic who said they installed it (?) but then verified with a manager using Oasis that an APIM was never installed in her car. SO, then they test the APIM again supposedly and say its working fine, and the problem is still the camera. I, today, said go ahead with the camera replacement. I asked if there was a software install associated with the new camera install and he said no - just hardware for the new camera. Still, he has no answer to the radio working improperly and refuses to address the problem unless they see it happen in person even though I have multiple photos of the malfunction. I don't feel like these are hardware related issues as the camera DOES work (upside down for a moment and then off). Also, he told me the preset issue was a radio problem (what radio? its the computer, isn't it?) I feel like the dealer is trying to pull one over on her. Any help you guys can send my way is appreciated. I don't know why they seem to be so reluctant to investigate all these seemingly software-related issues and just want to replace hardware.
  19. Anyone else have this happen? Recently had my 2013 Edge Limited in for the 3rd time to try and resolve an ambient lighting issue. They replaced the APIM, which did not solve the ambient lighting issue and now my dash does this when I receive a text message. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Also, along with this issue the easy exit seat no longers works. Supposedly after the APIM was replaced they "tested" everything and it was fine.
  20. After reading this article on USA Today's website, I am wondering if Ford is going to look into their systems to prevent the same kind of hacking that FCA was shown. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2015/07/24/fiat-chrysler-recall-hackers/30617023/
  21. So I had been having intermittent problems with the liftgate for a while (goes halfway up, doesn't latch on first attempt, etc) so I had set aside a day to take my 2011 Edge Sport to the local dealership (Jersey City Ford). In the days leading up to the saved date, I was getting the "key not detected" indication on the dash. I would have to unlock/lock and remote start the car with the fob, then turn it off and wait for the car to detect the key, this worked up until the actual day I planned to take the car to the dealer, it took a half hour for the car to "wake up" and detect the key. I knew I would have to pick a weekday during a week I was on vacation because everything moves painfully slow at this dealer, and sure enough, I was told it would take a "day or two" to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. So after 3 days and 2 calls placed to the service advisor, my call is returned and I am told that the liftgate needs a part that is on backorder and will be in the following week. "What do you guys do in regards to loaners, because I need to get to work next week", I said. "We have a relationship with the local Budget, take your service order paperwork to them and you'll get a Ford at $30 per day and your warranty will reimburse you up to $30 per day for car rentals.", he said. So I go to Budget and pick up my "loaner" and the following week I'm told the liftgate issue is resolved but another part, for the key detection issue, is on backorder and will be in the following week. Rent the car for another week...in the middle of that week I'm told the part is coming from Nevada and will be here in the next couple of days and the fix should only take a few hours. At this point I realize that these people haven't the slightest idea where this part is coming from and when it will get there so I get a case generated with the Ford Customer Relationship people. They take a couple of days to get back to you as they have to do some investigating themselves but this guy got back to me rather quickly and stated that the part in question is made by a manufacturer that makes the part for production, not for replacement...it is VIN specific. At the end of last week, the service manager called me and said to turn in the rental car and now they have an official loaner car at the dealer waiting for me. I said why now? He stated that they're not sure when the part will get there and how long it will take to fix and test....finally some truth. Monday of this week I see I have a missed call and voicemail...service advisor, "The part is here so we should have your vehicle ready for delivery by EOD Tuesday or today (Wednesday)". Shortly after that, I received a call from Ford Customer Relationships.... "We know now that as of today, the part has been shipped and will be at the dealer this week, I will follow up with you again on Friday." SO.......who's not telling the truth? The part had shipped on Monday, or it arrived at the dealer on Monday? Who knows, it's Wednesday and I've left a message with the dealer...as usual. Message returned with a voicemail from the service manager.....hopefully tomorrow your car will be ready...I won't be holding my breath. Throughout this process I have emailed Mark Fields, Denise Feil, and William Ford Jr. in search of something....help, info, compensation. I'm just a Ford fan with Ford traditions in my family but I'm rapidly becoming an outraged consumer. These obsiquious bastards cant even tell me exactly what is/was wrong with the car. I guess if I had any questions for the forum at the end of this rant it would be....What should I be looking for in terms of some compensation? Service, maintenance, oil changes, full detail?
  22. How often does it happen to you that you take off and just when you enter the HWY, you realize the screen in the console is off... ? Is there any way to turn it back ON while driving if this happens? The only way I know is to pull over and stop/start the car, which is not always possible if you have just jumped on a highway... And of course it is impossible to repro at dealer... Any ideas how to deal with it?
  23. It seems investing in a car created by a forward-thinking company might pay off for 2010 and newer owners with MYFord Touch. There are currently 1 million cars on the road with AppLink installed so this upgrade program to add another 3.4 million is pretty substantial. In fact, it’s a pretty hefty expansion of the platform. To qualify for the upgrade, your car, SUV, or truck must be MY2010 or newer. The upgrades will also not all come at once and instead be rolled out over the next year. As for your phone, AppleLink Supports iOS 5 or newer and Android above 2.1 Eclair. As of the press release, over 60 apps were compatible with AppLink http://geekbeat.tv/ford-to-offer-applink-upgrade-to-3-4-million-sync-customers/ From the press release: Industry-leading Ford SYNC® AppLink™ will be available on 3.4 million more vehicles later this year; free upgrade enables current Ford owners to access and control smartphone apps via voice command http://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2014/01/03/ford-offers-sync-applink-for-3-million-more-customers.html
  24. Sorry if I missed this in here some place. Is there an actual step-by-step walk through, hopefully with pics, of how to do a "master reset" of the Sync? Need it to make the thing start reading my USB connected iPod again. Online there are a few different suggestions: 1. Pull negative cable from battery - didn't work. 2. Pull fuse - which box is that in and what exactly does it look like? 3. Pull power to fuse box instead of pulling fuse - anyone had luck with this? Seems like the least PIA process, but want to make sure that doesn''t screw up other things. Thanks!
  25. This happened once the other other day. I go in the car and was driving and Sync asked if I wanted to do a vehicle health report. This is the first time is asked on its own. I said no at the time, but did one about an hour later. Now a few days later I was in the car and had a 2 hour drive ahead of me. Sync asked about 4 times during this drive if I wanted to do a vehicle health report. This is now getting annoying and I'm not sure what is up. I have version 1.3 of SYNC installed according to syncmyride, so I'm not sure what else to look for. I've done a vehicle health report and all comes back OK. Anyone else had this problem. Thanks Michael