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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone. First sings first, I need help with c211 connector diagram. I got my EDGE(2015) in 2019, in my opinion a very good \ reliable car, BUT! The floor mat was always wet, but not so much, I just put the weathertech mat....since then never felt any wet floor mats.... I think everything was okay because the car was parked inside a garage all the time until I started some construction in my House, after a few rains started noticing some splashes when driving, (at that time drove the car only once per two weeks or so) and then a few months later keyless access, remote start and TPMS stopped working at once. I started my investigation I found a lot of water (was a week of heavy rains) inside the car, I found out it was a som manufactory f*kup called 15B21 A-Pillar water leak. Removed all the water from the car, put a few dehumidifiers inside, found out what going on with all modules, and traced the TPMS module from the roof to the BCM one of the connector (c211) is heavily oxidized because... it has a +12 wire that is always hot + wet mats, so completely rotted one tiny k-line wire blue one, which connected RTM to BCM, also I think was a short, because that connector has +12v and at RTM also 12v but from another line, possible to short on grond or +12 to +12 through that connector., so but I decide ti replace all terminals .... I already ordered terminals for replacement, but I need to understand what else is connected to that connector, can't find any connector diagram for 2015 Ford EDGE.
  2. Ces177

    Tpms issue.

    Hi Trying to keep my Ford Edge 2015 2.0 sel awd up Currently the dash is telling me it can’t find the left front tpms …. Had my repair guy rotate tires and asked to have the tpms checked out. Got the car back, left front still showing no response. Kinda pissed they didn’t tell me. Apparently the changed the tpms in the tire , rotated and called it a day. So, got a tpms tester. It’s reading all tires. But apparently the car isn’t reading the left front. So is it a receiver issue? My repair manuals aren’t going into detail on this. Thanks!
  3. For Sale - 4 Ford Edge Sport 21" Rims & Tires. These are 2016 factory Ford rims with factory Pirelli Scorpion tires on them. Tire size is 265/40 R21. Ford TPMS sensors are installed in the rims. A matched factory set. Excellent condition. I bought these as a spare set for our 2016 Ford Edge Sport, but have never used them. The tread depths of the tires varies from 6/32nds to 9/32nds. New tread depth for these tires is listed by Pirelli as 12/32nds. There are two curb marks that I have included pictures of. You can buy these rims used from Detroit Wheel & Tire for $350 per wheel, the tires are $220 each (new), and the TPMS sensors are ~$50. Add mounting, balancing and you are well over $2k. $1,250. Located in central Ohio. Will drive to the edges of the state to meet. Prefer not to ship. Thanks - Doug
  4. Hello I decided to downsize my Edge Sport wheels and have for sale a set of 4 factory 22” bright machined chrome and black wheels complete with tires (40-50%) and TPMS sensors. Two Wheels have light scuffs but otherwise in great condition. Asking $1600 OBO I am in Alabama and would meet at a reasonable distance or ship at buyers cost.
  5. dbednarsky

    TPMS Warning

    Ok fellow edge owners, I am coming up empty here, so maybe someone has found a solution. I have a 2010 Edge SEL and I changed the wheels on it and the new ones do not have TPMS sensors, so I have the obvious warning lights, and message. I can simply press reset and it goes away, for a little while anyway, but it does come back at least 2 times during my commute each way. I have FORSCAN and the ELM which I have used on other fords to disable this warning, but it is not an option for the 10 edge. for those of you familiar with forscan is there somewhere in the ABD that I can edit this? I also have a tuner on it SCT Livewire but it also does not have anything for the TPMS, but if anyone has a custom tune for that unit and you would like to send it to me I would be grateful. Thank you for any help you all can provide!!!!!
  6. Ryanbai

    About tpms...

    Hey guys, is 17 Focus sts tpms able to be reprogram for 18 edge sport???
  7. Removed from my wife's 2015 Edge Sport. The tires are worn (See photos) but in decent shape. One wheel has a minor scuff (see photo) but it not noticeable more than a few inches away. I got a quote to fix for $120 but decided to go a different route. Located in South Florida, THEY CAN BE SHIPPED Via Greyhound Package express, I drop them at the Fort Lauderdale Depot and you pick them up a few days alter at your local bus station, and its reasonably priced. They have been off the car for about two months and I have put them on Craigs list and Ebay. Due to the recent storm I cannot submit a photo with todays date as they are packed in my garage and difficult to get to. I AM A MOTIVATED SELLER, asking $1000 but taking REASONABLE offers. Link to all the Hi-Res photos on dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ks53uz22wdx4kt/AADs9ULxkx40R6JMUkulfbHKa?dl=0
  8. FOUR 20" x 8 Edge Factory OEM Chrome Clad Wheels Includes balanced Tires, Center Caps, TPMS Sensors Full set: $2,000 + shipping from San Diego. Add the grille for another $50! Wheel and Tire Sizes: 8.0 x 20" w/ Pirelli Scorpion STR 245/50/20, 102H, Offset +40 Came off my new 2012 Edge with only 300 miles because I wasn't into the chrome look. I'm also selling the chrome grille I removed for $50 if you're interested. Everything is in very good condition, with only a few curb scratches. Wheels are original equipment, NOT REPLICAS. Let me know if you want closer photos of any and I'll be happy to send.
  9. Selling Ford OEM winter tires package (tires, rims and tpms) Like new, driven less then 5000 kms Traded in my 2013 Edge for a new 2016 which accepts only 18" or bigger size Location is Greater Toronto Area TIRES: Goodyear Ultragrip Winter - 235/65R17 RIMS: 17x7.5 Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3 PM if interested
  10. Wheel/Tire Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Clip SCHRADER AUTOMOTIVE 22100 TPMS Sensor Clip Info [Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty] SCHRADER AUTOMOTIVE 22100 $0.09 $0.00 $0.09 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor No parts for vehicles in selected markets.SAVE 39% (Regular Price: $37.79) SCHRADER AUTOMOTIVE 28390 {#7L1Z1A189A} Info Torque: 27 IN-lbs, 3 N.m [Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty] (Only 8 Remaining) SCHRADER AUTOMOTIVE 28390 $27.59 $0.00 $27.59 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor Mounting Band No parts for vehicles in selected markets.SAVE 39% (Regular Price: $11.55) SCHRADER AUTOMOTIVE 22102 TPMS Sensor Universal Band Info [Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty] (Only 12 Remaining) SCHRADER AUTOMOTIVE 22102 $10.29
  11. This video shows what I suspected and confirmed. The inside wheel bead was leaking. The reason for the leak was due to oxidation of the rim between the wheel and the tire bead. The oxidation eventually increased in enough amounts to allow air to seep out of the tire and cause the tire to loose enough air over about a two week time frame to activate the TPMS for a low tire. This video show the oxidation and the repair to the rim and tire to reseal it.
  12. Hi Guys, about one week after changing my wheels from stock 17" to 20" "Tire Pressure Monitor Fault" blinks up in my Boardcomputer. I checked pressure on all tires (all 56 psi) and its good. I didn't put the TPMS Sensor in the wheels, didn't knew that I have to. Is it possible to reset this fault message or do I have to add the TPMS sensors?
  13. 07-10 TPMS sensors I bought them on ebay and then traded the 07 Edge in for 2013 so they dont work on this system. my loss your gain I paid 90.00 for them and they are still in the box i ordered them in. Looking for $70.00 shipped to the lower 48. email me for more info...