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Found 8 results

  1. Can someone provide more details on a "13N01" Field Service Action? Preferably a PDF copy?
  2. I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD purchased new. I replaced the brake boost, vacuum hose for brake boost, new brake switch and brake pads. I start the engine and put the car in gear and the brakes are so tight that it won’t even roll in neutral.
  3. Hi folks, 2011 Edge SEL here (205,000 km; ~127,000 miles) I just had a very scary event this morning: while driving in the city (TG), approaching the lights my brake pedal went to the floor with no much brake action other than deacceleration. As I was very close to home (just a handful of Kms) I kept going very slowly (with my emergency lights on), and once in a while I was "testing" (pushing) the brake pedal with the same result: very little resistance to stop the vehicle. I managed to get home without an accident. Once in my parking lot, I drove the vehicle back and forth (slowly) with the same result: brake pedal to the metal and no real break action, very little, if any. I shut it off and called the dealer to explain the situation: they told me you could probably not drive the car here, I said yes, it's just a couple of Km away. I drove it to the dealer; however, in my way to the dealer the brakes were working properly, I tried to do the same thing (pressing the brake pedal at different intervals, speeds and pressure) and the brakes always worked as normal. Hum, I told the dealer, now I have to problems: what about if you guys can reproduce the failure I had before. And of course, I'm not confident to drive the car without finding out what went wrong. As a background info, the brake booster was replace about three years ago. At the time what happened was the other way around: I had to literally step on the brake pedal to put enough pressure to stop the car even while driving slowly. This time there was no resistance from the pedal. So, my questions to you folks: - anybody with a similar experience? - if the brake booster was replaced three years ago, could it be gone so soon again? - where should be the first place/part to look at it? This question is very important as the dealer didn't know where to start looking and I'm afraid they my charge me $200 just for looking (and not finding the problem). And yes, I did check for break fluid leak and level: no fluid leaks; all fluid levels OK. I'm lost; don't know where to look or what else to do. Please help. Thank you folks. Chris.
  4. My Ford Edge was built in March 2011 and it's been 10 years and 2 months when the brake booster went out, whereas the brake booster warranty is for 10 years. Ford won't help. I called customer service. Additionally, ever since picking up my Edge from Mark Thomas Ford dealership repair shop for having both catalytic converters and spark plugs replaced, my Edge makes a high pitch whining noise like a turbo would, when exceeding roughly 3k RPMs. Doesn't make the noise when revving it while in park. Some say it could be the main crank bearing, some say other bearings such as water pump or alternator or ac compressor. My thought was transmission. Who knows!? Could "Large Leak Evap Emission" code related? Code P0455 135K miles.
  5. I have edge 2013 SL and thw advance trac system service warning light had appeared with ABS light when i start the engine. This had been happened couple of times and when i face such issue, i turn off the engine then start it again so the warning go off. Please advise what does that mean and the proper action to be taken? Another question is anybody has an idea about the estimated cost of reprogramming the Advance Track system after repair? Thank you,
  6. 1004ron

    Brake Pads Front & Rear ?

    I'm quite happy with my Sports brakes and plan on sticking with the OEM Motorcraft pads, unless others here convince me that there's better alternatives available. I searched my owners handbook but cant find the Motocraft brake pad part numbers - can someone confirm these for me please.
  7. I recently bought a 2007 ford edge with the 3.5L. It had a tail light out but I didn't think anything of it. Went to change the bulb and realized it was still good. checked the fuses and all were good. Come to find out the center wire for the brake light and turn signal was not getting power. the running lights work but the turn signals and brake light for the left rear corner does not. The dash indicator for the turn signal lights up and flashes fast when turning left. The front blinkers both work on both sides. I checked continuity from the light socket to the cabin fuse box and it runs true all the way. I gave the wire 12 volts and the light illuminates then. Are the cabin fuse boxes known to go out every once in a while? Not sure what else it would be. I also have continuity between the blinker switch left into the cabin fuse box as well.
  8. Hi everyone, I was changing my parking brake today and while I didn't have a problem to change it on the right wheel, I found that I am missing the part that goes from cable in to the left wheel. It is not in the hardware kit or parking brake kit that I purchased. It should be be connected to the cable, but is not. if anyone knows the name of the part and where can get I it? As pointed on the image attached. Thanks