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Found 70 results

  1. Adam Fricke

    FS: 2010 Ford Edge Sport 22in Wheels

    Hello all, Well it’s finally time to part ways with our Sport wheels from our beloved 2010 Sport we had that unfortunately was totaled a few years back. I’ve had these posted on FB market place for a while at probably to high of a price but honestly was sure of the price. Just re-listed them again cheaper so $1000 or best offer. Location is Pittsburgh, PA.
  2. Hey Guys, Just figured I would start a new post to show my completed install on my 2015 Edge Sport. I was not able to find ANYTHING on the 2015 so hopefully this will help some. First things first: No 6x8's in this beast, doors are not even cut for them. Factory 6.5 with extended mounting surround, didn't even measure the hole. No undo, lift and pull on the door panels, undo and pop off. Old factory harness's don't work all harnesses I saw were 4 conductor Here is what's going in. Keep in mind this is for Sony Premium sound and touchscreen Nav So here it is. Wiring Diagrams - Tap in after factory amp. I left factory Rear Quarter Panel and Sub hooked up hoping to put some load on the amp. Speaker wiring out.
  3. mpalmer3111

    Virginia 2016 Edge Sport

    Sup! Edge Sport Owner and Tuner here.
  4. Hey guys, new here but wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issues I am having. My wheels have less than 60K miles but are starting to peel. I wanted to see if anyone else is/has experienced this issue and if so what is the best way to correct this issue. I know I am way past warranty so reaching out to Ford is not even a thought. I really appreciate the help.
  5. Early Edge

    Oil Pan Replacement

    Has anybody actually replaced the Oil Pan on the 2.7 Eco-Boost? Because I have a few questions about the Procedure outlined in the TSB
  6. I have been wanting to get a trailer hitch for the Sport but I don’t want it to look to aftermarket, has anyone tried to swap a 2019-2021 rear bumper to a 2015-2018?
  7. Over the weekend I decided to take a chance and add the oem ford hitch to my 2016 Edge sport. This meant cutting a hole in the bumper, swapping the foot sensors with the split sensors and adding the 4 pin trailer lighting. I had the draw Tite hitch and decided I didnt want to remove the heat shield bumper support or have it hang down. The only down side was fabricating the lower foot sensor mount, it wasnt a direct replacement. If you decide to do this Im not responsible for anything you do to your car.
  8. LzzrdBoy

    Greetings, new Friends!

    Hi, y'all! Allow me to introduce myself. The name's Sean and I'm the proud owner of a 2013 Sport (69k). Married for 20+ years with a 16yr old Daughter and a 19yr old Son. I reside in Statesville, NC which is approximately 40 miles North of the Charlotte Metropolitan area. I was raised in Orlando, FL and relocated to Columbia, SC in 2005 after dealing with 2004's three Hurricanes. In 2017, my Wife and I made the decision to relocate the family to Statesville so we could be closer to my MIL. I've been an IT Pro for 22+ years and could not imagine doing anything else when it comes to making a living. Currently I head up the IT department for a Germany-based toy company, working out of their North American Operations Headquarters. And yes, I love to talk toys nearly as much as IT. My Son's a professional console gamer, and my Daughter is wrapping up High School and looking to head to USC (The original! Not that one on the West Coast!) next year. My Wife directs and after school program for our local ISS district. Having owned a few Ford Tauruses over the years, I was previously the President of the Southeast Chapter of the TCCA (Taurus Car Club of America) so I'm more than well versed when it comes to bulletin boards/forums as they relate to Ford vehicles and the Ford community. I've joined this community with the hopes of accumulating more knowledge as it relates to my Edge, as well as fostering some new friendships with those who have a love for Ford's products. I look forward to becoming an active member and hope to bring something beneficial to the community, overall! See y'all 'round!
  9. Hi there Everyone. I'm new to the forum. I'm from South Texas and I own a 2015 Edge SEL. Thanks for having me. Question: Does anyone have a clue what bulb size is the Front bumper Daytime Running Lights aka "Foglights" or as Parts Ford Rep stated Side markers. The Rep could not tell me because she stated it wasn't noted cause they only sell the entire assembly. I do plan on checking it myself when I have time. Just thought I'd ask before finding the time to get my hands dirty. I have included a picture below of what I am in search for. Btw, that is not my Edge on the photo. Thanks!!
  10. hi there just wanted to introduce my new to me 2016 ford edge sport with 25k miles. I just had it lowered with H&R springs and I am very pleased. Next upgrade will be the stereo not sure when.
  11. Here is some photos of my 2016 edge sport lowered with H&R springs.
  12. Just purchased a 2011 Ford Edge Sport. Unfortunately, due to the age of the vehicle Ford is no longer honoring the recall for the APIM. I am wanting to purchase a "new" APIM. I want the most recent revision of the APIM that Ford has released. Details of my vehicle. 2011 Sport FWD with heated seats, Sony, HD, Sirius, dual zone, ambient lighting, back up camera, and a Nav APIM. Thanks, Scott
  13. Hello I decided to downsize my Edge Sport wheels and have for sale a set of 4 factory 22” bright machined chrome and black wheels complete with tires (40-50%) and TPMS sensors. Two Wheels have light scuffs but otherwise in great condition. Asking $1600 OBO I am in Alabama and would meet at a reasonable distance or ship at buyers cost.
  14. Thanks for the help from this forum, I quickly did a little play-by-play on wiring up my dash cam and thought I would share it here. A special thanks on getting the right fuse tap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBY78H2tXiw&feature=youtu.be (First post so sorry if I am breaking any rules)
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first post here, and I come hat-in-hand requesting information, or at least a general kick in the right direction, please. I am looking at purchasing a Gen 2 Sport model Edges, and I am trying to determine the year-to-year differences between the following items: Rear Brake lights / turn signals. I have driven behind a few that were configured with solid red for a dual brake-turn signal, and I was behind a Titanium the other day that had the amber LED rear-turn signals. Is that a Tiatanuim-only option, or an option /stock based on model year? I know the SYNC 3 is available for 16 and standard on 17+, and am aware of the conversion kits available. I'm wondering if the SYNC 3 and Android Auto is really worth the price difference (either via conversion kit or from moving to a 16/17 instead of a 15 MY). Sunroof/moonroof...It seems like all the Sport models I see (both new/used and CPO) all have the panoramic sunroof thing. Is that standard in the Sport model? I found an Electric Spice CPO MY15 Sport with equipment group 401A (but with the 20" wheels and no sunroof) for a decent deal (26K) and am seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on it...but will more likely wait until year-end and try for an leftover 18 under 33K or a CPO under 27K. Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance/opinions. Michael
  16. Removed from my wife's 2015 Edge Sport. The tires are worn (See photos) but in decent shape. One wheel has a minor scuff (see photo) but it not noticeable more than a few inches away. I got a quote to fix for $120 but decided to go a different route. Located in South Florida, THEY CAN BE SHIPPED Via Greyhound Package express, I drop them at the Fort Lauderdale Depot and you pick them up a few days alter at your local bus station, and its reasonably priced. They have been off the car for about two months and I have put them on Craigs list and Ebay. Due to the recent storm I cannot submit a photo with todays date as they are packed in my garage and difficult to get to. I AM A MOTIVATED SELLER, asking $1000 but taking REASONABLE offers. Link to all the Hi-Res photos on dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ks53uz22wdx4kt/AADs9ULxkx40R6JMUkulfbHKa?dl=0
  17. Hi guys, My first post in here! First, about me!! Eliane, female, 33 yo, I live in Canada (Montreal). Since August of 2016, I'm a VERY proud owner of a 2016 Ruby Red Edge Sport , with ALL the packages (heated and cooled front seats, all driver assists, panoramic roof, nav, etc.). In October 2016, I tuned it with Livernois Motorsports & Engineering software. Not the same car after that!! That thing was suddenly alive in Sport Mode. It's a definite beast! But I cannot get it to break that 6.0 seconds 0-60 MPH barrier! It's probably on me though (not enough gas while brakes are applied before rolling) I'm on the way to have my exhaust replaced by a custom made one in a local shop here in Montreal. I'll keep you posted when it's done!
  18. Hey everyone, Im not too sure if anyone has done this yet. Ive looked to see if anyone has done it yet and havent found anything. I recently purchased the Steeda CAI and throttle body spacer for the Fusion to try it out on my Edge. I just got around to installing it on the Edge, so far I have had it on the vehicle for only a couple days now but I am enjoying it. You will not be able to fit the engine cover back on if you do this without trimming it. I havent modified the engine cover yet but I plan on doing that eventually. No engine codes or anything will be thrown as long as you put your sensor for the intake back in and dont break it(thats probably the hardest part about installing the CAI because of fitting it through the grommet). Steeda provides you with everything besides the bolt that sits down in the grommet under the intake (this helps support the intake and keep it upright on the back end). All I bought to make this work was a piece of 1/4 all thread, I cut it to 6 and thats the bolt I replaced in the kit that Steeda sent me to support the CAI. Also, you need to use the grommet piece off the stock intake box. Anyways, here are some pictures of it. Steeda - https://www.steeda.com/steeda-fusion-twin-turbo-cold-air-kit
  19. Does anybody have issues with the "suede" seat inserts in the '17 Sport Edge? I have had leather in every vehicle in the last 20+ years and hate these suede inserts. I'm guessing they're designed to keep you in your seat a little better as a "sport" option but I hate them. You can't move and it feels like I'm "stuck" to the seat. Any ideas for leather seat covers? I've got the ventilated and heated seats; will any solution render that useless? thanks for any help.
  20. rmk184

    2013 Edge Brake Squeal

    I changed the warped rotors and pads (only 25,000 miles!) the other weekend and noticed that there we scuff marks on the strut where it looks like the wheel is rubbing. Now there is a noticeable squeak when cornering. Update: 1. The tab on the new brake shim needed to be bent a little more, the shim was sliding into the rotor.
  21. JBates949


    From the album: B8S949 Ford Edge SEL PLUS

  22. zweber1

    14' Edge Sport

    From the album: 14' Edge Sport

    New tailgate Defenderworx gloss blackout billet emblem and 'EDGE' debadge.
  23. zweber1

    14' Edge Sport

    From the album: 14' Edge Sport

  24. zweber1

    14' Edge Sport

    From the album: 14' Edge Sport

  25. zweber1

    14' Edge Sport

    From the album: 14' Edge Sport