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Found 1 result

  1. Hello folks: I need your advise on this issue: hood not closing shut unless letting it go from higher up. First I should mention it's not a new issue, it was happening since I bought my car (used). But I now noticed it's been slowly and increasingly bugging me, and I would like to fix it, IF possible. Here's the thing: I cannot close the hood shut by letting it lay down and then push it down, it will not close, no matter how much force to put on top, it won't close (period). So, the only way to close it shut is lifting it up (I'd say to about 2 feet) and then suddenly let it go so that the speed by the gravity weight will make enough force to shut it down. I have adjusted the rubber bumpers; that doesn't make any difference. Please see attached picture as a reference for what I want to ask if it's possible to do: I think I'll have to adjust the actual latching mechanism, but if so I'll really need your help or advise. Taking a look at it, I see three springs there. I assume that I least one of them (if not all) is under high tension. I also see a couple of bolts back there and those are what I hope are adjustable, but I'm not sure as I can't see from behind (it's closed) and I'm not sure if there are vertical openings behind those bolts (or just circular openings). IF there are vertical openings behind the latch I think I should be able to raise the latch. Right now, the (first) safety latch engages properly, no issues there, but the second latch below doesn't engage unless with significant gravity force. If I'm able to raise the latch mechanism high enough I hope that the second latch will then engage with the simple gentle push of the hood down. Am I correct? Please let me know if I could safely loose the latch mechanism to raise it up. Any advise on the side is greatly appreciated in advance as I don't want to mess around with something I don't really know how it works. Thank you all.