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Found 9 results

  1. Hey fellow Forum members. Hope everyone is alright. I live in Panama. My ford edge is a 2021 titanium model, i just picked up from the local dealer on 29th december. I didn't notice until I got the car that the wiper config is the opposed wiper system. Which sucks by the way, because at least on the Edge, I need to pull it out slightly to be able to lift it without hitting the hood. So yesterday night when driving back home, I noticed the left wiper (driver's side), shows a slight judder only in one part of the windscreen, skipping and squeaking noise. My car has only been driven for a 1000 miles! It's brand new. I tried cleaning it with rubbing alcohol/wd-40 and also cleaned the windscreen with auto glass cleaner. Still, the noise persists. I have recorded a video, Can someone guide me on this? From inside: From outside: Thanks friends.
  2. Rockfish

    Wipers Fails

    My 2018 Edge SEL has rain sensing wipers. 3 times over the past couple months while driving with the wipers in auto rain sensing mode, the wipers started and adjusted speed with the rain as they should but then stopped altogether. The wipers would not work in any setting-auto, low or high speed. I stopped the car turned the engine off and restarted and the wipers worked properly again. Have there been any recalls on this issue since if I am not able to quickly stop to restart the car, this could be a serious safety problem.
  3. Mark S Grantom

    Wipers won't turn off!

    I have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited. It has been in the shop twice because the windshield wipers have a mind of their own. These are the non-automatic wipers. When I turn them OFF, they will continue to cycle as if they are on the low intermittent setting. (about every 25 seconds) The dealer replaced the steering column switch, which solved the problem for a while, but they just started coming back on again this week. Does anybody have a suggestion on how to fix this problem? Thanks
  4. Hello everybody im new to the forum and I enjoy reaching on my owne cars. I run into a problem and can’t figure it out. My wife’s 2013 Edge SEL windshield washer doesn’t squirt and wipers don’t work when pressing windshield washer button. Wipers work fine otherwise. That’s what I did so far: *replaced multi switch by steering wheel *instal new wiper motor assembly *swapped hoses ( front with rear ) at the pomp, got fluid going up front( lines are good) *have power at the pomp when turn rear washer nothing when activating front. Any suggestions and help be appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I recently purchased a 2011 Edge Sport with 11,000 miles. I love the car so far, but I have come upon one issue... During a recent snow storm, something go caught on my wipers and it scratched/smudged the windshield following the arch path of the wiper. Not sure if it was the dragging blade or something on the blade that scracthed it... Anyway, I've been trying to figure out how to attempt to remove the scratch/smudge. I tried toothpaste, diluted vinegar, Magic Eraser..nothing worked yet. I have read about trying either polishing compound or cerium oxide (jewelers rouge). Has anyone resolved an issue like this on their Edge? Is it just me or do our windshields seem a little soft? Also, due to this situation, I have decided to replace the windshield wiper blades. I bought the Rain-X Latitude blades, and they do not "click" to lock in place. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have a suggestion on an aftermarket windshield wiper for our cars that click to lock in place? Thanks for the help! -Gene
  6. All, A close friend has a 2011 Ford Edge SEL and her wipers stopped working in a rain storm. The dealer initially said the switch was bad and went to replace it then ended up replacing the wiper motor saying it had burned out. Everything is now working correctly. Question is this a one off or has anyone else experienced this type of failure on the wiper or switch?
  7. chocobear

    Computer Problems Ford Edge

    My 2013 Edge is having computer/software problems. If I turn on the wipers (with rain on windshield), the wipers do not turn off unless I stop the engine. The automatic light setting, also turns the lights on - and when I get into sunshine - they will not turn off, until I stop the engine. This started after a software update done by my local Ford dealer. We have tried another software update, but still have the same problems. The Ford dealer indicates that they can attempt to find the problem - at $100. per hour. They don't seem to have any clue what could be causing this. Has anyone experienced this type of computer/software issues ?
  8. I have an 08 Limited I bought used. Great vehicle, very clean and I am impressed with it. A few months ago I cleaned up the in cab air filter (couldn’t find one locally other than the dealer) and everything worked fine. A month or so later I noticed the fan wasn’t on no matter what speed I put it on (it has climate control). Started to work on its own during that drive and just forgot about looking at it. Happened a few more times since then and always came on within 10-15 minutes so it was more of a nuisance than a failure. This past week the car sat at the airport outside parking and now the fan doesn’t come on no matter how long I drive it. I haven’t looked at anything yet but I am hoping for some advice and guidance before I start looking. OBTW: Off topic I recently replaced my windshield wipers with Rain-X replacement blades… I highly recommend them. Little pricy but worth it. Thanks, Rick
  9. I have an 08' edge with something that wasn't there at the beginning, it's streaking on the windshield when it rains that is so bad that poor visibility makes it dangerous to drive. Mind you I have done all the obvious stuff, new wipers (several times and not the cheap ones either...besides the cheapos) cleaned the windshield, put rain-x on it....took the rain-x off. asked my wife if she parks under a tree or something at work and she says no trees around, other than possibly some kind of pollution from a local business I was wondering if anybody else had this problem? Thanks!!