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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, Sometimes I start the car and no sound comes out the speakers. I can tell everything is working, such as bluetooth, radio, ipod, just no sound. I can go 15/20 minutes, turn the car off, restart, and will back to normal. Very strange. I thought at one time it was only happening when it was very cold outside, But, it did it for the first time above 50 degrees yesterday. 2014 Edge, Limited Anyone have similar experience? Any solution? Thanks
  2. Hello all! My prior issue was that the speakers had no audio when the car was turned on but audio worked fine when key was in accessory position. (I unplugged battery, fuse, factory resetted, all that jazz). The issue cropped up when I had the serpentine belt replaced, the guy struggled with it and battery died. So I caved and took the car to the dealership to have it looked at. They said I needed a new radio module ($600 - $700). I bought one on eBay and installed it myself. Same behavior. I am not convinced that the issue is the ACM. Do I have to take it to the dealer to have the unit flashed to my VIN? Is there a wiring diagram I could look at to test some stuff out? Is there a sync unit somewhere that can be reset? Like I said before, it works fine in accessory. When the car is turned on or key is in on position, no audio BUT the radio is on and functions (I can push buttons and do things but no audio from the speakers). I could just be unlucky and got another faulty unit (I am skeptical of that since it came from a wrecked Edge and was guaranteed to work but it's still a possibility). Do the speakers get power from the battery when in accessory but from another source when the car is running? How do I test if the speakers are getting power? I bought a voltmeter and can figure out how to use it but I'm not sure where to look or what to do. I am new but I've learned some things in this effort and I value that. Thanks for everyone's help! -Alex
  3. Hi All, Bought a new 2014 Edge SEL last week and decided to upgrade the Sync MyFord (not touch) to a Pioneer AppRadio 3 7" touch screen. Also upgraded the speakers to Polk Audio DB-571. This interfaces to my iPhone 5s. The App Radio 3 interfaces to iPhone or Android (check Pioneer site for Android models supported) I wanted an install that did not require cutting any factory cabling and would allow reverting back to stock easily. Here is a link to some pictures I took. Sorry quality isn't that good, used my cell phone. http://s446.photobucket.com/user/RocketNJ/library/Edge%20AppRadio%203%20install Here is a list of parts I used. Pioneer App Radio 3 Polk Audio DB-571 speakers (two pair) (came with adapter cables for the Ford harnesses) Metra 99-5829CH Dash kit Axxess AX-FD02 wiring harness Axxess AX-ADBOX2 OEM integration box Axxess ASWC-1 Steering wheel integration module Metra 40-EU10 antenna adapter www.metraonline.com http://axxessinterfaces.com I had the AppRadio 3 from a previous vehicle install Polk Audio speakers were ordered from Crutchfield. Free shipping and they provided the adapter cables to plug into the Ford harnesses. One note here - when plugging in one of the adapters one pin pushed out of the connector. It wasn't seated all the way. I pushed it back in then reconnected to the Ford harness. Double check before installing the speaker! Might save you some time troubleshooting. Notes on doors: (see pictures in link above) Front doors. Two Phillips screws along bottom panel. Bolts under power window switch plate and trim piece above door handle One Phillips screw along front edge of door panel just forward of the vent opening. Then there are some clips that pop out. Start at bottom front of door panel. Back doors Two Phillips screws along bottom edge of door panel Bolt under plastic cap along back edge of door panel Bolt under plastic rectangle under hand grip Dash disassembly notes (Instructions with above kits are good but this will help!) Trim pieces along sides of console pop off (4 clips). Start at rear of trim piece (closest to center console storage) and work your way forward. Console top piece around shifter - Four Torx screws and three clips hold it in.Remove the four Torx screws and then pop up the rear to releae rear clip. slide if backwards until the front clips release. Be careful as there is a wire with an LED that attaches under the shift indicator on bottom of drivers side. Make sure it is in place before reassembly. The rest of the instructions cover disassembly and reassembly. Before installing new dash kit in place, test that everything powers up and follow instructions for the ASWC-1 to set steering wheel controls. This requires accessing the reset button and watching LED on the ASWC-1. When completed with assembly, again remove battery for 1 minute and reconnect to reset everything. Then follow instructions to program the HVAC controls. The voice steering wheel control allows Sync to make and receive phone calls. The volume up & down work with both Sync and aftermarket stereo, depending on which is in use at the time. Default Sync volume after resetting everything is too loud. Use volume down on steering wheel to reduce it. Feel free to contact me for additional info! RocketNJ AT gmail DOT com
  4. I am looking to purchase a used 2013 Ford Edge in the next few weeks and I like to have a good thumping sound system. I currently have a 2009 Ford Escape with the audiophile sound system with the subwoofer and dedicated power amp in the rear. The system isn't awesome but it was much better than the stock system. My question is whether I should hold out for the Limited to get the 12 speaker Sony System with subwoofer or if the stock 6 speaker system is good? I think after having a subwoofer in the back, going to car without one may be rough...however I don't want to have to pay another 1-2K for a limited if I could get an SEL? How much would it cost to upgrade the SEL stock system with an aftermarket system that would work with Sync System?
  5. I just recently purchased a 2013 Ford Edge SE. So far, love it! But when looking through the description, it says the Edge has 6 speakers but I cannot seem to locate all 6 speakers. Can someone please tell me where the 6 speakers are located? I have tried to find diagrams online, I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find anything that will answer this question.
  6. I have a pair of RF 3.5" speakers that are unopened that I would like to sell. I also have a pair of Infinity 3.5" 3032CF speakers for sale. Both sets are in the box and have never been opened or installed. These speakers can be used to upgrade your D-pillar speakers or the center channel speaker. I'll take the first $40 offered for either pair plus my shipping cost or I will sell both sets to one person for $75 plus shipping.
  7. Yesterday, I drove to the gym and back, all the audio worked, normal radio, normal Line-In for the iPhone music. Today, I turned it on all normal normal, and while everything appears to be functioning correctly, I'm getting zero volume. I know CD's are playing because the track time is playing, I know the radio is getting reception because it describes the station... yet with the volume on, mid-range or all the way up, nothing is happening. No white noise, no high-pitched whines... nothing. I checked all the fuses for everything related and those are all fine. Any other ideas out there? Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. Does anyone know what size the small speakers are that are in the factory pillars in the rear of the 2011-up Edge? Better yet, does anyone know what size replacement fits in there?
  9. Hey, just looking for opinions on components for my 08 limited. I have already gotten rid of the stock speakers and threw in two pairs of the kenwood kfc c6894ps for the front and rear doors. was wondering if i will hear a major difference with a decent pair of components. they are being powered by an alpine ktp-445u power pack which puts out 45w per channel rms. I still feel like its lacking a bit. also replaced the stock sub with the polk db840 dvc being powered by a rockford fosgate r250-1d. any thoughts on upgrading fronts, rears and the sub are appreciated. no boxes though, i need my storage area quite often. Thanks guys!
  10. I have a 2008 Ford edge with every option except Navigation. All I wanted was a screen so I decided to start looking into it when I came across a nav from a 08 mkx so after talking to the 80 year old man at the ford dealership he said its the same unit the only difference is, is it says thx or lincoln and the colors are different. With that being said I purchased the nav screen and installed it in my edge everything seemed to work until the radio started and then I realized the volume control wouldn't work on the unit itself or on the steering wheel and the sound only was coming out of my front speakers. After trying everything I just gave up and thought it had to do something with the programing part along with my sync stuff. Everything else works though, my navigation, sirius even my music through bluetooth. So I took it to my dealership for programming and the old man told me that he is not authorized to program the radio and he said it sounds like its broke, so I would just have to try to program it myself and see if it works. So my question is this... Is it possible to have this nav programmed to have these items work even my rear sound or does it sound like its a problem with the nav unit? And if it isn't a problem with the unit how can I fix this to work properly? Thanks
  11. Help! I would like to buy a removed pair of Front Edge Speakers (SEL 6 Speaker System) if someone has replaced theirs and kept the original ones. I'm an engineer and want to carry out a (cheap and easy) sound experiment before I decide which new set of speakers to buy. I have a 2013 Edge so I think the proper matching ones would be from a 2011 through 2013 Edge. I will pay a reasonable price and shipping for the speakers. Please contact me at my email address, (rmmcgrew@sbcglobal.net), if you can help me out.. Thanks!! Mike