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Found 3 results

  1. higuera-tax@hotmail.com

    Intermittent overheating 2011 Edge

    Hello, First time posting. A few days ago, the temperature gauge on my 2011 Edge suddenly hit the “H” while driving on the streets. After immediately turning off my A/C the temperature dropped back down to the middle of my temperature reading and seemed to be ok for the next hour or so. Later that day while still doing errands I had no problems with the temperature except I did have the A/C off. The next day, not seeming to be having any problems I decided to turn the A/C back on and everything seemed to be fine. Well, the next time I went out for a drive I had left the air conditioner on and when I started the car within 15-20min the temperature elevated to “H” again and I received a warning message. So for the last day or so, it seems that as long as I turn the A/C off and only turn it on after I’ve started the car for about 5-10min I haven’t had the engine overheat. Any ideas of what this can be? I have very basic auto experience and would appreciate any help.
  2. macbwt

    3.5 Duratec Thermostat replacement

    Replaced the thermostat since my OBDII and Forscan Lite App were showing operating temps of 207 Degrees F. I installed a Carquest 180 Degree thermostat and then tested it out and the engine was back in the range of 195-198 Degrees in operating temperature. Normal for the Edge 3.5 I then had the coolant vacuumed out and refilled with new global coolant. Everything is now running well and no abnormal temperatures are noted.
  3. Jonathan Rome

    Coolant Leak near Water Pump and Weep Hole

    Greetings Edge Owners! My wife and I have a 2007 Ford Edge SEL and 5 weeks ago we had the cooling fan go out, complete with an over heat, we had that replaced for $~750, 5 weeks later, the car overheats again, this time it was the thermostat. During replacing that (for 350) they found a leak in our coolant fluid that occurred near the seal of the water pump and the (weep hole.) I have not observed the oil levels going up indicating that coolant is leaking into the oil supply so my question to you fine folks is this, is this leak internal or external, will a seal leak (pelletized seal formula) allay this issue, and what should I do. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks P.S. our first daughter is due in 8 days so this is obviously a stressful time, I really appreciate any help.