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Found 6 results

  1. I recently bought a 2007 ford edge with the 3.5L. It had a tail light out but I didn't think anything of it. Went to change the bulb and realized it was still good. checked the fuses and all were good. Come to find out the center wire for the brake light and turn signal was not getting power. the running lights work but the turn signals and brake light for the left rear corner does not. The dash indicator for the turn signal lights up and flashes fast when turning left. The front blinkers both work on both sides. I checked continuity from the light socket to the cabin fuse box and it runs true all the way. I gave the wire 12 volts and the light illuminates then. Are the cabin fuse boxes known to go out every once in a while? Not sure what else it would be. I also have continuity between the blinker switch left into the cabin fuse box as well.
  2. Picked up our 2015 Edge SEL 2 weeks ago (FIRST Ford ever in my garage). My wife loves it. Of course, I sold my toy so now I have a new Edge to play with. I want to put LED bulbs in the front turn signals and am wondering what the easiest procedure is to getting them out. I started taking the two 10mm bolts out on top, along with the plastic guide pin, but I stopped after I had them out because I couldn't figure out how to get the assembly out. Anyone have any advice for me? Thanks!
  3. cnnontario

    Electrik issue

    Hi everyone. Cause of legal issues in Europe i need amber turn signals in the taillight. As you know, the 07 got a combinatet red turn/stop light. My plan is as follow: I disconnect the turn/stop wire from the taillight. The high mounted stop light wire will be connectet to the tail light, so that i got a true isolated stop light harness. The original turn/stop light wire shall be connected to an additional flasher, which will be mounted at the rear. The prob is, how do i cut off the regular stop signal from the combinated stop/turn wire? I just found a wiring diagram for my 07 but this will not show how I can fix it. The new Edge has the right taillights and wire harness. Is wiring for the 07 similar to the 13.14?
  4. Lane change turn signal indicator works fine for me. But when I attempt to make a turn, it is noticeably difficult to transition the indicator lever from the lane change to the turn signal position. The manual states that the lever does not mechanically lock, but mine feels like it does lock although it is difficult for me to do so. 1. Is it normal to feel like the turn signal lever "locks" into place for turn signaling? I cannot get the signal indicator to remain on prior to and during a turn without moving the lever into a seemingly "locked" position. 2. If so, why does it seem to take significant force to lock the indicator into place?
  5. Calling all Edge 12V electrical gurus. I need some help finding a circuit on the Edge to use to control one of the features I want to incorporate into my new Vertical LED Daytime Running Lights. I need a circuit to trigger my controller unit to turn off the main DRL LEDs when my amber turn signal light guide is activated. I want the DRL LEDs to remain off during the entire turn signal cycle. I know that I can tie into the actual turn signal wire leading to the parking light bulb, but all that will do is turn the DRL LEDs off when the parking light bulb flashes on. I don't want the white and amber LEDs to alternate back and forth, because the glare from the white LEDs will diminish the impact of the amber LEDs. When the turn signal stalk is activated, there has to be a circuit that stays energized until the turn signal is deactivated, right? I want to tap my controller trigger wire into this continuously energized circuit so the DRL LEDs are switched off until the turn signal circuit is de-energized. Here are the Edge fuse box diagrams & charts as well as the lighting sequence layout I want to use on my lights. Any and all input will be appreciated!
  6. I changed my mind on some bulbs so I have spares to sell. I have one pair of 3157 amber turn signal bulbs here in my picture A pair of these bulbs are sold for $49.98 and are SUPER bright. They are eye catching to say the least and look spectacular behind the clear lenses in the front. For the pair, I'll take the first $25 plus shipping that is offered. The second set is a pair of 3157 44 chip white LED lights for a set of your brake lights and can be seen in my picture These lights sell for $16.99 each but I will take the first $18 plus shipping for the pair. They are much much brighter than the incandescent red brake bulbs. I would venture to guess that they are 3 times brighter and with all the LEDs facing in so many directions they reflect off the light housing reflectors very well. I still have a pair of these as one set of my brake lights but I changed the upper pair to the same lights but with a flashing technology that does a three quick flash mode when I hit the brakes. Otherwise they are the same. All my lights in and out are LEDs and I can vouch for the quality of all three sets of lights above. I also have a set of 921 reverse lights that are 5 watt cree bulbs and are light flashlights running out of the back. Below is a pic of what they look like on at night. Here is a link to the store where I bought the lights so nobody thinks I'm just making up the prices I paid for the bulbs. http://superluminati...m/3157_3156.htm and http://superlumination.com/906.htm for the reverse lights I can be reached here on the forum thru a message or at cdpratt69@gmail.com